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Parking Notice for July 29:  Due to commercial filming near the clubhouse on July 29, parking for the next LASFS meeting may be affected. No parking will be permitted that day on the north side of Aetna St. from the entrance of MTA Park/Ride SE Lot 1 to a point 150 feet east. Since there is more than one entrance to the lot, our guess is that it means Aetna from the entrance nearest us to Tyrone Ave. Of course, no parking is permitted there after 9 p.m. anyway, so its direct effect should be minimal.  Our other street parking and the MTA lot may be impacted by the shoot, due to normal parking patterns being disrupted, but since the shooting location is over half a mile from the clubhouse, we don't anticipate a serious problem.  If they wrap early, you may not notice it at all. (provided by Gavin Claypool, LASFS Comptroller)Welcome to our website.

Visitors please see our Welcome Message.

LASFS Location:   6012 Tyrone Ave , Van Nuys, CA 91401
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Memorials:  Anne Morrel
  • Hugo Nominees available for reading in the Library.

LASFS meets every Thursday evening, starting around 8 PM, but there's stuff happening at the clubhouse starting at 6 PM.  Click the start of this paragraph to find out about the restaurant "aftermeeting."


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