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Menace of the LASFS



January 15, 2009



Michael Thorsen presiding, Karl Lembke, Scribe




Meeting 3727 was gavelled to order at 20:08:33



Special Orders of Business

We note the passing of Mr. Don Callender, who named his pie shop after his mother Marie.

Don Galloway, actor, who was involved in the Rocketman theatrical project in the 60's

Karen Anderson announced the passing of Ed Cartier, the artist who did the first Hoka illustration, and other things, mostly pulps. He was 94.

Patrick McGoohan, of Danger Man, Secret Agent, and The Prisoner, and a few other things. He turned down the parts, “The Saint”, and “James Bond”.

Ricardo Montalban is now an Ex-Khan. (In 74, he played Abner Smith in Wonder Woman. He may have been the only redeeming thing in that production.)

We observed a moment of silence.

The Menace were read and approved as “absence of mallard aforethought”.

Patron Saint

Jeff Siegel

Jerry Pournelle: Lt col Jeff Siegel was an Air Force Academy graduate. Was his oldest son's best friend. He is now an ordained minister in the Lutheran church, married to an Air Force veterinarian. He doesn't live anywhere near this state, so he doesn't come to LASFS much any more.

Fred Patten noted he was also an early fan of Japanese animation.

Jeff Siegel was given three rousing cheers and a chunk of kryptonite.

Guests Michelle announced three guests.

Douglas Stingley “The Captain”, who heard about us on the Internet.

Seth Talley, “Seth”, a drive-by. The website is what encouraged him to visit.

Louis Steiner, encouraged by Michelle.

Onward to New Business (none),

LASFS has adopted a code of conduct. It's fairly simple, fairly short.

"Respect yourself, others, and the property of LASFS. Treat them respectfully while on the premises."

Mike Thorsen offered a clarification: The premises in question are the LASFS premises. We're not as worried about what happens off the LASFS premises.

Old Business ()

Christian announced bidding for Loscon 37 would begin at the February Board of Directors meeting, 2/8/9.

The Committee to Gouge was present, and did so.

The Star Trader book brought in twice as much money as did the Fetish book

Time Bound Announcements

Cathy Beckstead announced that Feb 1 features the close out meeting for Loscon 35, and the first meeting for Loscon 36. It starts at 11 AM.

Doug Crepeau announced the particle count in the room. It registered at 63,000 per cubic foot.

Karen Anderson rose to report on science. She sank for a moment to retrieve her reading glasses, and then told us of an investigation of the creators of the Nazca lines.

Alfred Krober, UK LeGuin's father, had acquired a collection of ceremonial trophy skulls from the area. Tooth enamel from these skulls was collected. Analysis showed the skulls belonged to people who also lived in the Nasca region. It had been thought that these heads might have been from enemies taken in war, and from some distance away.

David Okamura announced that scientists analyzing spectral readings have detected traces of methane in the atmosphere of Mars. Mars may have life. Or did once.

Jerry Pournelle pointed out methane is not necessarily produced by life. Mars has been hit by the occasional comet.

Karen Anderson pointed out that the methane is being outgassed from somewhere on the planet.

David Okamura mentioned the theory that the disappearance of the Franklin Expedition to find the Northwest Passage. Bodies of crewmen were found, but nothing to explain the lapses of judgment. Some suspected lead poisoning. Recently, another person has analyzed data, and found high levels of lead in the bodies. Latest culprit – ships were outfitted with steam engines connected to propellers. The engines needed fresh water, and used a very primitive condensing system. Ice was used to cool the steam, and the parts of the water system had lots of lead. So the crew went plumb loco.

Doug Crepeau noted the Milky Way galaxy is 50% larger than originally thought. Weight Watchers and Nutrasystem are thumb-wrestling for the franchise rights.

Appointed Committee Reports

Tom Safer announced Saturday is TSPC, 12 noon until it ends. Stuff will be shown.

Next Thursday will be a special presentation of animated cartoons.

Arlene announced the Marketing meeting here on Wednesday. Come one, come all, 7:30


Martin Young reviewed a book. Descartes' Bones. Said bones were first buried in Sweden. Then the French wanted them back. Why review here? We like independent thinking. Descartes sold independent thinking to the world. The book is subtitled, “A skeletal history of the conflict between faith and reason.

Matthew Tepper, after being interrupted by Jerry Pournelle, added that Franz Josef Haydn's head also was lost. Also, see the LA Opera production of The Magic Flute. It's a delightful production. Gerald Scarfe designed much of the production. The music, of course, is glorious, and the singing grates – er, is great.

Karen Anderson reviewed the discussion of the Ingmar Bergman production of the same opera.

(You didn't think you were actually running the meeting, Mike, did you?)

Hare Hobbs rose to review songs written by Michael Moorcock with Hawkwind. The album Space Ritual is now out in an expanded form.

Joe Zeff asked the President if he thought it would help if he carried a big stick.

Fannish Committee Reports




We adjourned at 21:21:16.

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