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Menace of the LASFS

January 8, 2009

Michael Thorsen presiding,Karl Lembke, Scribe


OK, guys, did you feel the earthquake?

Meeting 3726 was gavelled to order at 20:10:27

Special Orders of Business

We note the passing of Pat Hingle (Commissioner Gordon of the recent movies), and Bob Wilkins, TV horror show host from the Bay Area.

The Menace were read and approved as Klaatu barada stinko.

Guests Michelle announced that we have guests.

Anita Nunez, who heard about us from a friend in college, more than 12 years ago, and

The family of Gloria McMillan, Chris McMillan, Bob McMillan

Patron Saints

Bruce Pelz, Sacred Elephant and Pillar of the LASFS.

Hare Hobbs called Bruce was the last of the Omni-fans. Also, if you've read Silverlock by Myers Myers, he's one of the people who put the songs and poems therein to music. He chaired many conventions, and was noted for doing them very well. He was also noted for gouging the members of the club for money. And he had a great sense of humor

Scratch: Bruce had the distinction of being a collector of collections.

Ed Hooper: He had the patience of a saint. He'd listen to people ranting and raving, and not kill them.

Charlie Jackson: Bruce was a man of eclectic tastes, and an omnivorous fact accumulator. When he thought of a joke that required knowing Flanders and Swann and Pokemon, Bruce got it. Bruce was a member of the Epitome of Evil, Ltd. He was the smiling one. That makes him a comic book character. Comic book characters never die, they just go into limbo until a new editor comes along. Bruce is also the inspiration for the Brontosaurus and Toad character, Bruce E. Phant

Tadao Tomomatsu first met Bruce as a dealer, and then again at the club. He recalled Tadao from years before. He was the great translator, able to translate a reference at a moment's notice. And he had a unique perspective on things.

Joe Zeff: Among others of his talents, he had a fine talent for matching people with books they'd enjoy reading. After he retired, he sold books here, and introduced him to the Amelia Peabody mystery series.

Karen Anderson: If there was an organization or activity in fandom that was the least bit interesting, he'd get in to it. He also created organizations for things he was interested in, including the Organization of Erudite Bastards.

Charlie Jackson: He not only joined the Los Angeles Socializing and Feasting Society, he became the rat bastard treasurer.

Joe Zeff: He collected ribbons. Including, at one convention, “The Ribbon Bruce Pelz Won't Get”

Marty Massoglia: Once, in a trivia team contest, opposing team thought they were very hot, until, on the first fannish question, Bruce buzzed in with the correct answer, “I did.”

Bill Ellern: Bruce was a great one to talk to to get your head straightened out. He'd listen, and have a bit of useful advice.

John Hertz: The best single remark about Bruce yet heard was, “He had a fruitful imagination” A remarkable quantity of the things Bruce dreamed up came to pass.

Bruce Pelz was given three cheers, and a round-the-world cruise.

Saint Christian McGuire:

Ed Hooper noted he's been known as the rocking chair, because of the way he rocks back and forth. He also put himself on the line for a decade running Gallifrey One.

Hare Hobbs: Christian seems to be one of the main ones to take up Bruce's job of chairing cons. He chaired many, including the last Worldcon. He's one of several to take over the job of gouging the LASFS. He's almost as important to LASFS as half a Bruce.

Tadao Tomomatsu: Christian is a go-getter. He goes charging through. He'll stay up hours on end to make sure stuff gets done. At 3AM, when he's had one drink too many, take away his cell phone.

Joe Zeff: When Christian was new to LASFS, he jumped in to help. He even took over for the scribe. Three times, he had to refer to Joe, but didn't know his name. That's how Joe became “The Guy With The Sideburns”. He's fan GOH at this year's Loscon.

Charlie Jackson: For years, Christian partnered with Shawn Lyon, and the pair were known as Aslan. There's no truth to rumor that Shawn's recent disappearance has anything to do with the extra weight Christian has put on.

George Mulligan said, he's a hell of a nice guy.

John Hertz: Because of him that Hertz considers himself a member of Christian fandom.

Hare: Before he became President for a while, he was Science Monitor. Christian has always done well at keeping track of interesting things to know.

Christian was given three rousing cheers and a bridge to bain.

The Committee to Gouge did not operate.

Onward to New Business (none), Old Business (none)

Time Bound Announcements

Marty Massoglia announced the half-price sale at his store next week. Cards may be found on the table.

Darnell Coleman announced Tony Curtis will be at the Northridge Borders this weekend.

Karen Anderson announced that the Ingmar Bergman production of The Magic Flute will show at the Egyptian Tuesday evening

Committee Reports


Elayne says it's a new year. Give money.

Charlie Jackson reminded one and all that if the deadbolt is thrown, turn the knob to pull it back in. Leaving it out damages lock, door, frame. We also have a library, with a collection of videos for LASFS members to borrow. Remember to bring them back. No program tonight or next week.

Mike Thorsen: Tomorrow night, no open house, this being the start of 2009, we're curtailing lightly attended things. Open house is 1st and 3rd Fridays.

Matthew Tepper announced Gruppo Sub Conscious will be performing at Hallenbeck General Store tomorrow.

Mike Thorsen announced Cinema Anime, the board meeting, and Second Sunday – We've had the front repaved. Please don't park there. We need to give it time to set. After Sunday, it should be OK. After they remove the rope, it should be OK.

Once again, we've had some rearrangements to scheduled monthly events. If you showed up Sunday to attend TRIPE, sorry. Tripe is now First Saturday of odd-numbered months. Estrogen Zone is first Saturday of even-numbered months.

Science report: Karen Anderson read to us about Gamma Ray Bursts. The NASA Swift satellite noticed the burst, and within minutes two optical scopes had turned to observe it. In less than 15 minutes, a low-resolution spectrophotometer at Keck observatory determined the burst was 11 billion light years away. Thanks to the intensity of the burst, scientists were able to learn about the molecular composition of the gas in early stellar nurseries.


Charlie Jackson reviewed cartoon on the Toon and Disney channels: ”Phineas and Ferb” a series about two brothers trying to come up with stuff to do during summer vacation. Perry the Platypus is featured as a secret agent. The counterplot involves an older sister who tries to rat them out to their mother. The cartoons are surprisingly funny. They're on at least 5 hours a day between the two channels.

Michelle Pincus found a nifty book: The Pirate Primer. It's a dictionary giving historical, movie, and literary references for pirate talk. Matthew Tepper asked, what's the first listing under “R” – Actually, it's not arranged like that. But chapter 15 is “Arrgh”.

Thorsen asked, do they explain all the permutations of the meaning of the word “Parlay”? Actually, I'm told it's more of a guideline.

She also reviewed The Curious Tale of Benjamin Button. [book][graphic novel] It's not long enough, but it's very well done.

Scott Beckstead reviewed the BCS all star game. The game was pretty ordinary. However, the technology used to broadcast it in 3-D is neat. A company called 3ality has the technology for cameras that capture 3D in real time. Tonight, the game was broadcast to some 90 theaters.

Fannish Committee Reports



David Wong: Star Trek is a prequel to original series. Some liberties were taken with details. Word is out, Disney has green-lighted a prequel to 20000 Leagues Under the Sea.

We adjourned at 21:00:30

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