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The following list is drawn from the Treasurer's database of LASFS members going back to the 1930s. Some of the members have not attended meetings for some time, and some are dead, but Death Will Not Release You from being a LASFS member.


If you are a LASFS member and wish to have your name added to (or deleted from) this public list, please email our This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it and the This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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  Member Name Date Joined
FFagan, Harry04/17/1975
 Fahey, Kathy04/27/1997
 Fahey, Patrick08/10/1992
 Faine, Djinn (legal name Virginia Faine Russell)
 Fairchild, Francis
 Falco, Susan04/02/1981
 Falcon, Rosie05/28/1998
 Falk, David03/31/1983
 Fang (Van Lydegraf), (James)03/06/1975 
 Fanning, Donald05/18/1978
 Farkash, Mike01/01/1970
 Farley, John02/13/1986
 Farrand, Brenton06/12/1969
 Farrell, Eleanor
 Farrow, Lillian
 Farrow, Mike
 Fauconnier, Silvy05/21/1987
 Faulkner, Dorothea   
 Faunt, Douglas12/18/1975
 Faust, Ronald09/24/1987
 Faverman, Myron01/17/1985
 Fekete, Jr., B. Joseph02/04/1993
 Feldman, Richard11/16/1995
 Feldstein, Tracy03/12/1992
 Ferelli, Matthew04/18/1991
 Ferguson, Milt08/06/1953
 Fernsler, Pamela
 Ferrand, Brenton06/12/1969
 Ferrick, William10/11/1990
 Fiechter, Laura Brussel12/15/2005
 Fields, George W. (pseudonym of George Williamson)
 Filon, Richard10/28/1976
 Finan, Joan Ann10/24/1968
 Fink, Steve
 Finkelstein, Ed01/08/1970
 Finkelstein (Beall), Diane06/19/1975
 Finlay, Doug
 Finney, Dick09/03/1953
 Finnin, David09/16/1982
 Fischer, Dennis02/08/1979
 Fisher, Dale04/21/1977
 Fisher, Felicity03/25/2004
 Fisher, John L
 Fitch, Don06/30/1960
 Fitelson, Timothy01/31/1991
 FitzSimmons, Art
 FitzSimmons, Linda
 Flagg, Jonathan
 Fleishman, Richard06/17/1976
 Fleming, Chris09/15/1995
 Fleming, Ken03/24/1988
 Fleming, Rick08/29/1995
 Fletcher, Michael10/11/1984
 Fletcher (Pini), Wendy02/19/1970
 Flickstein, Richard08/09/1999
 Flores, Javier
 Flude (Daniel), Linda12/22/1977
 Flynn, Anne06/29/1967
 Flynn, Peter02/06/1986
 Fockens, Colman08/11/1994
 Fogelman, Don12/28/1990
 Fontaine, George08/10/1978
 Fontenot, Larry07/30/1981
 Forbes, Brian11/03/1977
 Forbes, George07/13/1967
 Forbes, Mary E.07/13/1967
 Forguson, Michael03/10/1988
 Forotskin, Ernest   
 Forrest, Mike01/23/1992
 Forster, Ruth06/07/1990
 Forward, Charles01/06/1994
 Foss, Connor
 Foss (Yeager), Jace   
 Foss, Rick01/04/1982
 Foss, William01/12/1984
 Foster, Adrienne12/13/1990
 Foster, Alan Dean09/11/1969
 Foster (Powell), Linda09/08/1977
 Foster, Sharon05/15/1987
 Fouquet, David02/07/1980
 Fowler, Sean
 Fox, David 
 Fox, Ellen (Vixen)12/19/1968
 Fox, Stedman H.G.H.R. (pseudonym of David Fox)
 Fox, Steve05/13/1999
 Fox, Susan05/20/1976
 Foyster, John11/19/1970
 Foyster, John02/05/1976
 Foyt, John08/11/1983
 Frame (Frame-Gray), Nola11/13/1975
 Franek, Lisa
 Francis, Kellin12/20/1985
 Francis, Megan03/03/2000
 Francisco, Julius V.
 Frank, Erica01/24/1991
 Frank, Michael05/20/1976
 Frank, Michael S.07/23/1981
 Frank, Sam01/26/1984
 Frankel, Alison12/27/1984
 Franklin, Bonnie12/11/1980
 Franks, Lee01/08/1978
 Franson, Donald 
 Frazier, Leon06/17/1993
 Freas, Jacqui08/02/1983
 Freas, Kelly10/12/1987
 Freedman, Phil06/15/1961
 Freehafer, Paul 
 Freeman, Jay11/19/1964
 Freiheit, Fritz03/31/1988
 Frenkel, Alison
 Frescas, Ronald12/02/1994
 Frey, Dale 
 Freymueller, Jeff07/04/1985
 Fridkis, Louis11/08/1979
 Friedman, David   
 Friedman, David12/04/1980
 Friedman, David11/21/1985
 Friedman, Kenneth09/05/1963
 Friedman, Kim07/01/1993
 Friedman, Nancy03/31/1977
 Friedman (Ab Hugh), David (Daffyd)10/20/1977
 Friend, Anne05/10/1990
 Friend, Kevin02/19/1976
 Friesen, Stanley01/12/1984
 Frisbie, Alan10/30/1969
 Fristrom, David03/12/1987
 Fritsch (Herzer), Ingrid 
 Frumkin, Martha08/15/1985
 Fry, Charlene02/02/1961
 Fuller, Bernita06/12/1980
 Fuller, Lori04/07/1994
 Fuller, Jr., Charles06/22/1978
 Fuller, Jr., Gary R. 04/02/1992
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