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APA-L #1



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1. Dian Pelz (Crayne) 
4. Tom Gilbert
7. Dave Hulan
2. Bruce Pelz
5. Len Bailes
8. Bjo Trimble
3. Fred Patten 6. Jack Harness
9. Milt Stevens

Group 1:  Luise Petti (Perrin), Neal Reynolds, Hilda Hoffman, Ed Baker, Paul Turner, Fred Hollander, Lyn Stier, Durk Pearson, Don Simpson, Dave Fox, Phil Castora

Group 2:  At front table:  Phil Castora, Dian Pelz (Crayne), Bill Ellern.  Along wall:  Bill Rotsler, Jerry Pournelle, Bruce Pelz, Katya Hulan (Kathy Stevens), Bjo Trimble, Dwain Kaiser.  Seated:  Paul Turner, Larry Niven, Barry Gold, Luise Petti (Perrin) Fred Hollander,Hilda Hoffman (Eclare Hannifen), Dave Fox, Len Bailes, Durk Pearson, Bill Ellern.

Group 3: Dian Pelz (Crayne), Phil Castora, Durk Pearson, Lyn Stier, guest, Fred Hollander, Barry Gold, Betty Knight, Helen Urban, Jerry Pournelle, Hilda Hoffman (Eclare Hannifen), Luise Petti (Perrin) Larry Niven

Collation Photos:  1&3: Fred Patten, 4: Milt Stevens, Fred Patten, Mike Klassen, Bill Glass

Group and Collation shots taken at LASFS Meeting no. 1469, on October 7, 1965.  The Distribution being assembled is no. 51.

The front and back photocovers for this First Anniversary Distribution of Apa-L were prepared by Ted Johnstone, who took the photos, developed them, and laid out the format; and by Fred Whitledge, who had the cover printed.  Many thanks to the both of them.


 APA-L Bacover



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Dan Alderson Luise Petti (Perrin) Ed Baker
Hank (Jean Marie) Stine
John Trimble
Bill Blackbeard
Mike Klassen Don Simpson
Ellie Turner
Fred Hollander
Hilda Hoffman (Eclare Hannifen)
Durk Pearson
Katya Hulan (Kathy Stevens) Phil Saliln
Phil Castora
* Reserved for all those APA-L contributors whose photos we could not get
Ed Cox
Fred Whitledge
Al Lewis Owen Hannifen
Jayn (Jane) Ellern (Gallion)
Katwen Trimble

Ted     Johnstone

(David McDaniel)     

Betty Knight
Barbara May
Bill Rotsler
Lyn Stier
Barry Gold
Don Fitch



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