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We will have a special guest speaker at the meeting of September 4th, actress Suzie Plakson . Her specific connection with science fiction includes her having played four different aliens on various iterations of "Star Trek." (I have fond memories of her providing the voice for Monica DiVertebrae, a lady brontosaurus and real estate agent on "Dinosaurs!") Naturally, that's only part of her resume.

In order to accommodate Miss Plakson's schedule, CL (Charles Lee Jackson, the Second) has asked President Michael Thorsen for a prompt call-to-order at 8:00 p.m., and change in the order of the meeting, recessing to the program after Special Orders of Business. I am told Mr. Thorsen has agreed to this adjustment.

This also means that this honest working actress, who might well have some lines to go over before an early call the next morning, won't have to endure the insanity that we enact amongst ourselves. Which includes the only regularly-scripted portion of the meeting, the reading of the Menace. Ah well, and here I was hoping she would give me some notes on my delivery. (The material is beyond help.) Of course, she could stick around if she feels like it.

Miss Plakson has also asked that there be no photographs, and no requests for autographs. She already has commitments for same with professional events and shows, so let's honor her wishes.

If Miss Plakson, or her representatives, or anybody higher than me in the club hierarchy (and let's face it, who isn't?) asks me to take down this notice for any reason, I'll do so. I just thought this would be helpful.