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June Moffatt: March, 2018
     Moffatt (Poulsen) (Konigsberg), June --  Joined LASFS -- 08/19/1948
     Facebook posts by Bob Konigsberg, June's son (newest on top)


    On March 11th,Charles Lee Jackson II wrote 

Tom Khamis and I went down to visit June Moffatt today. She's alert but weary; in fact, as well as I've seen her at the end of a convention day. Still bed-ridden, and having trouble when she tries to get up, but anxious to do that very thing. We stayed for about an hour, leaving when June was beginning to get sleepy, and had a very nice conversation -- several, in fact -- and left with both of us, *and* June, cheered by the visit.


    On Monday, March 5th, Bob Konigsberg wrote:  "Hello Everyone,
    "We have decided that the best way to handle visitors is to ask you to call June's home phone number (562) 861-8983 to see if it's OK to visit. If you get the answering machine, it means that we are busy tending to her, and it's NOT OK at that moment. If one of the caregivers or I answer the phone, then we will let you know if it is OK. If you leave a message, we will try to get back to you, but cannot promise to do so.
    "Visiting hours will be limited to between 12:00 noon and 10:00 p.m.
    "Please understand that things may come up, and her care will take priority over your visit. I apologize in advance for that, but that is how it has to be."     Bob Konigsberg posted on Facebook on Wednesday, February 28th, 5 PM:  "For all of June's friends, she asked me to post here that she is still alive. She is in the hospital right now though, so I will try to update here as I can."

     On Saturday, March 3rd, Bob Konigsberg wrote:  "Thanks for all the good wishes. They have been passed on to her. (Or will be when she wakes up in the morning)

      "She is doing much better now at home after 2 scary visits to the ER in the last week for bleeding. She had a good appetite today and was in good spirits. There are still issues, but nothing threatening, and the smaller issues are being dealt with as we encounter them.

       "For those of you who have asked about visiting, we are waiting to make sure she's stable. I will update her page here once we are sure of that, and once she feels up to receiving visitors."


     On Thursday, March 1st, Bob Konigsberg wrote, "Things are not good, she has had serious internal bleeding, and we will be talking to the hospice people. Sad to say, there are very few options left at this point that would not cause her more suffering . We will be taking her back home in the next day or two."  He also posted, "Our (Bob, Caty, Jay) Mom is currently at the local hospital, but is coming home tomorrow (Friday 3/2/18) to be placed in hospice care at home.She had been taken to the local hospital twice in the last week for serious internal bleeding. But with two episodes in a week for the same problem, we have been forced to choose between hospice care, and a traumatic surgery. We have chosen to keep her comfortable and to enjoy and appreciate her as long as we can."

Mark Poliner:  March, 2018

Mark posted on Facebook on March 28th

Episode 246 of My Adventure With Cancer

As we left our Intrepid Hero – two weeks ago I was measured and marked for the radiation therapy. Yesterday I went back for adjustments and tattoos for the alignment of the x-ray machine. I begin the treatment on 4/2.

During the time I will be treated, I will be living at a Kaiser apartment near the hospital. It will allow me easy access (1 block walk) to the facility, and close to work (Hollywood to Century City). It will cut out a lot of traffic and stress.

To recap last week’s cliffhanger --
Good News – I had an endoscope & colonoscopy last week. The results show the ulcer has healed.
Bad News – the enlarged spleen made it impossible to complete the colon scope.

Eylat Poliner commented: He is not allowed visitors in the radiation room, he is allowed visitors at the apartment and home

Mark Poliner commented:   Visitors are more than welcome and always appreciated.
Kitchen -- according to the brochure I was given, there ain't much in the way of kitchen supplies or cooking gadgets. It is suggesting having "a small kitchen appliance."  Looking to borrow an electric burner and small microwave.

Mark posted on Facebook on March 17th:

TO ALL MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY:  Irradiation and the Oncologist.

This week I am feeling very irradiated. Tues I had a CT, Wed a PET, and Thurs another CT scan. This last scan was to plan the radiation treatment.

They put me in the CT, started aiming the beam where it needed to be, and then drew crosshatches all over my belly. With a Sharpie.

I go back on the 27th for ANOTHER CT scan to make sure the first aiming was correct. They will then replace the Sharpie with tattoos.

In other news, Eylat has come down with a cold and Anna has stomach issues.
Eylat has been the caretaker of this madhouse since I was diagnosed. She has been selfless and sympathetic to my issues. Huge shout-out to her.


Mark posted on Facebook on March 7th: 

I am going to need radiation. The oncologist said this should be a low dose treatment. I will be getting daily treatments over 18 days (except for weekends).

This week has been rough. Sunday I spent most of the day asleep, missing a visit from Martin Young. Monday and yesterday I had to leave work early due to dizzyness and chemo brain. Yesterday I was not able to concentrate on anything.
Today I am still very dizzy but have some energy to work and focus. I might need another transfusion.

Next week I am going to have a CT scan on Tues, a PET on Wed, and another CT on Thurs. The 2nd CT is for the radiation doctor to design my treatment. I am f***king scared.

My prognosis is still good. At this stage, I am looking at a 5 year survival of 70% after the radiation.



Mark posted on Facebook on March 6th:  TO ALL MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY:  My Continuing Saga with Cancer
Last week I received the 6th full chemo treatment. Supposedly this is the full R-CHOP treatment. I am scheduled for a CT and PET scan next week. I am still waiting for the endoscope to see how the ulcer is doing.
I am being referred to a radiation oncologist to discuss radiation options. I thought the chemo was the regular protocol, without radiation. Apparently not. I have been fortunate to avoid the nausea from the chemo, with the radiation I know I will be tossing cookies.

Eylat Poliner posted on March 5th:  Mark Poliner:  six chemo treatments are done. We have an appointment to see the radiation specialist on Wednesday. Pending the results of a CT scan / pet scan on the 13 and 14 Mark may need more treatments. We won't know until we see the doctor on the 19th. I'm super anxious.




Milt Stevens:  see Memorials
September 29, 2017:  Milt Stevens had a medical emergency (no details) and was admitted to a hospital.
     Posed on Facebook by Karl Lembke (September 29, 2017): 
     Milt is currently in Intensive Care at the Woodland Hills Kaiser Permanente. I'm not sure if he's terribly lucid right now. Visiting hours are noon to 8PM. Only one visitor at a time is allowed in the room at one time.
    There are two people who are cleared to receive information from the hospital about Milt's condition, and they both know who they are.  If you don't know you're one of those two, don't bother asking the hospital.


Francis Hamit:  (seen on Facebook on October 17, 2016):  Went into the West Los Angeles Veterans Administration hospital for a total replacement of his right hip on September 27th. With no wi-fi available he had to resort to handwritten messages handed off to Associate Producer Gavin Claypool to keep the film on track for meetings at the American Film Market in Santa Monica next month. He also celebrated (?) his 72nd birthday there and wrote some additional dialog for the screenplay.

Norman Spinrad is now blogging "At Large."

John & Perdita Boardman are now in an assisted living facility.  Their daughter writes (May 15, 2010, relayed through Mark Blackman)::

[John] is doing quite well in his new situation [in a cottage]....He still naps during the day as walking wears him out a bit, but nothing like sleeping all day. He has people coming in three times a day to help him check his blood sugar and to ensure he gets his meds. He goes to the dining hall twice a day for lunch and dinner (where they keep to his diet plan for him) which he must go outside to walk to so he is getting that exercise daily. He is currently escorted to ensure he can make it safely. He eats breakfast at home.

He is walking very well, and been using the cane more often than the walke...Twice a week they have trivia at the community building...he enjoyed that immensely and plans to attend in the future. I saw a few other activities on the calendar that he circled so he looks to be making plans. He is going to the doctor Monday, where they will evaluate his diabetes. His sugar has been up and down, generally running higher than lower, but he did drop to 60 once.

My mom Perdita is doing the best that can be expected. She is in [a] room a short distance from my father's cottage. She remains in a very confused state.  Her long term memory -- say pre-90s -- is pretty good though it does show significant gaps. She forgot she had grandchildren. Her intelligence is still very strongly intact. However, the short term is completely gone in every aspect. When my father goes to see her it is the first time she has seen him in forever each time and she gets very emotional. I wish there was a way to have them together but her need for 24 care and his need for independence really make that impossible.

We set up John's computer yesterday so I will try to see if he will focus on getting something typed up....His e-mail will be set up this weekend, and we'll attempt to teach him how to use it shortly afterwards.
I will definitely be taking him to BaltiCon [May28-31] on the Sat of the Con,probably arriving sometime after lunch and stay as late as he can manage. I plan to take him to his place to sleep that night. We'll see how tired he is, if he can manage Sunday for any amount of time.

BTW his physical mailing address is:
John Boardman
5820 Genesis Lane Unit 508
Frederick MD 21703

He still has his cell phone (718-736-4901) which would be a local call for New Yorkers.
His land line number is expected to be 240-575-9455.

Mike Glicksohn wrote on April 22nd  ""After three weeks of physical and mental anxiety, I've learned that the bone biopsy on my left hip came back positive for cancer,

"So at the end of April, I'll have a cystoscopy to check my bladder and prostate, then early in May will meet with my oncologist, and ventually will have a full course of chemotherapy."


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