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Menace of the LASFS

January 22, 2009

Michael Thorsen presiding,

Karl Lembke, Scribe

It's raining, it's drizzling, the LASFS is … er … sizzling!

Meeting 3728 was gavelled to carbonation at 20:12:15

Special Orders of Business

Charlie Jackson announced the passing of actress Susanna Foster (phantom of the opera opposite Boris Karloff).

*** Eric Hoffman announced the passing of Bob May, the robot of Lost in Space. He was the grandson of Chick Johnson, and started being involved in the live shows at age 2. He was an actor, stunt man, comedian, and warned Will Robinson of danger. He donated his time at the Gallifrey One charity auctions. “We couldn't stop him if we wanted to.”

He was a great person to have on a panel. Eric will relay the condolences of the LASFS.

For these worthies, we held a moment of silence.

The Menace were read and approved as “Farty red planet”.

Onward to New Business

We have a motion to allocate $200 for snacks etc. for the Forry Ackerman Memorial this coming Saturday. The motion carried, so we can pig out while we mourn. Refreshments will not include martinis.

Old Business (none)

Committee Reports:

Tadao announced the Memorial on the 24th starting at 1 PM.

Elayne announced it's time to pay dues.

Marcia Minsky announced memberships for Loscon are $30.

Milt Stevens is attempting a 2-page news zine, Ad Astra. Copies are on Elayne's Desk.

The Committee to Gouge was present, and did so.

Amazingly enough, the value of some pieces of cloth increased

Time Bound Announcements

Those interested in bidding for Loscon 37 should show up at the February 8 Board Meeting.

Mike Thorsen: tomorrow, being the 4th Friday of the month, don't show up to play games.

Tom Safer announced Feb 28, an all-day screening of films. We start at 1 PM, and end at 10. The theme will be madness in its various forms.

Cathy Beckstead announced the close-out meeting for Loscon 35, February 1, at 11 AM.

Marcia Minsky announced that at 12:30, we have the first Loscon 36 meeting.

Frank Waller has some slightly water damaged Life Magazines, and some some slightly undamaged ones. None of them are potato flavored. Free to a good home. (They wound up being adopted.)

Hare Hobbs noted an article about A&M Books in the Daily News. It's on the bulletin board. Go look at it.

Karen Anderson had something scientific to tell us about. Chemical and biomolecular engineers have developed chemically triggered nano-hands. Details are published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society. The grippers are 0.03 inches across. The list of authors and researchers apparently did not include Waldo F. Jones.


Anathem, set in a parallel earth where scientists have been segregated into monasteries where they can do the work they want. Neal Stephenson.

Tadao Tomomatsu reviewed a shop across from Dark Delicacies, Emerald Knights – a comic book store. They will support gaming on the upper floor.

Fannish Committee Reports



CLJII: This week is Fred Patten's last weekly contribution to APA-L. He just can't keep up the pace.

Tom Safer has something to say about tonight's program. (It exists.)

Firstly, his choir is performing at the Hall of Liberty on 2/8.

Scratch was wondering what it would take to extend his streak for historical (hysterical) purposes.

Jude-Marie Green, the creator of Abyss and Apex plugged it, and recommended that we nominate for Hugos.

Patron Saints

Rick Sneary

Len Moffatt didn't rise to say anything about him

Milt says he became most famous for a joke that got out of hand. AS a joke, in the late 40s, he started “South Gate in 58”. No way could it end up in South Gate. When Los Angeles wanted to bid for the Worldcon in 58, there was this ready-made slogan. Some negotiations were undertaken, and the convention hotel, the Alexandria Hotel in Downtown L.A. was ceded to South Gate for the duration of Labor Day weekend. There was a written Mayoral proclamation and everything.

CLJII noted that Rick Young, who thought well of Mr Sneary arranged for South Gate in 88 as a motto for that year's Loscon.

Matthew Tepper notes he was a sweet, kind, soft-spoken gentleman who was unfortunately in poor health. This did not prevent him from being active in fandom, mainly through writing. Because he was home-schooled, sometimes his spelling was unconventional. Fan editors agreed not to correct the spelling, because the errors were so charming. Rick would have preferred to be corrected, but it had become a Tradition.

Bill Ellern became acquainted with his name through his letters to a professional magazine. They treated him the way fan editors treated him.

Three cheers for St Rick Sneary, and South Gate is Fine in 2009.

Gail Selinger

Marty Cantor raised his umbrella to tell us Gail was going with Frank Gasperik when Marty first got to the club. Gail decides to learn something about a topic, and she goes all the way. If you're watching a program on History Channel, or National Geographic Channel, about Pirates, she will probably be interviewed on it. She used to be a school teacher, and lives in the valley. She's a very nice person.

Matthew Tepper added that he knew Gail before she was a blonde. She was indeed a school teacher in New York City public schools. It's a tough job, and she's tough when needed. She's sweet and charming with her friends. Currently, she writes romance novels, which she publishes online.

Scratch was around he when she was with Frank. She put up with Frank. She's a saint.

Gail Selinger was given three cheers, and a month with an arrr in it.

We adjourned at 21:16:08.

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