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Menace of the LASFS

March 12, 2009

Mike Thorsen, Presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

“I bring my chalice.” – Gizmo. “Is it from the palace?” – Karl

Meeting 3735 was rapped into submission at 20:14:43

Special Orders of Business

None that have reached his ears...

The Menace were read and approved as “indecision”.

There was no old business.

There was an item of new business.

Whereas Forrest J Ackerman has been a mainstay of science-fiction fandom for over 70 years, and his association with LASFS and its history is a point of pride for the club, Society member Bill Warren has suggested a tribute to FsJ, a framed photograph to be placed by each WorldCon at its registration desk, so that one of the first things a convention attender sees is Forry's famous face;

We the undersigned, move that a select committee headed by the Public Relations Coordinator be appointed to investigate the best way to accomplish this project with the least expense to the Society, and the greatest chance of each WorldCon's agreeing to comply, and to return to the club within 6 weeks with a report and a new proposal to be presented for a vote.

Submitted by Charles Lee Jackson, the Second, and signed by sufficient of the members to merit consideration.

It passed.

Committee Reports

Christian made some announcements.

The Registrar announced no guests, but we have two new members, and one other.

Arlene Domhowski, who came to commemorate Forry,

Deborah Painter, and Gary Pearrow, (Fred Lazelle's roommate), who joined without using their free guest visits.

Karen Anderson had a moment of science. The Phoenix Mars Lander has found evidence of liquid water on Mars. Prost! Apparently the water has enough perchlorate salts dissolved in it to keep it liquid. Brines attenuate radar heavily, and such attenuation is “often” noticed by orbiters.

David Okamura had a science announcement. The crew of the ISS had to huddle in the Russian space capsule while a piece of debris passed by. All hatches were shut, and the crew had to prepare to evacuate, just in case. Karen Anderson noted we need a vacuum cleaner, and was not fined.

Also, a one-eyed videographer is preparing to work on a project where he records people with a video camera installed in his prosthetic eye. (We can rebuild him. We have the technology.)

Marty Cantor: The unofficial committee to produce the unofficial newsletter announced distribution next week If you want a copy, pay him now.

Arlene Satin announced the Marketing Committee meeting Wednesday at 7:30. Come and join us.

Christian announced the directory we're trying to put out a new issue of. See if your info are correct.

CLJII announced a program this evening. Larry Niven and John DeChancie talking about what they've been writing lately. Next three weeks are the by-laws mess. First meeting of next month, we have Tom Corbett, Space Cadet.

Marcia Minsky found out that the people from SideShow Collectables will be donating a number of gift certificates for the Loscon goody bags. We'll have a Friday Afternoon horror fest. Saturday will be Dress Like a Pirate Day. Flyers are on Elayne's desk. $30 until the end of May, $40 after June 1.

Time Bound Announcements

Hare bought Live Chronicles, an Elric theme album Buy it now.

Patron Saint

Gavin Claypool

Gizmo said, I give him money, he gives me movies.

CLJII said, a number of years ago, when Ed Buchman was discussing retiring from being a putrid, goofy fellow, Gavin volunteered to step in to the breach.

Arlene finds him helpful and respectful, as well as a nice guy.

Hare Hobbs, when Price Club was still Price Club, he would always see Gavin there. Did he live there?

Matthew Tepper – some may recall a member who passed away a few years ago – Allan Rothstein. Gavin would frequently give Allan rides to and from the doctor, and sometimes to emergency rooms and for other hospital visits. He went above and beyond the call of duty. ON 9/11, when Matthew and Allan were worrying about people, Gavin came by to keep them company.

Marcia Minsky: he's a heck of a hell player. Or a hell of a heck player?

Joe Zeff: a delight to have at the hell table, even when he's winning.

Gavin Claypool was given three cheers and a Blue-Ray player.

The Committee to Gouge auctioned off passes to California Adventure, along with other stuff.


CLJII reviewed the Tribute to Forry Ackerman, last Sunday, at the Egyptian theater. They packed 640 people in the 600-seat theater. This was a free afternoon event with speeches, including one by Ray Bradbury. In the evening, they screened a Canadian documentary of Forry's life, and The Time Travelers movie.

Tadao Tomomatsu had a one-word review of Watchmen. “Wow.”

Fannish Committee Reports




We adjourned at 21:07:35.

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