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Menace of the LASFS

March 5, 2009

Mike Thorsen, Presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

“But a gun is a distance weapon!” –Joe Zeff. “Depends on which end you use.” –Maryanne Canfield.

Meeting 3734 was rapped into submission at 20:07:15

Special Orders of Business


The Menace were read and approved as “To your scattered special orders of business go”.

There was no old business.

There was no new business.

Committee Reports

Arlene Satin asked, “How many people use the LASFS website?” Several hands went up. “We have a working website, and we're updating more and more to keep it user friendly.”

Marty Cantor: As the unofficial committee to produce the unofficial LASFS newsletter, the club is no longer producing De Profundis. De Prof is now an unofficial publication, handled by Marty Cantor. It will still be available as PDF on the LASFS website, and printed copies will be for sale at cost. Cost is 55¢ for in-person delivery, and postage is extra. Cathy Beckstead will continue to send PDF files.

The Registrar announced that we have no guests.

Karen Anderson rose to give us a moment of science. From Technology Review, out of MIT, 3-4/2009 issue: It discusses the TR-10 traveling wave reactor. So far, it's theoretical.

This type of reactor, at one end of a length of stuff, you have enough U-235 to get things going. The next meter, you have U-238. The U-238 captures neutrons from the U-235, generates plutonium, which powers the reaction. The fun part: you can't blow it up. (Well, you could, if you put enough explosives around it...)

The Committee to gouge assembled to gouge the club.

Patron Saint

Dave Fox

Milt Stevens notes at one point, he got every collector in LASFS pissed off at him. (He did the club a service by putting cards in books with the LASFS info on them). He used to go to book stores, buy up their collectibles, and tell the sellers what fuggheads they were for selling at such low prices.

Hare Hobbs: He was one of the people who had been in the club for a long time. A lot of his favorite stories were about L Ron Hubbard. He was LASFS's unofficial Dirty Old Man. When he died, the strip club down the street went out of business.

Tom Locke remembers Fox from when he first joined. Dave was old then, and told many a story. He enjoyed talking about different people's ideas of utopianism, some very off the wall.

Karen Anderson remembers Dave from meetings 3-4 decades ago. She remembers being in APA-L with him He had fanzines about his invented country of Khorlia. She placed a Mithraum in Khorlia. Apparently, there was never any mention of it being removed, so presumably it's there still.

Marc Schirmeister: After Dave's death, he and Dave's daughter went looking for Dave's will. It turned out, he had hidden it in plain sight, so it took them two days to find it. That picture is his family coat of arms.

Scratch Galloway recalls that the people kn Khorlia spoke Japanese and English, due to various historical accidents.

Matthew Tepper: It was Bill Warren who said who said, “If Dave had been really clever, he'd have hidden his will in plain sight, on that bulletin right there.” And there it was.

Dr. Pournelle: He was a good friend. He used to have an external hearing aid, a box that sat in his pocket. Every now and then, someone would talk to him, and he'd find the conversation boring. He'd pull out his hearing aid, and turn the volume down, and stand there until his victim realized what had happened. That discouraged people from telling him long stories.

Matthew Tepper found Dave a friendly fellow. When he lived out of LA for thirteen years, Dave would greet him warmly, and ask how long he was in town for. He moved back to stay, and was looking forward to answering, “I'm back to stay”. Sadly, he died a week before Matthew moved back.

Dave Fox was given three cheers, and a full set of Kanji!

Christian announced that Sunday, we have the Board meeting starting at 11. Starting at 2 PM, we have Second Sunday festivities. And of course, that's the day we Spring Forward.

Charlie reported, first of all, we have a program this evening. Part 2 of Early TVSF. This time, Space Patrol. Next week: What Have You Been Writing Lately? After that, it's three weeks of Sausage. 3/19, reading of by-laws and standing rules. 3/26, 3/33

Marcia Minsky announced there's a Loscon coming up. As a teaser, on Saturday at the Con is Dress Like A Pirate Day and an Ugly Bloomer Contest. Price goes up to $40 on June 1.

Time Bound Announcements

Hare announced a medicine they'll be testing to treat Alzheimer's. It gets rid of the mineral and fat deposits in the brain. It doesn't cure it, but it does back it up quite a bit. IT will probably help . This was reported in Locus.

Tom Locke had been searching for animal collectives. He stumbled on a marvelous typo., Go to For Lions, instead of a pride of lions, it was a pride of loins.

Doug Crepeau announced the launch of the Kepler telescope, which will look for rocky inner worlds on other solar systems.


Larry Niven brought some books for the library. It already had Inferno and Fleet of Worlds, so he offered them to good homes.

Milt Stevens was flipping channels, and came across Confederate States of America on the History Channel. Now, the notion of Alternate History has spread far enough that people are making bad alternate history stories.

Hare Hobbs reviewed Robot Stories and Other Screenplays, by Greg Pak. The best was the first story. Parents are given a robot before they're allowed to have a baby. The parents learn to parent, and the robot learns how they do as parents.

Darnelle reviewed Street Fighter, Legend of Chun Li. It was a decent movie that messed up the characters.

Milt Stevens added to the review of Robot Stories. In the J.T. Mackentosh story, it was the law that you had to have an android baby before you were allowed to have a real baby. It had an unintended consequence. It depopulated the country.

Fannish Committee Reports

Doug Crepeau reported that the ISS has a naming contest for the new module. Entries include Mr. Colbert's name. Colbert has 29,000 votes. Serenity is first, with 66000. Xenu for 9200, and Earthrise 4200. Venture, 3200

MaryAnn Canfield offered a checker report. She asked a customer, “Hi, how are you?” The response: “Plastic's fine.”

Hare Hobbs reported on the album, The New World's Fair, by Deep Fix with Michael Moorcock


We adjourned at 21:05:30

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