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(July 27) There is no water in the  kitchen and conversation area*. A pipe under the building sprung a leak during FWEMS, so we had the DMV come out and turn off the water. It will be off until we can get a plumber to repair the pipe. This is expected to take at least a week. The meeting room area does have water.
(July 30)  The water problem is supposed to be repaired the morning of Saturday, August 2nd.  Don't come to the clubhouse on Saturday until after 1:30 PM .  It'll be closed.

*This means the kitchen and back bathroom will be out of order.

Welcome to our website.  Visitors please see our Welcome Message.

LASFS Location:   6012 Tyrone Ave , Van Nuys, CA 91401
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Standing Rule Change:   Per Standing Rule #4, membership application is now $10. Starting March 1, 2014, children under the age of 13 who attend LASFS are not obliged to join.

Upcoming Events
  • July 31st Film director Steve Latshaw (speech) (LASFS meeting)
  • August 7th John DeChancie (speech) (LASFS meeting)
  • August 14th Tom Khamis presents "Uncle Forry's AckerMansions" (video) (LASFS meeting)
  • August 21st Auction (LASFS meeting)
  • August 24th, 2 PM FWEMS (the last of 2014):  Tribute to 1939
  • August 28th 'Creating a Fantasy World" (Discussion with S P Hendrick, Robert Seutter, Maggie Secara) (LASFS meeting)

The Official Manual for Spice Cadets is now available on Kindle.

What's New on the LASFS Website

LASFS meets every Thursday evening, starting around 8 PM, but there's stuff happening at the clubhouse starting at 6 PM.  Click the start of this paragraph to find out about the restaurant "aftermeeting."


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