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Menace of the LASFS

April 23, 2009

Robert Powell, Presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

“Shall we wait for an even, or for an odd?” Here? Definitely an odd!”

Meeting 3741, having melted earlier this week, flowed into the room at 20:07:29

Special Orders of Business

The craw announced that we do have special orders. This week, we've lost someone who knew how to spell and string words together. J.G.Ballard. (Which he pronounced with the emphasis on the last syllable.) Mike Galloway announced that his mother passed the previous Saturday. Her favorite authors were Cherryh, Turtledove, and Pratchett. And now she'll never get to finish the new series. (Or maybe she will – depends on where she winds up.)

The Menace were read and approved as “The Cat Came Back”.

Patron Saint

Bill Warren

Keep Watching the Skies – Jerry Pournelle

Hare Hobbs: He's one of our elephants. He may know more than CLJII, but it's close.

Milt Stevens: He was in APA-L for a long time – what's new at the wombat works? He was in SAPS for at least a few years. HE was on the BOD for LASFS for a few years, and shows up at Loscon every year.

Tepper notes he's from Oregon.

CLJII: His fine book, “Keep Watching the Skies” is a comprehensive look at the 50s SF film phenomenon. It's a standard reference work in a lot of places, and the new edition was supposed to come out last year. Now, it's supposed to come out this year. Soon it will be supposed to come out next year.

Marty Cantor: In the final years of Rotsler's life, he and Warren were working for a French publication. Bill did the writing, and Rotsler did the photography. It was Hollywood Blue Video.

Bill Warren got three cheers, and Klaatu Barata Nikto

Old Business


New Business


Committee Reports

We have a treasury report. We have money. We're not spending it.

Karen Anderson rose to give us a moment of science. Gliese 581 now has 4 known planets. There was some discussion of extrasolar planets in general.

Arlene Satin announced the Leviathan 99 item is on the club website. On Saturday, 5/9, Imax is showing Star Trek. We'll be there representing LASFS. Anyone who wants to help man the booth, see Arlene. Those who help will be able to see the movie in Imax for free. If you want to see it in Imax, see it during the first two weeks.

Some very quick time bound

Harlan's favorite movies

Festival of Books is taking place this weekend – Bilan

CLJII: FWEMS is this Sunday.

Doug Crepeau: Hugh Jackman has put his hands in cement in Hollywood.

Hare: Barnes & Noble has bought “E-book” book publishing. Borders may be going out of business.

Jerry Pournelle: May 5 is the deadline to opt out of the Google Copyright Settlement. There's an interminable form to fill out.

We adjourned to the Big Fat Geek Auction,

The Scribe bought a sculpture of a birdie, cheep!

A whole bunch of other stuff was sold, too!

Time Bound Announcements

Arlene Satin and Christian McGuire announced the 75th Anniversary, October 27, 7:30. The preceding Friday, 10/23, banquet at Castaways, $50.

The Library is now accepting donations of books. Drop them off at the library.

Tadao announced LaLaCon.

Bill Ellern announced the JPL open house, Sat/Sun May 2/3, 9:00 – 5:00. Wear comfortable shoes.

Christian: 5/1 to 5/3 is the Annual Eaton Conference. Worlds of Jules Verne is the theme. Frederick Pohl is the keynote speaker.

Tom Safer announced the cartoon block May 9, at 10 AM, and the same evening, The Burbank Chorale is doing a selection of Opera Choruses. Oh, we're the boys in the … oh skip it.

(Opera has no mercy!)


Tim reviewed the AMC show, Science Fiction Channel. Funny shows, a couple of minutes in length.

Fannish Committee Reports

Joe Zeff reported on the committee for stupidity in everyday life. He wasn't here last week because he was getting his mom ready for transport. Her feet slipped out from under her. Mom's head was bleeding, and she a trip to the ER was in order. Later, she went for a follow-up exam at Kaiser Woodland Hills to have her head examined. Person at red light was parked off the sensor, and could have waited forever for the light to change. Instead, he turned left against the light.

Tom Safer spoke of weird things at the baseball game... Apparently during last night's Angels/Tigers game, during one inning, two drunks and a female streaker wandered onto the field.

Doug Crepeau has been diagnosed with Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome. It means he has difficulty getting to sleep before 3-4 in the morning. His prescription is to sleep until noon.

Hare Hobbs is now turning into an elephant. He's joined the CPAP club.



We adjourned at 21:35:57.

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