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The motion to amend the LASFS, Inc election procedures has passed and the new procedure will be used for the board elections in November and the procedural elections in December.

Welcome to the LASFS website.  Visitors please see our Welcome Message.

Zoom LASFS Meetings will be held by Matthew Tepper while California's "Shelter at Home" rules are in force. Contact Matthew by email or Facebook for information. Dues can be paid by Paypal to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Proposed change to the LASFS Standing Rules:
Resolved, that Standing Rule 21, Section B, Paragraph 1 be replaced by the following:       
          1. A Loscon bid must designate those who will serve as chairman, treasurer, hotel liaison, and webmaster.
This proposed rules change will be voted on at the LASFS meetings of February 18th and February 25th. Discussion on the 18th only.

For more information about LASFS, email This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or call (818) 246-2552.
The (unofficial) LASFS newsletter is De Profundis.

Upcoming Events
The meeting starts around 8 PM and last about an hour.
  1. January 28 - no program - (LASFFS meeting)
  2. February 4 - February 4 - Kim Steadman - (LASFS meeting)
  3. February 11 - no program - (LASFS meeting)
  4. February 18 -Discussion of proposed Change to the Standing Rules - (LASFS meeting)
  5. February 25 -Vote on proposed Change to the Standing Rule - (LASFS meeting)
  6. March 4 - no program - (LASFS meeting)
  7. March 11 - no program - (LASFS meeting)
  8. Marh 18 - no program - (LASFS meeting)
  9. March 25 - voting on Loscon bid(s) = (LASFS meeting)

  1. LASFS Youtube -- - Please Subscribe
Member UpdatesLuise Perrin (November, 2020), Don Fitch (January, 2019),
Dan Goodman (March 25, 2020), Ken Rowand (April 12, 2020), Richard A. Lupoff (October 22, 2020), Amy Carpenter (November 17, 2020), Peter J. Greenwood (January 8, 2021) 
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