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from a second fan who wishes to be anonymous
commenting on "What Have YOU Done (to help the LASFS lately)?" 


First, I think the diatribe needs to go under OpEd, NOT Members.

While the aside about chewing in the third paragraph is a true description of many of the fans I know, I still find it insulting, but cannot fix another person's opinion.

I am REALLY insulted by the female respect line. ["Think of The Glory That Could Be Yours! Respect! Admiration! Female respect and awe!"]

As a rant, it is one.  BUT it is an Opinion/Editorial, not official Lasfs unless passed by the board or recognized by the President or Chairman (or written by them)


Staff Comment:  I ran the original article past the Editorial Board and got a request to leave it where it was but put this comment into the TalkFest. 

    Any other comments?

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