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Board Members in attendance- In attendance were Board Members: Karl Lembke, Darnell Coleman, Elayne Pelz, Christian McGuire, Marcia Minsky, Tadao Tomomatsu, Arlene Satin, Milt Stevens, Mike Thorsen, and Robert Powell.
Members and visitors in attendance-, Barry and Lee Gold, Heidi Nichols, Greg Barrett, Sherri Benoun, Tony Benoun, Greg Bilan, Marty Cantor Robbie Bourget, Fred Lazzelle, Joe Zeff,  Joyce Sperling, Bill Ellern, Ann Morel, Kathy and Scott Beckstead, Michelle Pincus. Jennifer Burr, John DeChancie

Meeting started 11:11

Minutes from last meeting were amended and approved.

Chairman: (Karl Lembke)- No report

Secretary (Darnell Coleman)- Ill know the names of the people in the Forum (those not on the board in meeting) in three months.

Treasurer (Elayne Pelz) report- $84,116, filed the LASFS taxes. She also brought up that Its yearly dues time.

Quartermaster (Mike Thorsen)-Vending machine-Machine units sold to date $10524 / this period 339 date Total sales to date $6796.00/ $254.95this period. Written report was given to the Secretary.

Comptroller (Christian McGuire)-Boskone 46, ran by NESFA, is running 60 members lower than last year. C Nationally conventions are down in attendance. We need to be careful with LOSCON budgeting.

New Members-C Anita Nunez, Tim and Serena Powers were approved for membership. 9-0-1

Facilities Tadao Tomomatsu-The APL room roof is leaking.

Library-Elayne Pelz reported that Librarian: Vanessa Van Wagner is stepping down as LASFS Head Librarian. Moved by the Board to Applaud and thank Vanessa Van Wagner for all her Hard work in the Library.  Elayne is Interim Head Librarian assisted by Darnell Coleman as Acting Librarian.

Events (Marcia Minsky)-La La Con is on the calendar, the 75th Anniversary Westercon and LOSCON is moving along.  LOSCON 35 turned in $6300.

The groups that were brought up by were Enigma of UCLA and a group that discusses books on Physics We would like to make sure that the groups we may look for or come to us aren't detrimental to the Society.  Publishing (Milt Stevens)-we need a liaison for the UCLA science fiction fandom group Enigma.  Recruiting (Arlene Satin said we should go to the two groups for more information. Heidi said she would see member Wendy Newton if she wanted to be liaison between LASFS and Enigma.  Robert Powell-The 3D group tried the clubhouse twice and discovered it wasn't filling their needs.  Bill Ellern said we need to work with other Science Fiction and Fantasy groups.

Webmaster Milt Stevens-The website is active and that Forry Ackermann should be removed as advisor to the BOD. Christian McGuire brought a motion that Forry Ackermann should not be removed as a advisor to the board though he is dead death shall not release him, he just won't be coming to coming to the BOD meetings and the Board can't communicate to him but still he should remain an advisor.  Motion passed 8-2-0

Marketing (Arlene Satin)- working on the book faire and the Star Trek Enterprise opening. A Terry Prachett discussion group and a Physic book discussion groups. Elayne the only problem is that most weekends are filled and that they have to donate 30-60 dollars per meeting but the first 6 months free. Scott Beckstead has them become members and par dues. Milt said "we want them to join LASFS."  Marketing the Committee is working on the Next Book Fair/ The West Hollywood Book fair for 2009.  Marketing is working on representing LASFAS at the "STAR TREK" opening day.

Elayne as Calendar Scheduler pointed out that most weekends are filled.  She also noted that they would have to donate $30-$60 per meeting; however the first 6 months would be free.

Elayne Volunteered to call the Roofer for the Front Building to check and repair the Apa-L room Section.

     Forrest J Ackerman Memorial:  Karl thanked Tadao and his minions for making the Memorial to Forry Ackermann successful.  Tadao thanked the people who helped like Mike Thorsen, also thanked the Chairman of the BOD, The BOD, the President and the Attending Membership at the Memorial.

BY-LAWS-Any one has any question about the By-Laws. The Bylaws have to be printed in the society newsletter. Milt motioned for the BOD to accept the Society Bylaws to the club motioned and if anyone wants a hard copy contact Elayne. The Bylaws and Standing rules be in the meeting and passed 10-0 then the Standing Rules passed 10-0.
     That Da Profundus has the Bylaws and that there is a meeting set aside be set aside as reading of both.  Motion-Passed 10-0

LOSCON 37-Bids:
     Heidi Nichols-Theme 2010 Odyssey; Elayne Pelz-Treasurer, Christian McGuire-Hotel Liaison.
     Bill Ellern-. To boldly explore time and space using Fantasy and Science Fiction. Elayne Pelz-Treasurer, Christian McGuire-Hotel Liaison, gave handouts
    Greg Bilan- Theme: Quest for the Forgotten Lands; Liz Mortensen will be Vice Chairman Elayne Pelz-Treasurer, Christian McGuire Hotel Liaison, gave handouts.
    Sherri Benoun and Scott Beckstead- Theme: Operation Chaos, Elayne Pelz-Treasurer, Christian McGuire Hotel Liaison, gave handout.


Christian McGuire said that the person(s) elected as LOSCON chair must be willing to be Chair. The Chair of LOSCON needs to be proactive.  Elayne moved that all four bids be sent to the club 10-0

Fundraising- we provide the art and they make the stuff. We need to get a group to set price and art. Elayne warned that if we get to much money for this fundraising procedure could make us do more tax papers. Chairman appoints the committee.

Marty Cantor-has a proposition to manage De Profundus. The newsletter would become owned by Marty Cantor who will run like it was when the club had it. Marty will treat as a private newsletter. There will be an electronic newsletter. It will be the same.
The Registrar Michelle Pincus wanted the one sheet of the calendar for the guests.
Move to allow Marty Cantor have Da Profundus  until at such time the Board removes the name amended that this can be taken from his estate-9-0-1 motion passed.

Gallifrey One's Chairman: Robbie Bourget requested the Use of various LASFS equipment.
Gallifrey One would like to in kind donate $350.00 to the LASFS.

Christian McGuire of the 75th Anniversary Committee requested a line budget of $500.00 for Admin Costs.

Open forum:

Tadao pointed out that we had other clubs that were beneficial to us and benefits to the people. But to do the actions of some of certain members those other clubs that were renting the clubhouse left.  And pointed out that as admirable it is to get other clubs to Join US!   We have little to return in the positive matter.  We have had other clubs that were beneficial to the club and benefits to the members.  Then Tadao walked out of the meeting. This discussion continued 15 minutes then was stopped by Karl because of time.  Tadao returned to the meeting

In 6 months the Secretary is going to need a place to put hand outs the reason given is that he wants a place to put the hand outs.

Point of information- Lemon tree was trimmed.

Christian motioned to adjourn the meeting, the meeting adjourned at 1:10

Darnell Coleman.

Board members who helped with the minutes in email form:
Christian McGuire
Mike Thorsen
Elayne Pelz
Tadao Tomomatsu.
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