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Menace of the LASFS

April 2, 2009

Mike Thorsen, Presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Meeting 3738 hit the table at 20:12:32

Special Orders of Business

Sadly, we do have a Special Order. Actor Andy Hallett, the nice demon on Angel, passed at age 33, congenital heart failure.

The Menace were read and approved as “A rock named Poul Anderson”.

Patron Saint

Chuck Donahue II

Chuck has been away for a while, and but showed up

Matthew Tepper: he had a girlfriend who used to like to sit on the meat freezer

Joe Zeff: Chuck Who? Made a popular president of the LASFS, and continues to be a a good Hell player

Hare Hobbs: Up Chuck contributed to our rule against clothing reviews.

CLJII called the cartoon character Duck Chonahue!

Chuck was given three cheers and a hello, nurse!

Tom Stern

Sandy Cohen notes Tom's stock went up when he decided to marry Marina. Tom works as a computer specialist. Tom, Marina, The Warrens, and Sandy went to Maui. The Sterns went to see sunrise on Haleakala. They managed to pick the worst day of the century to see the sunrise, or much of anything.

Tom Stern was given three cheers and part of a boat.

Old Business

Standing Rules amendments.

22 approve, 0 opposed, 5 abstained. They win.

Committee Reports

The Registrar announced a dearth of guests.

We have a treasury report. We have money, don't spend it.

Chuck Hoff announced the 100 hours of astronomy, starting tomorrow.

Martin Young announced a cosplay picnic in the park to advertise Loscon. It will be held behind the Orange Curtain, a land of myths of legends. (And when life gives you legends, make legionnaires?)

Tadao announced LaLaCon, 6 and 7 of June. $20 in advance, $8 for the banquet.

Nick Smith announced 4/25 Pasadena Public Library features author Katherine Valente with musical accompaniment by S.J.Tucker. 285 E Walnut, at 3:30 PM. If we can get people to attend events like this, they'll do more of them.

Michelle announced Karen Anderson will be signing at Mystery and Imagination Books, 4/11.

Time Bound Announcements

Jerry Pournelle announced Baen Books has brought out yet another book – Fires of Freedom. It's a book that contains another book, plus a third book. Nowadays you can't publish thin things. So this big thick collection has been published. Go buy it.


Hare Hobbs saw the final episode of Life on Mars. One thing they do is end it. It comes to a definite conclusion.

Jerry Pournelle reviewed an extremely accurately done historical of 15th Century Italy. Bellarion the Fortunate, by Sabbatini. He's stealing atmosphere from this book. The characters in the book are accurately drawn, and were real people (except of course the main character). If you have any interest in historical Venice and the era of City States, read it.

Milt Stevens recalls reading of that book that suggested resemblances to Dorsai. Dickson probably wrote Dorsai after Sabbatini wrote his book.

Matthew Tepper notes since we've had references to Galileo and Scaramouch, he asks if we want to dance the fandango.

Fannish Committee Reports

Tadao reported on receiving a phone call. The Orange County Music Awards need a voice of god. If their god is a friendly pine tree, does that make them druids?

Doug Crepeau reported on the development of a computer that can reason and draw conclusions. A machine has now made an independent scientific discovery.

Matthew Tepper: Doug Crepeau pointed out the voting for the new node on the ISS was taking place. Colbert did win the popular vote. The fix seems to be in for Serenity.


Hare gave his Locus report. They reported on how the publishing industry is going. Publishers are closing, laying people off. But SF is still growing, just a little bit. And the children's market is still growing a lot.

Arlene added to what Charlie Hoff reported. She's going to post the links on the club website.

CLJII announced in a few minutes, we have Tom Corbett, Space Cadet on the little screen.

Charlie Hoff announced today is the 25th day of the spotless sun. This is the most days this century. It's very good for GPS because the lack of interference makes it easier to navigate. It also reduces the drag on satellites.

Hare reported on some surrealism in everyday life. Courtney Love has done an album of traditional songs with a ragtime band.

Martin Young wanted to announce that Freeman Dyson is being pilloried for being a Global Warming Skeptic. If Freeman Dyson has something to say, people should listen.

Frank Waller went to the Sunday get-together for expensive cars at Village Coffee Roaster. They had a minimum of 500 cars there. It's a sight to see. If you're in the Calabasas area, go see it. It's the last Sunday of every month.

Jerry Pournelle asked if anyone wants to hear Dyson's reasoning. He rose to spell it out. It's not rocket science – Clearly the Earth has been warming. But wrt this year's solar minimum, back in the 1600s there was the Maunder Minimum, and it was quite cold. We also know it's been warmer – the Vikings didn't call Nova Scotia Vinland because it was cold and desolate – grapes grew there.

Carbon dioxide is not the most efficient absorber of infrared. Water vapor is a lot better. Any place you have water vapor, all the infrared is going to have been absorbed whether there's carbon dioxide present or not. The only place carbon dioxide makes a difference is in cold, dry areas of the globe.

There's probably an extended treatment on Jerry's Page.

Tadao reported on the Japanese baseball team returning triumphant, and then NoKo planning to launch a missile.

Hare reviewed the Granada Hills paperback convention. He saved 62% by buying his books there.

Tom Safer announced April 11, TSPC will present two versions of the same classic cartoon, if he can get permissions.

We adjourned at 21:29:27.

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