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Menace of the LASFS

January 29, 2009

Michelle Pincus piloting (run for the escape pods!!!)

Gizmo took over during the Menace.

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Cosmoline: What aliens use during sex. – Milt Stevens

Meeting 3729 was gavelled to carbonation at 20:06:20

And there was much rejoicing!

Special Orders of Business

CLJII announced the passing of author John Updike, who wrote The Witches of Eastwyck, among other things. We had a brief moment of silence in his honor.

The Menace were read and approved as “for whom the snack munches”.

Patron Saint

Mike Luwish:

Joe Zeff notes he bought a patron sainthood for his father, Emil Luwish.

And Marcia Minsky said “Funny, he doesn't look Luwish.”

Mike Luwish was given three cheers, and family ties

Gary Louie:

Hare Hobbs: Gary Louie had a unique talent. When he started volunteering, after unloading the truck, he'd go to the art room. When Hare zoned out, Gary would spot it, and say just the right thing to get him unzoned.

Tadao Tomomatsu: Gary was the really tall Asian Guy. He was quite an influence on Tadao. Whenever Chinese New Year came up, they'd trade envelopes, and wish each other happy new year in front of the club.

Joe Zeff: Gary was elected to the board the first year he was eligible and remained on it for the rest of his life. Once, on a trip to communist china to visit his family, he owned a house for 30 minutes. He carried the deed from one family member to another, and who holds the deed owns the house.

Christian: Gary arrived, and was at the center of everything in the club almost at once. He significantly promoted the love of mah jongg at the club. He codified the fannish rules for mah jongg. For three days, fans played, and he compiled the rules. He was a fantastic compiler. He knew every item in his collection, and carried the list with him at all times.

Also, when the 1996 Worldcon came around, he put together and published a Sector General universe compendium. It had just about every detail in the world. Gary was also a bit of a prima donna. He was excitable, and could get dramatic about things when you'd have no idea why he was so excited. But he did so in a very good way. When he was lost to us in 1999, the response was international. It wasn't quite Bruce Pelz level, but it was global.

He was infectious in his enthusiasm.

Gary Louie was the last person Christian went to Disneyland with. No one else has his childlike joy at going there.

Hare Hobbs: he was one of those who would run a convention, not because he was interested in the subject, but because he wanted his friends to have a good time.

Greg Bilan: he was a fan of Lego.

Jerry Pournelle: We were two years auctioning off his Lego collection.

Christian McGuire: His book collection was huge. Truckloads of books went all over the place.

Gary Louie was given the traditional Three Cheers and a parking space.

Time Bound Announcements: We have two meetings this weekend

Cathy Beckstead announced Sunday, 11AM, Loscon 35 close-out. Followed shortly thereafter by...

The kick-off meeting for Loscon 36.

Christian announced, those interested in bidding for Loscon 37, have a bid ready for consideration at the Board meeting Sunday, 2/8. Following Thursday, 2/12, the club votes.

Tomorrow night is the fifth Friday of the month. The club will be dark. Any games you play here will have to be played outside, in the dark.

Christian announced something exciting. The week after Loscon 37 vote will be a big auction. Many wonderful items will be sold. Items! Stuff! Things! Tchotchkes! And the ever popular Cool Crap!

Elayne announced she's still accepting annual dues. $110/year.

CLJII announced Friday 13th comes on a Friday next month.

Marcia Minsky invited everyone to come out and discuss Loscon 36 this Sunday.

Fred Patten Announced, if there are no spies in the club to report this to a person who has threatened to sue, January 31 is National Gorilla Suit Day. Don Martin created NGSD, but someone has threatened to sue anyone who celebrates it without paying royalties.

Committee Reports:

Registrar: We have no guests, either this week or last week. There were guests on Friday and Second Sunday, but they're not here today.

The Committee to Gouge was present, and did so.

The Cthulhu under glass went for “half a beast”.

The choice for the last soda was auctioned off, and Christian will be tippling al-Fresca.

Science Committee:

Karen Anderson had a story, but made a bit of a mistake when she downloaded it, and didn't realize there was a lot more story than she cut out from the hard copy. We live on shaky ground. Very shaky. A section of the San Andreas fault on the Carrizo plain is capable of sparking the Big One. It did spark the Fort Tejon quake in 1857. Quakes were thought to occur on that section of the fault every 200 years or so. Now it's down to 137 years, or less. We're overdue.

When I heard this, you could have knocked me down with an earthquake.

Tadao announced the Forry memorial took place. Thanks to all who took place. Ray Bradbury could not make it, but sent his assistant with a dictated letter, now on display in the case.

No old business.

No new business.


Hare Hobbs reviewed the memorial He enjoyed it, despite arriving late. Afterward, people chatted.

The Alien Years, by Robert Silverberg. It's a plausible story about aliens invading, who treat us more or less like rabbits. They conquer us without difficulty, but they use our infrastructure, and this lets us screw with them. This complements Footfall, where the humans had a logistic advantage. Alien Years describes more of an asymmetric war. The story is replete with the names and pseudonyms of sf authors.

This provoked a mini-lecture on inbreeding.

Fannish Committee Reports

Hare Hobbs, for the committee that reads Locus, notes errors in Forry's Obit. Forry has the replica of the robot from Metropolis. They have more info on Betty Page, and she had more connections to fandom than we thought.


Milt Stevens reported on the curious case of the man who isn't quite dead yet. He writes lots of letters. He got a response on a letter published in Mimosa 26, in the late 90s. He recounted events in the 40s. There was a fan named Earl Singleton, who wrote dark and depressing poetry. His roommate, Oliver King Smith, reported he had committed suicide. But his room mate turns out to be Earl Singleton.

Later he would introduce himself to Milt and the Moffatts as Oliver King Smith. Later, LASFS received a letter from Oliver King Smith's daughter saying Oliver King Smith had died. After Milt's letter to Mimosa, he received a letter from the son, saying Oliver King Smith had dead.

Matthew Tepper went to school with Philip Oliver Smith, son of Oliver King Smith, and he was a real person. He's not aware of a Graham Smith. This is the same school where one teacher was the widow of Sam Russel.

Jerry Pournelle: He and Niven spent the day flying back from Washington, and the sissies had scheduled snow days. They were in Washington for a conference by an agency that prefers not to be named. The subject was threats to the united states. Pournelle's threat can be revealed; others can't.

One thing Stirling said the problem in this country was that things weren't cool enough, and we should promote more coolness.

“I'm going to tell you what I think the greatest threat to the United States is in the long term. In the mid term, the notion of a minister of coolness is scary. Why bill gates is public enemy number one.” In his judgment the worst threat is the notion that every child deserves and should get a world class university prep education. If you insist that's what everyone should get, no one will get it. (If the average is zero, everyone will score at least average.)

Bill Gates is Public Enemy #1 because he supports the idea that everyone in the country deserves a university education.

David Okamura heard a fragment on the news – they're having trouble with the Mars rovers. Spirit may be possessed.

Karen Anderson added: The rover failed to report something it had done, and they think there was a glitch in its volatile memory before it was sent. Permanent memory is not affected.

Hare Hobbs heard some news: there's a new baby monitor, and built into it is a translator. It learns what different cries and tones mean, and translates them.

Patrick added, as a footnote. The church of Scientology is having a grand opening at Lankershim and Burbank.

Marc Schirmeister added, he wasn't here for the memorial, because he was up celebrating his grandfather's 102nd birthday.

We adjourned at 21:28:40.

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