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Menace of the LASFS

April 16, 2009

Mike Thorsen, Presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Meeting 3740 slithered into the room at 20:10:35

Special Orders of Business

Indeed, we sadly do. First, the Emperor remarks on the passing of the last living singing screen cowboy. Before that, he was in the serial, the Purple Monster Strikes. After the Monster struck him, he struck off in a different direction.

LASFS member Jack Jardine, aka Larry Maddock, passed away this week. He had a stroke 5 years ago, and never fully recovered.

The Menace were read and approved as “I say they're spinach and I say the hell with 'em.”.

Old Business


New Business


Committee Reports

CLJII reported that tonight we have no program. Next week is the big fat auction, and then the following week is Terry Toons. Following week: TV SF series – SF Theater, with Truman Bradley hosting. The rest of the month is still up in the air. (Isn't that the subject of a new Pixar movie?)

A week from Sunday is the Fourth Weekend, FWEMS Day. Mystery and Suspense is the theme. Running a Boston Blackie, Mr Moto, a Sherlock Holmes, and three movies starring Rondo Hatton as The Creeper.

Marty Cantor reported that De Profundis is going to be out next week. Any who want printed copies, give money this week. It's 55¢ – Cheap!

Tadao announced June 6, 7 – LaLaCon. Sunday features the Banquet and the Auction.

Elayne announced directories for sale, 50¢. Cheap.

The registrar announced that we have guests. These are Gerald W. Aho, and Jessica Gonzalez, Her fan name is “Faith”.

Patron Saint

Stan Burns

Tadao rose to call Stan one heck of a shutterbug.

He gave us money, he's a nice guy.

Larry Niven notes he attends parties at his house from time to time. One pool party, he stumbled over a ceramic cat of his, fell, shattered his hip, and didn't sue. He's a very nice guy. (And Larry's also a nice guy, he didn't sue for the broken ceramic cat.)

Stan Burns was given three cheers and a free pass from Agfa.

Committee to Gouge. Among the items auctioned off were the four Elfquest books, knocked down a bit, perhaps on account of their being out of sequence.

Arlene Satin reported on the Marketing meeting just passed. The West Hollywood Book Fair takes place in October. The Children's reading program should be in May, but may be moving to June. Book recommendations are being solicited. And finally, the 75th anniversary, taking place here. A banquet is in the works. Everyone be prepared!

We got a voicemail message from Sky MacDougal, regarding a radio broadcast of Bradbury's Leviathan '99, at the Writers' Guild theater on Doheney. Performers include Shatner, Sean Astin, and many, many others. May 3. Gate price is $25. Details will be on the website.

Marketing needs volunteers. We're trying to improve outreach. We hope to have people spread book marks all over the place.

Karen Anderson presented a moment of science. There used to be an idea frequently used in SF, that there had been another planet in the solar system, and is now the asteroid belt. That idea didn't work dynamically, but there may have been another planet, which whacked into Earth and gave rise to the moon. Theia is the name of this planet – after the Titan who gave birth to Selene. Further clues may be found in the Trojan points in Earth's orbit. It just happens that a set of probes is getting out to these points, and will soon be in range to take a look. Look at / for more info.

And the Registrar came back, with three more guests. Hugo Guerera, Ritchie Dunez and Elissa. Welcome!

Time Bound Announcements

Jerry Pournelle rose to talk about a private company, Solar Incorporation, that has negotiated with PG&E to sell 200 MW of space power, starting in 2016. That's probably smoke, but it's not outside the realm of possibility.

There was a segue into the history of the DC-X, a cheap, reusable space ship that would have been too much competition for the expendable spaceship model used by NASA and the big spaceship launching firms today. Some other country is going to have to exploit this model. Dong ma?

Michelle has a commercial. The last remaining independent SF bookstore wants to give LASFSians a discount. Mystery and Imagination has a discount for LASFS members. There is a sign and flyers in the front building.


Matthew Tepper reviewed a series called Krod Mandoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire, which seems to be a knock-off of heroic fantasy.

CLJII threw himself on another hand grenade – Blood Feast by Herschel Gordon Lewis. This one was available, he had the time, and it's it's the story of a fellow named Fuwwad Ramses who no one suspects of having anything to do with the Egyptian ritual murders taking place in town. It features a playmate of the month from the late 50s as a star. It's very heavy in Egyptian mythology, but the screenwriter knew nothing about Egypt, mythology, writing, moviemaking, or acting.

Was this one of those films produced, edited, etc by the same person? Mostly.

Mike Thorsen recommended Ten Thousand Maniacs.

Doug Crepeau reviewed his gadget which holds thousands of pixels, or 56 pictures. $10.99 at 7-11.

Jerry Pournelle – Monsters vs Aliens. Not a lot of point in talking about it, but do see it. It's fun. You haven't lived until you've seen Dr House as a mad scientist who turns himself into a cockroach.

Bill Ellern notes the movie has all the characters from the 50s and 60s, but doesn't call them by their real names. Like the 49' woman, the missing link, the gelatinous mass, etc.

Fannish Committee Reports



Don Wenner commented on the creature that's been running around the clubhouse. She does have owners around the corner, but those owners have more dogs, more cats, and a new baby.

Doug Crepeau reminded us of actress Marilyn Chambers. CBS News reported she had retired from making movies in the 80s, and took up making movies in the 90s as a hobby. She was in Rabid, a movie about an alien parasite, and Behind the Green Door. Her 90's films were mostly direct to video films, where she played spies, sorceresses, etc. She has died.

Frank Waller moved that we adjourn

We adjourned at 21:24:18.

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