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Contributed by D Coleman

Meeting called to order at 11:10.
Board Members in attendance- Attending Board Members: Karl Lembke, Bob Null, Darnell Coleman, Elayne Pelz, Bill Ellern, Christian McGuire, Marcia Minsky, Tadao Tomomatsu, Arlene Satin, Milt Stevens, Mike Thorsen.
Members: Sherri Benoun Tony Benoun, Joyce Sperling, J. Patrick Bradley, Thomas Safer, Maryann Canfield, Michael Pell, Heidi Nichols, Gregg Bilan, Marty Cantor,
The passing of Forry Ackerman was brought up by Karl Lembke,

Bill Ellern is leaving the Board 12/14/08. Appreciations were given to him. A minute of silence was given to him. Bill Ellern gave final words. This meeting was his last meeting as Comptroller: He has family and life commitments; the drive is too long, he felt he did not do as much as he wanted to. Bill gave a dire financial warning about the American financial situation as it would pertain to the club: i.e inflation and 25% unemployment. This wasn't all doom and gloom. Bill gave pearly words of wisdom on surviving the future; he hopes the new people would show leadership through the coming situation.

Minutes approved as corrected.
J Karen Star, Melissa DeMella, Tana Tharalson, Bootsie Brenner. Accepted as members
Treasurer: $86,050 property tax was paid. Budget review will be done in January.

Tadao Tomomatsu - Loscon archives has been made into Loscon 2000 and put in a mobile unit called Oracle. This is an on-going process.  The hard drive is filled, so we an extra hard-drive. LASFS and LOSCON archive videos are being put on

Facilities: Main first aid kits were refilled just before LOSCON. Sublevel grills were re-attached. Mr. Thorsen and Mr. Null replaced various light bulbs. Front driveway asphalt pavement estimates being taken care of by Elayne Pelz. To be reviewed as part of the agenda items in this meeting.

Karl Lembke-APA-Ls are being scanned as PDF. Christian McGuire moved that Karl Lembke be thanked for this work. Motion unanimously passed. The Board applauded Karl.

30 second reports:
Chairman: I got the Agenda out.
Vice Chairman: Lifetime member list is being worked on, using information from the club's archives.
Secretary - Because he listened to someone he should not have listened to, he would be taking an evaluation of his work in February.
Comptroller - Nothing.
AV - The work is moving along smoothly.
Quartermaster - We have enough paper towels; we still have two packages of Charmin toilet paper.
Quartermaster's report - Machine Units sold - 9,813, This period units sold 357, Machine total sales $6263, This period $267.65. The report was turned in. Thanked the Loscon for buying a lot which will be used by the club.

Publication - We are possibly stopping the paper version of De Profundis.  It costs $100 a month, so we are stopping both the paper and the website. Due to the cost of publishing, De Profundis should be discontinued in both paper and website format. What was done by De Profundis can be done on the website. Items like the minutes can be submitted to the website.
Arguments - What about those who don't have internet connection?
Arlene said that this would make people want to look at the website and tell others about the website.
Marty Canter said that De Profundis should be continued for sentimental reason as a touch in history?
Mike Thorsen asked could De Profundis be made in a two-page format: one side the calendar, the second side news. Milt said this was a good idea.

Then, five minutes later, Marty asked about postage and work on De Profundis. There are people who are required to get all publications sent by LASFS, even the small part. He said the club is obligated to make sure that certain people (I don't know who these are) have to get information from the club; these people could not just have the information be available, but it has to be mailed to them.
Then Tadao? said that maybe as a non-profit organization-LASFS has to make sure that its members be shown to have received information.
These two things made Milt say that even the two-page paper format would be costly. But then, during the discussion that possibly all the membership would need to get the publication, Milt saw money and postage issues in this and said that if this is true we still have money issues.
Tadao asked if Milt wanted to continue to work on the De Profundis.
Milt - Now that money is an issue, he could stop working on the newsletter.
Elaine pressed Bill to work on De Profundus
Tadao - This is turning into a huge debate table it.
Elaine Pelz - Table this for the January meeting.
Heidi said that members who don't come on Thursday won't get information if De Profundis is removed. Some people like her don't get a lot of information anyway because they don't go on Thursdays; in other words information should be given in other forms like mail.
Joyce - There are just people who don't get the publication; it's just announced at the meeting.
Christian McGuire- Over the past three years, we have been  taking DP electronic; we have asked the club to go electronic. Now we insist.
Elaine said that club members could pay Volunteer Active Membership Fee $10 a year so they could get things like De Profundis. Heidi paid this fee..
Then the extensive discussion was tabled until January.
There was a request to Milt to work on the December De Profundis, which he was going to do anyway.

75th anniversary under Christian. Christian McGuire
Loscon 35-Gave reports
La La Con- Is on the calendar.
Loscon 36 report was given.
Fiestacon (Westercon)-still happening
Fund raising and recruitment-A possible recruitment event will be discussed at a later meeting.
Marketing Committee-We were invited to the Regal Theater in Irvine to show off the club which was successful. Arlene Satin Thanked the people who helped in this. There will be another event in May - the  opening of Star Trek.
Club president-The club had an election and the new officers look promising (Lasfs live journal.

Agenda items:

Elaine requested that $5,000 be taken from the Century Fund so that the pavement in front of the building can be repaved.  Moved and seconded: 10 passed, 1 abstained.

Bylaws-Standing rules - Elaine continued discussion from last month. Proposing to do the clean up, make the corrections, and send them to the Board by Email. Board members can make corrections; a special meeting will be called.

Memorial for Forry Ackerman-5th hand comment: Maybe Forry' s memorial should be in January. This was said by Tadao. The date for Forry Ackerman's memorial: will be Saturday January 24th. Moved and Seconded if it does not interfere with funeral or other memorials - unanimously passed. Time 1:00 pm, Forry Ackerman's family or estate should be contacted about the memorial.

Art release form - Arlene Satin - The Art release form this form will be used in January. Moved and second and approved unanimously,

Geocaching-Rick Bradley gave a presentation and handouts. Rick wants a LASFS coin minted for GPS tracking. This would make money and bring in membership because people would look for LASFS coin. It would cost $150 for the initial minting, and these coins could be sold for $5 or more at auction.
Rick Bradley wanted to use the clubhouse for a Geocaching meeting, he said that thirty people would be attending. There will be a donation,
Bill Ellern said that the travel bugs of Geocaching should be given to the Marketing committee to work out the details.
Parliamentarian (Joyce) wants a copy of minutes.

Christian McGuire brought up in a side that Ed Greene should give the club back the paperweights since the club paid for them. Moved and seconded to table. This issue should be tabled to 2009 AD. 10 for 1 against.

I would like to put a gumball machine on the facility. 50% of the proceeds will go to the club.  Christian McGuire moved and seconded that the Gumball will be tried for 3 months. 10 for and 1 against, motion passed

Friday Night gaming - We are trying limited time opening.

Tom Safer Film day request; Approved and seconded for approval but the date will be worked on with Elaine. 8 passed 1 no, 1 abstained.

Bill Ellern asked is there a daily cost to run LASFS? Christian said that information is not known as of yet.

Christian started a discussion about the refrigerator in the front building be removed. 
Argument for removal, saves money on electricity, It's not used a lot. We have cooler boxes
Arguments against removal- The refrigerator is only two years old, The refrigerator is used enough to be needed. There are things that are placed in the refrigerator for a day that are bigger than a cooler.
Mike Thorsen said the refrigerator has an on-off switch and a power saving factor. Motion died without a second.  However the physical plant person, Tadao, will start turning off the refrigerator more often, for days at a time, after notice is given to the club.

Minnesota Society wants information how LASFS bought the clubhouse, Tadao was directed to interface with his people.

Code of Conduct committee wants a date to bring in a presentation. Board only and the Board list for the website.

Take-away: By laws, and Geocaching stuff. Christian will ask Ed Green for LASFS pins.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:40PM.

Submitted by Darnell
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