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Board Members in attendance- Attending Board Members: Karl Lembke, Bob Null, Darnell Coleman, Elayne Pelz, Christian McGuire, Marcia Minsky, Tadao Tomomatsu, Arlene Satin, Milt Stevens, Mike Thorsen. Bill Ellern was excused absent.
Members: Sherri Benoun Tony Benoun, Joe Zeff, Michael Pell, Heidi Nichols, Gregg Bilan,Marty Cantor,


[Click this link to see Marty Cantor's Rewritten Version of these Board Minutes. ]


Board meeting started at 11:10am
Karl Lembke started the meeting, he commented that Forry Ackermann is not dead.
Minutes approved as corrected, unanimous approval.

New member Bob Mustachio approved.
Treasurer:$89,000 in bank
Vice Chairman-Continuing updating the past members list, the computers are working. Robert Powell can confirm this.
An interesting topic came up.  The question was Forry Ackerman an original member or a charter member? Christian McGuire said that Forry was a charter member. Milt Stevens said that all members who joined LASFS before 1937 were given charter membership. There was a statement about whether any other charter members were still alive.
Secretary-Attendance list was made for this meeting. Thanked the Board for helping him with the minutes in email.
Library-No report.
Physical Plant Management-No Report
AV equipment-The Amplifier is not working and is being repaired, the connector cables weren’t connected to the video equipment so the AV Board member is looking for the person or persons who is disconnecting the video equipment wires and not reconnecting them again.
Quartermaster-Reworked the key light to replace it with a LED light, The Quartermaster is discontinuing Pepsi sales because only one was sold in two months. Quartermaster turned in report.
Publication-Matthew Tepper is not going to run for secretary for the first term in the New Year Turned in Webmasters report.
The Bylaws call for the Minutes to be given to the Webmaster.
Events-No report on La La Con;  Loscon - 35 600 room nights. Membership-702; Loscon 36 moving right along; Westercon- moving along nicely; Pasadena 2010 moving right along.
Fund raising and recruitment-Pass out was given-Donation of Art so this could be approved. Arlene Satin wants the DOA adopted.
Marketing:  Arlene Satin said that the last library book reading will be on Dec 8th the book Nightmare before Christmas will be read. The reading program will be done every other month next year, but in the summer the program will be done every month. The Marketing group is looking for more things to do so the Board is requested to come up with ideas.
Tadao Tomomatsu - Is the 75th Anniversary an event? Arlene said it was an event. Marketing will make a list of places where the 75th Anniversary can take place.  Yearbook is being worked on. We are moving along.  Christian McGuire will report on the 75th Anniversary next board meeting.
Club President-We have selected a Forry Award winner Josh Whedon.

Agenda Items-
Bylaw Committee-Bylaw recommendation were passed out. Look on notebook for discussion. Elayne passed out three sets of pages:  
The Standing Rules of the Board of Directors of the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Inc. This has not changed; the rules were renumbered.  Moved and seconded unanimously approved.
The Standing Rules of the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Inc.  Only change is the Pillar of the LASFS. Other changes of the way some paragraphs are written are shown in red, and they will be corrected when the Rules are approved. Moved and seconded; unanimously approved.
Michael Pell asked if the Parliamentarian gets his copy of the rules. Elayne said they will be provided.
Joe Zeff asked when the membership would vote for the By-laws. Elayne replied after they are approved by the Board.
The Bylaws of the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Inc - due to the large amount of information, it was agreed by the Board that this will be taken home and looked at for the month before any motions to approve are done.

The copier choice and copier contracts were brought to the Board by Arlene. There was a pass-out from Ameritech that was given. The bid from Ameritech is brought to the Board for the copier. Arlene wanted to know when the copier will be bought. The Board needs an answer.  
The Chairman said that we need a better machine than the Gestetner; we need to buy a faster machine.
Marty Canter - The bid for the color copier is too expensive.
Milt Stevens - We don’t need a color copier; we can still use black and white copies.  We will probably not going to replace the Gestetner till it breaks.
Arlene - We can’t wait till the Gestetner falls apart.
Christian McGuire-We can take our time if the Gestetner breaks.  We only put on one con a year.  Also we can go to an outside service like Kinkos. We don’t do three Cons so we don’t need to hurry. Cost benefit analysis needs to look up concerning outside venders.
Mike Thorsen-What is the cover price that we charge for DE PROFUNDIS and APL-L? We never charge for copies for those who are doing club's business.
Marty replied that the club asks for a donation for those who use the copier for non -club business, the rate chart is inside the printing room.  Marty offered the club to use his copier for color prints for a competitive fee.
Darnell -What about time to get the copies done by outside place like Kinko's?  Wouldn’t there be a delay due to laziness?

3D Creative Force wants to use the clubhouse.  Tadao vouched for them for two Tuesdays a month. Robert Powell will be the club liaison to the group. They are an open group. They are looking for people. They are looking for a place, but they are looking at different facilities. They are 3D viewing and promotion group.  Robert Powell will be the liaison to the group.  3D Creative Force is approved to use the Clubhouse for on a temporary basis reevaluate on February.
The vote-9 approved 1 abstained.

Arlene brought up about Fridays. Have the club open for two times a month than four times a  month because there are hardly any people in the clubhouse. The club is losing money, and the cost of running the facilities for a group that has low membership turn out is not worth the use of the club house.  Arlene focused on the Friday night meeting, but Elayne expanded this to other groups. Tripe, Estrogen Zone, FWEMS,
Elaine made the motion:  Move that the LASFS be open only 2 Fridays a month, and that FWEMS, TRIPE and Estrogen Zone be limited to 6 sessions per year.
Christian McGuire said that this motion will save Mike's life by giving him chances to stay at home more.  This was said in a joking manner but it had truth in it. Mike Thorsen did not comment.
Darnell said could we try this for 3 months.
Motion called for vote -9 yes 1 no, motion passed.
Tom Safer Cartoon time is not included in the motion.
Mike - We may need to solicit donations for second Sunday food or we could go pot luck.

Bob Null wants to board to consider buying a new DVD and VCR for the club.  Arlene asked would an A/B switch do. Michael Pells said that a combo DVD/VCR machine costs $220 at Fry’s.  The request does not need the Board’s approval; if the AV department has a budget, then they can get the item. Mike Thorson - Combo VCR and DVD. Video channel on the video amplifier need to be changed.  Christian will tell the club about the changes in meetings on Thursday.

Art Donation Form and the By-laws both well are reviewed by each Board member.  Arlene requested a reply from Board members by email within two weeks.

Motion to adjourn the meeting by Christian McGuire.  It was seconded; the meeting was adjourned at. 1:00 pm.
Submitted by: Darnell Coleman-Secretary,. December 2008:
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