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Mike, you ask about whether it's cheating to use pre-made incredients in your chili, saying that you don't make your own gelatin from hooves, or draw your own cream.  Watch Iron Chef America sometime.  When they need gelatin, they take out pre-made sheets and dissolve them in warm water.  When they need hot sauce it comes from a bottle; cream comes from a carton.  There's only so much they can do in 1 hour, after all.  I've seen them use canned tomato paste, catsup and even canned soda as ingredients.  (Cat Cora used what was clearly cans of Coke as part of a mixture she was cooking a ham in when ham was the key ingredient.)  If they can do it, why can't you?


The only time I know of that canned chili was in the contest was the first year.  That's because Bob Nul was planning to open a can of chili for an afternoon snack, a few others offered to bring some home made and it suddenly morphed into a contest, with the Hormel included for contrast.  If it's ever been done since, I didn't know.

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