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Actually, the LASFS By-laws and the LASFS Standing Rules both define Patron Friend and Patron Saint.   I have now tweaked the Patron Saints page to indicate where both are found, though using the site search bar might also be helpful. 


LASFS Standing Rules

12. Patron Friend donation amount is $300.00. *
13. Patron Saint donation amount is $1,000.00. *


LASFS By-laws

Article VII Miscellaneous

Section 1.  Finances

Donors to the Society shall be referred to as Friends of the LASFS, and shall receive certificates according to the following classes:

  1. a first amount shall make one an Associate Friend of the LASFS;
  2. a second amount shall make one a Supporting Friend of the LASFS;
  3. a third amount shall make one a Patron Friend of the LASFS;
  4. a fourth amount shall make one a Patron Saint of the LASFS;
  5. a fifth amount shall make one a Sacred Object of the LASFS.

Patron Friends are entitled to receive all Society publications free of charge. Each Patron Saint shall receive an individual engraved plaque, and may designate a meeting, from the first through the possible 53rd Society meeting of the year, to be set-aside in his honor....






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