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Menace of the LASFS

March 26, 2009

Mike Thorsen, Presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Meeting 3737 hit the table at 20:18:42

Special Orders of Business


The Menace were read and approved as “I didn't get the first couple”.

Old Business

By Laws and Standing Rules amendments.

It was suggested that the LASFS ratify the Standing Rules as read to the club last week.

The motion to ratify the revised Standing Rules carried this week.

Ratification of the By Laws also carried by sufficient votes.

Patron Saint

Susan Haseltine

Scratch said, she gave us money.

Milt says she was librarian, and that was the main activity he recalls.

Marty Cantor announced that we had the wrong saint. Then he announced, “My Mistake”.

Jerry Pournelle said, “She's an old friend of the Nivens.”

Sue Haseltine was given three cheers and some Dewey decimals.

Committee Reports

Marcia Minsky reminded one and all of Loscon coming up in November. Buy memberships early, buy them often.

Tadao announced LaLaCon coming along June 6, 7.

Charlie Jackson announced that FWEMS is down to six times per annum. July, August, September will feature a summer festival, featuring family friendly monster movies. Flyers will be available for distribution to local libraries and similar places.

Guests: Yes, we do. One in front raised his hand before the announcements.

Michelle announced Nathan Sunshine, who heard about us from our website.

Carl Sunshine, also heard about us from the website. I think he's related to the first guest.

Third, Deborah Gleisner, who heard about us from her fiance.

Christian rose to thank the people who read the by-laws and Standing Rules last week.

There was some activity from the Committee to Gouge, including the auctioning off of a chess set.

This being the last week of the month, parking spaces and the last soda slot was auctioned off.

We had a moment of science. The three month Mars Rover missions have now exceeded 5 years. They'd have been rescued from Mars, except the Gilligan module keeps screwing things up. Spirit and Opportunity are still going, and Ray Arvidson, Deputy Principal Investigator is still overjoyed.

Jeff Landis e-mails that Spirit has been using SF writers for naming objects. Today, a mars rock was named Poul Anderson.

David Okamura notes the Space Station had to avoid some debris again.

In Salt Lake City, 20 years after the infamous press conference, a US Navy experiment seems to have come up with interesting nuclear results. They're being very careful not to use the words “cold” or “fusion” anywhere near each other, lest they jinx things.

We have a late breaking announcement. Now we're selling off the Loscon XXXV water bottles. They're $1 each. So are LASFS pins. And updating your information on the mailing list is free!!!

Time Bound Announcements

Casey announced Sunday March 29 is an Art Director Society screening at American CinemaTech. They're screening The Wolfman, and Gaily, Gaily. Bob Boyle, production designer and assistant on Wolf Man, and Rick Heinricks who did the 2009 Wolf Man will be talking about their work. Admission is ten whole dollars.

Christian: Tuesday, 10/27/09 here 7:30, LASFS will be 75 years old.

Hare Hobbs: Sunday is the Annual Granada Hills Paperback convention. There are fliers in the front building. Starts at 10, ends at 4. Karen Anderson will be signing stuff. There will be lots of books to see, and drool on.

Rick Foss: those interested in practical knowledge of different cultures, extension UCLA “What Shakespeare Left Out”. Sign up before the end of next week. Covers stuff Elizabethan audiences knew, but we don't.

Thorsen – tomorrow there will be no open house or gaming. Next Saturday, being the first saturday, we have Estrogen Zone starting at 2 PM and ending whenever.

Marcia announced 4/5, Loscon meeting here at 11 AM. This is a Sunday.


Rick Foss reviewed a place to find SF. offers new pieces of SF for download. This month, Harry Turtledove, “We Haven't Got There Yet.” This piece addresses the burning question, “What would Shakespeare think if he could see 'Rosenkanz and Guildenstern are dead.'”

Rich has also started reading Abyss and Apex, an online magazine. He has a story in the February edition. Look for the magazine online at

CLJII reviewed Watchmen. Those expecting Iron Man or Spiderman or something like it will be disconcerted by this film. (Among questions addressed is, if superheroes are wandering around, what will comic books look like? Pirates, it turns out.) It's not at all like the superhero movies we've had lately. The movie is very pretty, a bunch of stuff happens and then it's over, and you come out of the theater whistling the art direction.

A series of books he's been working his way through – a series about a woman named Hannah Swenson who runs a cookie shop in a small town in Minnesota. She has a serious case of Jessica Fletcher Syndrome. She helps the police solve the mysteries. Cookies, pastries, desserts and recipes figure in the stories.

Thorsen amplified the review of the Watchmen. He expected Rorschach to be not resemble the original in the least. Instead, he was absolutely true to the original source. At least that's what Thorsen read in to the character.

Scott Beckstead thirds the review. He also notes that the American Film Institute has released list of top ten SF movies. In order, they are:

10 back to the future

9 invasion of the body snatchers original

8 Terminator 2

7 Alien

6 Blade runner

5 Day the earth stood still orig

4 clockwork orange

3 ET

2 Star Wars IV

1 2001.

Fannish Committee Reports

Hare Hobbs reported that he got the Rolling Stone Encyclopedia of Rock And Roll, a new partial checklist for his music addiction.

Joe Zeff reported about someone who should be committed. Joe has an easy to pronounce last name that everyone gets wrong. He used to think he had heard all the mispronunciations. His name is not Zeeff.

Bob Null reports success with pizza pig-out diet. He managed to reverse his involuntary weight loss.

Scratch: Mama Galloway is out of the hospital for the third time in six weeks

Foss: Video tributes to Bat In Space – Someone did a tribute of the little bat who always dreamed of going to the stars – search for tribute to the bat online.


Tom Safer reported that Saturday features a rescheduled C/FO and TSPC. Tom will present films until the wind changes.

CLJII reported on the bat who flew too far. He is a member of Bat Conservation International. He received this year's brochure and a membership application, but no tea trays.

Hare Hobbs told us of an organization to provide horned lizards to gardeners, and now there's a subgroup dedicated to re-populating horned lizards in their natural habitat.

Tom Safer announced that he will be going a week early in April, April 11, on account of being at a convention at Xanadu, LV.

We have no program tonight. Next week we vote on the Standing Rules, and then Early TV SF programs – Tom Corbett, Space Cadet.

We adjourned at 21:27:07

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