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Menace of the LASFS

February 5, 2009

Mike Thorsen, Presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Meeting 3730 was rapped into submission at 20:10:42

Special Orders of Business

We had no Special Orders of Business. “Everybody Lives!!

The Menace were read and approved as “no LASFSian left behind”.

No old business.

No new business.

Patron Saint

Mike Glyer

Milt Stevens said he's the biggest of the named fans, a publishing giant who really is a giant, he's won Hugos, chaired a Worldcon, been ridiculously active, and is now raising a daughter, doing that home and family stuff, but still publishes File 770, and may be back when his daughter is older.

CLJII: He's one of those who are still involved in printing fanzines on actual paper.

Zeff: Mike Glyer, the once and future Scribe, is one of the best scribes he's ever encountered. Back when Minutes were done with pen and paper, what he wrote down during the meeting was what he read the next week and they were wonderful.

Marty Cantor backed up what Joe said. While editing De Prof, there were some very good scribes Mike was one of two whose Menace defied attempts to chop off text to shrink them down without hurting the writing.

Christian: Among his achievements, he's served as a moral compass for LASFS and fandom, keeping us from being too ridiculous, and from stepping on our core values.

Jerry Pournelle: one of the few reviewers of his work he takes seriously.

Three cheers and a publishing party in Room 770.

Frank Waller

Christian had but one word: Mudd. Frank Waller arrived playing a character he had performed at SF cons. He played that character even out of character, because it was his disguise. He grew out of it, and into being willing to reveal his own character, warts and all. He's also lost a number of warts. He's an enthusiastic fan.

“And here's your $20” – Frank

Martin: He's always friendly and it's always good to see him.

Matthew Tepper: He's a very good sport. When he's been president, he's made fun of fRank, and he takes it in good spirit. We're not laughing at him, we're laughing toward him . … er … something.

Crystal: Frank was one of the kindest people from the very beginning.

Joe Zeff: Frank donated potato chips that tasted like everything in the world except potatoes.

Whiskey: he's a lover of classic and vintage automobiles.

Three rousing cheers for Frank Waller, and some potato flavored potato chips.

Appointed Committee Reports

Christian announced that on 2/19 there will be a big auction.

Tadao announced Gallifrey One starting on Friday 13.

CLJII announced a program this evening. An episode of Captain Video.

On the last Sunday of this month, FWEMS features our Tribute to Shirley Patterson, aka Shawn Smith.

Elayne announced, pay your dues. Pay annual dues by March.

Arlene Satin announced the Marketing meeting here, third Wednesday of the month.

Tomorrow is the first Friday of the month. The club will be open for business.

The registrar announced we have no guests.

The committee to gouge did so.

Time Bound Announcements

Christian announced the Loscon 37 bids, part 1 taking place at the BOD meeting Sunday.

Karen Anderson had a science report.

Briefly, they've found an interesting extrasolar planet.

Look for the extrasolar planets encyclopedia for more details.

They've found a planet around a dim red dwarf, apparently not much larger than earth, but a mass that gives it a density of something like 2.3 to 3.6 tons per cubic meter. It's an iron planet, practically skimming the atmosphere of the star. When you look at the stellar system, it's a double star. There's a brown dwarf orbiting about the orbit of mercury around the red dwarf, and the planet orbits inside the orbit of the brown dwarf. Mining rights are being sold by Harcourt Fenton Madoff.

Jerry Pournelle spoke about Star Trek II, the Wrath of Khan, the opera It's hilarious. They have well trained singers.

Italy struggles to disband an army that never existed. Lt. General Kije, your services are needed.

Finally, a toy that trains people to use the Force.

Mike Thorsen reports that misuse of the training toy can result in the release of Monsters from the Id.

Cathy Beckstead announced that Loscon 35 has turned over the sum of $6301 to the LASFS.

German reported that Iran has launched its own satellite. Its orbit will decay in a couple of months, and if, InshAllah, it lands on Israel, it's a pure coincidence.

Mike Thorsen pointed out that Saturday is Estrogen Zone – 2-whenever.

Hare recalled Robot Story, by a writer/director who was here a couple of years ago. Amoeba has three copies left.

Karen Anderson offered to exchange e-mails with anyone who wanted the full report.

Milt Stevens notes other people are doing tributes to Forry. One at the Arrow Theater in Santa Monica. There will be one at the Egyptian Theater on the March 8th.



Fannish Committee Reports



Michelle Pincus reported that earlier this week, in Colorado, a robber held up 2 convenience stores using a Bathleth. Strangely, both clerks knew what a Bathleth was.

Ed Hooper reported the magazine Realms of Fantasy is shutting down publications. Two more issues, and then history.

Milt Stevens announced F&SF is going bimonthly. Circulation is down to 16K. Mad is going quarterly. Cheap.

Kay Shapero reported that the LATimes had a story on a 43 foot snake that existed 60 million years ago. It weighed about a ton.

CLJII: Sad news from mudville – January's magic number was a skimpy19. But the number as of today is 29.

And we have a program.

We adjourned at 21:14:48

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