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Menace of the LASFS

April 9, 2009

Mike Thorsen, Presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Meeting 3739 began operations at 20:10:58

Special Orders of Business

We have one special order. A nameless person brought to Charlie's attention the passing of Actor Ron Silver, whose work included The Entity, Timecop, and directing films like Lifepod.

Len Wein's house caught fire early this week. The humans who were in the house at the time are all right; one of the dogs reflexively hid in the bathroom, which was one of the rooms incinerated. Work is underway to rescue stuff that can be rescued, and a list will be provided of replaceable stuff that needs replacing.

Dave Arnesson died yesterday, a year to the day after Gary Gygax. Make a saving throw.

The Menace were read and approved as “put something down for Ghod's sake”.

Old Business


New Business


Committee Reports

The Registrar announced that we have a guest.

Brad Seligman, here for his second time.

We have a treasurer's report. We have money, don't spend it.

Karen Anderson rose to give us a moment of science.

Tadao announced LaLaCon, pay Elayne and join. The Chili cook-off happens at noon. Bring it in at 11.

Marty Cantor announced there is no Board meeting Sunday. Second Sunday Open House will exist. It will open early. At Noon.

This Friday hosts a Brewster Rockitt fan club meeting.

CLJII: Last week's program had to be postponed because of an impromptu program. It has been moved to this week. Next week's program has been canceled. It was a literary program and no literates were found. The week after that is the next Big Auction. The week after that, Tom Safer presents Terry Toons.

Elayne announced we have directories.

Patron Saint

Elst Weinstein

Eliot Weinstein. Sandy Cohen said he's a doctor, pediatrician. He throws wine and cheese parties at conventions. He's one of those who came up with the Ranquet. Banquets were expensive and not very good, and Elst and others set up the Ranquet, at the nearest McDonalds. They'd have a guest speaker, usually better than the one at the Banquet. HE was also involved in a number of hoax bids. He's still around, and still shows up at conventions.

Milt: he founded the church of Herbangelism, whose scripture is the Holy Babble. He sold skate keys as the keys to truth, and sacred objects including the hard-to-get cinnamon lolliput. He edited Dangerous Crudzines, Again Dangerous Crudzines, and The Last Dangerous Crudzine. They even had APA-H, an apa for hoaxes. You had to not exist in order to join. They also had Hogu awards to pass out at ranquets. Best dead author (on Ko-Ko's little list), best new typeface, the Black Holes to parallel the Nebulas. And, of course, the brown hole, for professionalism.

Karen Anderson: He's also the curator of a small medical museum. He has a small garden where he plants medicinal plants. Cannabis is not being considered since the building manager would object. He's talking about working on a book about medicinal plants.

Joe Zeff expanded on the Hogu and Ranquet. Elst and friends objected to the high cost of the hugo banquet and held their own version at the local McDonalds. With Inflation, by the time of the 84 Worldcon, it was at the Hamburger Hamlet, and cost more than the Hugo banquet they originally objected to.

Marc Schirmeister: He's quick on his feet at spotting humor. At a Hogu, at a classic Mac Donalds outside, Ed Green brought a rubber chicken. Elst put the chicken between two buns, and pretended to gnaw on it, to the amusement of the staff watching behind the glass panes.

And then there was Friends of Klingon. Someone came up with the phrase. Elst gets this bright idea look. And comes back with 50 names and $100. He eventually took the money and held a Friends of Klingon Landing Party. Some of the people on the list actually showed up.

CLJII: Most interesting and most pointless: if you go to the James Bond novel Goldfinger, it's Eliot.

Marc Schirmeister recalled Jerry's play about the horrible fat king. Elst had a parody about the king's brother.

Elst Weinstein got three cheers and No, Mr. LASFS, I expect you to die.

Time Bound Announcements

Christian announced Tuesday, 10-27, 7 PM, we celebrate the 75th Anniversary of LASFS.

Joe Zeff announced this Saturday is the 39th anniversary of the launch of Apollo 13.

Sandy Cohen announced the news of the fire and work party at Len Wein's home.

Karen Anderson: come to the Glendale Mystery and Imagination where she'll be signing the NESFA collection of Poul's short work.

Marcia: November 27-29, Loscon 36. But wait! There's more!

CLJII: Tom Corbett, Space Cadet. Tonight's program.


Karen Anderson reviewed the Contact conference. There was way too much of it. It was 3 days of concentrated stuff.

Tadao saw Monsters and Aliens. It's a neat film.

Fannish Committee Reports

Iliad Books is moving next door. They bought the building. They'll have double the floor space.[There is a comment on this statement.  See Minutes/Menace Comments.]

Eric Hoffman: Dark Delicacies is having a signing for a book just out – about exploitation and horror film director Jack Hill. He'll be at an autograph session there Saturday.

CLJII announced that he's no longer a buff, but now a film scholar.

Tadao did the title sequences for the Orange County Music Awards Friday morning. He got a call late Friday night, asking him to do back of house. He became the Live Voice of God for the entire show.



We adjourned at 21:15:33.

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