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If anyone emails a gif or jpg to Webmaster, I can import it onto the website.

The gif or jopg should be the same size it'll be on the webpage. 

Barry wrote me:  "We have two types of photos:
    "1. Those that will be displayed inline in the webpage (e.g., as illos of  what we're talking about).  These should be no bigger than 470x440 pixels, so they will fit into the central column.
    "2. Those that will be displayed by themselves, with a smaller version on the webpage as an hint of what you will see.  These may be any size (well, ideally not more than, say 250K bytes), and we should have smaller thumbnails to put into the main site. Probably most of these will go into our "scrapbook,", those thumbnails should be 98x98.  Those that are going to go next to text on a main page should be no bigger than 170x70."



Last Updated ( Sunday, 20 July 2008 )