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Milt Stevens:  see Memorials
September 29, 2017:  Milt Stevens had a medical emergency (no details) and was admitted to a hospital.
     Posed on Facebook by Karl Lembke (September 29, 2017): 
     Milt is currently in Intensive Care at the Woodland Hills Kaiser Permanente. I'm not sure if he's terribly lucid right now. Visiting hours are noon to 8PM. Only one visitor at a time is allowed in the room at one time.
    There are two people who are cleared to receive information from the hospital about Milt's condition, and they both know who they are.  If you don't know you're one of those two, don't bother asking the hospital.


Francis Hamit:  (seen on Facebook on October 17, 2016):  Went into the West Los Angeles Veterans Administration hospital for a total replacement of his right hip on September 27th. With no wi-fi available he had to resort to handwritten messages handed off to Associate Producer Gavin Claypool to keep the film on track for meetings at the American Film Market in Santa Monica next month. He also celebrated (?) his 72nd birthday there and wrote some additional dialog for the screenplay.

Norman Spinrad is now blogging "At Large."

John & Perdita Boardman are now in an assisted living facility.  Their daughter writes (May 15, 2010, relayed through Mark Blackman)::

[John] is doing quite well in his new situation [in a cottage]....He still naps during the day as walking wears him out a bit, but nothing like sleeping all day. He has people coming in three times a day to help him check his blood sugar and to ensure he gets his meds. He goes to the dining hall twice a day for lunch and dinner (where they keep to his diet plan for him) which he must go outside to walk to so he is getting that exercise daily. He is currently escorted to ensure he can make it safely. He eats breakfast at home.

He is walking very well, and been using the cane more often than the walke...Twice a week they have trivia at the community building...he enjoyed that immensely and plans to attend in the future. I saw a few other activities on the calendar that he circled so he looks to be making plans. He is going to the doctor Monday, where they will evaluate his diabetes. His sugar has been up and down, generally running higher than lower, but he did drop to 60 once.

My mom Perdita is doing the best that can be expected. She is in [a] room a short distance from my father's cottage. She remains in a very confused state.  Her long term memory -- say pre-90s -- is pretty good though it does show significant gaps. She forgot she had grandchildren. Her intelligence is still very strongly intact. However, the short term is completely gone in every aspect. When my father goes to see her it is the first time she has seen him in forever each time and she gets very emotional. I wish there was a way to have them together but her need for 24 care and his need for independence really make that impossible.

We set up John's computer yesterday so I will try to see if he will focus on getting something typed up....His e-mail will be set up this weekend, and we'll attempt to teach him how to use it shortly afterwards.
I will definitely be taking him to BaltiCon [May28-31] on the Sat of the Con,probably arriving sometime after lunch and stay as late as he can manage. I plan to take him to his place to sleep that night. We'll see how tired he is, if he can manage Sunday for any amount of time.

BTW his physical mailing address is:
John Boardman
5820 Genesis Lane Unit 508
Frederick MD 21703

He still has his cell phone (718-736-4901) which would be a local call for New Yorkers.
His land line number is expected to be 240-575-9455.

Mike Glicksohn wrote on April 22nd  ""After three weeks of physical and mental anxiety, I've learned that the bone biopsy on my left hip came back positive for cancer,

"So at the end of April, I'll have a cystoscopy to check my bladder and prostate, then early in May will meet with my oncologist, and ventually will have a full course of chemotherapy."


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