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Board Members in attendance- In attendance were Board Members: Karl Lembke, Bob Null, Darnell Coleman, Elayne Pelz, Bill Ellern, Christian McGuire, Marcia Minsky, Tadao Tomomatsu, Arlene Satin, Milt Stevens, Mike Thorsen.

Regular Members in attendance-, Barry and Lee Gold, Heidi Nichols, Greg Barrett, Sherri Benoun, Tony Benoun, Heidi Nichols, Greg Bilan, Marty Cantor, Fred Lazzelle, Joe Zeff, Judy Zeff

Meeting started at 11:15, Karl Lembke welcomed Robert Powell to the Board.
Minutes-approved with corrections.
Elections of Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Comptroller,

A Point of Order was raised: What happens if a Board member is voted out of an internally-elected position by the Board?  Answer: They are given a non-elected  position on the Board.

Karl read the duties of Comptroller, Christian McGuire became Controller The other positions stayed the same with the same people.

Chairman - Agenda came out later than expected but it came out. Asked Robert to do events, Robert Powell asked about the position, then refused.  Marcia Minsky worked out this plan, she left the Audio-Visual position which was given to Robert and the Event position was given to her.

Vice Chairman-Nothing


AV- Mike Thorsen went to Fry’s Electronics to see how much Video and DVD equipment
currently costs; he discovered that while VHS/DVD recorders cost around $200, the
price of player-only units averages less than half that.  It was noted that VHS equipment would not remain on the market for long since the format had become obsolete.

Quartermaster-Vending machine-Machine units sold to date 10,185/ this period 372, To date Total sales to date $6542.00/ this period $279.00. The report was also given to the Secretary.

Facilities-Paving of parking lot is done and will be dried this Wednesday.  The Pine tree maybe trimmed because it’s overhanging the parking lot more on this in the agenda. Greg Bilan offered to trim the tree; he was told to talk to Tadao offline.

Publications-Website the minutes of both the meeting and the board meeting be sent to the website for publication.

Library-22 DVDs were added to the DVD library in Dec/Jan.

Events-Loscon happened; money and information will be turned later. All Conventions are going on as schedule.  2011 bid for Westercon was done by San Jose.  Marcia Minsky becomes the new current Loscon Chair on Feb 1.  Forry Memorial is still going to happen. The club is still planning the meeting. Progress of the 75th club anniversary.  Christian will talk about this in February,

Recruitment-Arlene Satin will write up her fund raising plans.

John Hertz-. The motion was to pay John Hertz for an hour of work which he did for the Art Release Form the fee was $100. 8-1-2 the motion passed.  Arlene brought up that this fee was not said when John Hertz was asked to work on the Art Release Form. Karl said that Mr. Hertz is from the old school of Law, where the work is done then the price is made because he trusts the BOD to give him the money.

Webmaster-The Golds-Minutes should be sent to the website. De Profundis is archived in the website. 

Christian McGuire motioned for the Board Secretary to send the corrected Minutes to the website   Unanimous approved. Elayne Pelz wants this to be emailed to her for Bylaws.

Marketing-We have a table at the opening of Star Trek Enterprise at the IMAX theater We are working on new things. We should continue to work in the West Hollywood Book Fair. The Book Faire gave us a good booth last year. Motion made by Karl Lembke should we continue being in the Book Fair this was passed 9-0-2

Club President-Nothing reported.

Asphalt is done. Normal life for asphalt is 5-10 years.
Marcia Minsky requests Brewster Rockit Fan club on the second Friday of the month this is recurring the club will be donate. 8-10 members would be attending six, month trial period.  8-0-3 motion passed.
Financial statement-Elayne Pelz turned in 2008 fiscal budget. Secretary received copy. Milt said that our income is the same for two years.
Budget line items-We could renegotiate our costs.. Hall decorations budget will be emoved.
If the treasury has more than $15,000 then the rest goes into the Century Fund.
There was a discussion on the Video Library, Arlene wanted to know if funds could be cut down from the video line items.  Elayne said it would do no good.
Accept the Budget as amended.

Tadao asked if the Gestetner is dead. Marty said he is not sure.  Elayne reminded the Board that once the Gestetner stops working, it won’t be repaired again which was also talked about in November meeting.

De Profundis Milt-the cost is going up for the paper so the s De Profundis should be over because things for the newsletter can be done for the website.
Then the question came up on how much time it takes to get the De Profundis ready for the membership. Milt said 8 hours to write up and 8 hours to mail out, add these factors in the cost,  Heide withdraws her objections from last meeting.
Fred Lazzelle-I don’t want De Profundis to be given in web form.
Elayne requested a Bylaw to be given in Feb meeting saying that DP in paper form be moved to the website and that the paper from discontinued.  This will take a number of Bylaw Moved and seconded 10-0-1.
Christian McGuire asked Marty Canter will he do the online publication of the DP. He said possibly yes.  Christian McGuire asked the Board to allow a person who wants to do the work on sending out newsletters to those who want it in the club to get reimbursed for sending mail to members.
Tadao requested that the President should bring up at the Thursday meeting that anyone who wants to work for the newsletter could volunteer. This was a suggestion.

Code of Conduct Committee statement read-by Heidi Nichols.
The Board thanked Heidi for the work on the committee work.
Darnell Coleman had the issue on the Code word that it makes a person a target. The word was Xenon.
The first line of the Code of Conduct was approved, Gregg Barrett-The use of the code word would start rumors, because people would hear the word and think why was the word used then comes the rumors.
The second line was sent back to the Committee for work. Arlene Satin suggested this, the suggestion along with the approval of the first line of the code of conduct became a motion and was passed   10 to 0 with one abstention.
Heidi wants to come back to the Board in March.

Other items not on agenda
Darnell Coleman brought up there was side chatter. Karl said he will be watchful of this.
A letter was sent about music and audio at Loscon 35 ASCAP the letter writer needs some kind of proof for the license of the music. Elaine said it was taken care of.
Takeaways-Code of Conduct, Elayne is doing Bylaws rewrite, pole pruner for the lemon tree.
Discussion of trimming the neighbor's side of the lemon tree was raised.  Thorsen
pointed out that it had been decided last year that doing so would constitute
acceptance of financial liability for the Neighbor's complaint of lemons denting the
roofs of his car and his customers' cars.  Nevertheless, attending members including
Bilan volunteered to trim the tree on the neighbor's side during the open house after
the close of the meeting.  Pole-extended tree-trimming shears were requested by Greg
Bilan.  One of the attending members offered to donate a set.  The trimming was
undertaken offline in an unofficial capacity by volunteers.  The question of LASFS' financial
liability to repair the neighbor's cars remains unresolved.

Motion to end the meeting by Arlene
Meeting ended at 1:25
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