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Menace of the LASFS

February 26, 2009

Mike Thorsen, Presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

“Balance!” said CLJII.

Meeting 3733 was rapped into submission at 20:13:26.

Special Orders of Business

His Majesty announced the passing of actor Robert Quarry, who played Count Yorga in two movies, and was the nemesis in a Dr Phibes movie. He was also in the TV production of Buck Rogers, such as it was.

We've also lost one of the giants of the field – Philip Jose Farmer. He was age 91. His death is attributed to failure to wake up. His website says he died peacefully in his sleep, and not screaming in terror like the passengers on his riverboat.

Marty Cantor announced the Moffatts are not here tonight, on account of their car being broadsided and knocked up onto the sidewalk. It was totaled. They, on the other hand, weren't. They have now changed their plans to include car shopping.

The Menace were read and approved as “On thin gneiss”.

Patron Saint

Marjii Ellers

Not an object, except of desire.

Hare Hobbs recalled Marjii was probably the sexiest old lady around, especially at LASFS. She was very attractive, and very nice. When she was fan guest of honor at Loscon, she brought a ten pound block of chocolate to the con suite every day to thank us.

Milt Stevens. Costuming was her main activity. At age 52, she did the Black Queen from Barbarella. It was topless, and she looked quite good in it. Someone got a photo and sold it to a men's magazine. Also, at a LASFS Halloween party years ago, she showed up in a skin-tight tiger outfit. When she entered, no one knew who she was. Even the men who were hitting on her.

Karen Anderson very well remembers the Black Queen costume. She was in the bathroom making adjustments on her own costume, and saw how Marjii used surgical tape to adjust it.

Hare Hobbs: When she had the cancer, he talked to her once, and remarked “you don't seem to be losing your hair”. Off comes the wig,

She was one of the volunteers helping with Bert Rhutan on Voyager's flight around the world.

Mike Thorsen: She volunteered around club and would help with various things. The wallpaper in the bathrooms is her fault.

Joe Zeff: Marjii used to go to Hertz' regency dances in drag, because there weren ever enough men. Last time at the club, she came for a second Sunday, and provided ice cream.

Scratch: one thing she did was help rebuild the front bathroom. She also donated the wallpaper.

Tadao: there are several pictures of Marjii in the display cabinet.

Karl: Once, Lee Gold managed to catch her hair on fire. Some weeks later, she encountered Marjii. Marjii told her, “Oh, I see your hair was on fire. Don't worry, it's almost all grown out, and soon no one will be able to tell it ever happened!” Other than Marjii the beautician, no one else had noticed anything amiss.

Marjii Ellers was given three cheers and a roll of surgical tape

No new business.

The Registrar announced we have a guest. She'll introduce in a few minutes.

Committee to Gouge met and gouged.

No old business.

We do have a science minute. It's also a family health report. Two things that prevented Karen from being at last meeting – she has managed to get her thyroid up to a reasonable level – She now has energy. Also, something that involves her grand daughter Alexandra and herself. She was keeping her sodium down and drinking lots of water, and her blood sodium dropped to a disastrously low level. This triggered a grand mal epileptic seizure. Fortunately, she had finally been talked into visiting the emergency room, so she had her seizure in the best possible place to have one.

Now, the science part. There's a cover story in Parade Magazine, 2/15. This was a story about a girl with a terrible history of god-awful epileptic attacks from infancy. Finally, at age 17, they found something that helped her.

This hits close to home, as a number of people of interest to LASFS have epilepsy.

Our Registrar introduced Korine Wilkenning, brought in by the Becksteads.

Appointed Committee Reports

CLJII: Beginning next week, we have a full round of programs. Next week, an episode of space patrol. Following week, our authors speak. Next three weeks are Business.


Matthew Tepper reviewed Coraline. He saw it in 3-d. This was a very effective, creepy, entertaining, and often very funny movie. The story was well told, and the voices well chosen. It's a good movie.

Time Bound Announcements

Tonight is the first night of previews of Falling Upward. This is at the El Portal, near magnolia and lankershim.

Fannish Committee Reports

Doug Crepeau reported on how everyone in the room is boiling over. Gas Dynamics has a contract to detect explosives on people. They've been investigating the phenomenon of the human plume. We emit gasses, carrying skin flakes, and theses can be analyzed for chemicals, including explosives.

Joe Zeff reported on June Moffatt's report of the car accident. She adds the detail that when broadsided, the car went up a curb and bounced off a light pole. We're glad it wasn't a heavy pole. Joe was fined one bit.

Elayne called for payment of dues.

Jerry Pournelle reviewed his book. It's good. Go buy it. The signing at Mystery and Imagination went very well. Jerry's working with others on a science book called “A Labor of Moles”. It stars Avogadro the Mole, who lives in a mole civilization. Work was interrupted until a lawsuit was settled. Mattel was claiming that anything any of their employees had ever worked on belonged to them. Now that's been settled, and it may soon be available for Fred Patten to review.

Tom Safer reminded one and all this Saturday is a special all-day film show. This starts at 1 PM, and ends some time later.

Elayne has a proto-directory. Check your data.


We adjourned at 21:09:58.

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