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Mike Thorsen asked "at what point does the use of premade food-grade substances cease to be cheating?"


For me -- and for others whose interest in a recipe is being able to use it to cook something  that tastes good -- the issue is whether the recipe will still be usable in years to come.  


My mother gave me some recipes that require ingredients that I used to be able to buy routinely but that are no longer being made.  There are other ingredients that I now have to buy on the Web instead of being able to buy routinely in supermarkets.  And still others that aren't quite the same. 


Mike, if you have a recipe that specifies a can of something, please mention how many ounces are in the can, so in later years the cook realizes that the recipe may need rebalancing if the manufacturer has changed the product.


I am looking for something that approximates "Bor-do-Lays Sauce" (a dark garlicky liquid, with no horseradish, which seems to have been what the Wikipedia article called a "New Orleans bordelaise" as opposed to a "French bordelaise").   

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