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The LASFS website lets us share our information and opinions.using a content management system named Joomla!.

Once you're a registered user, and the Editorial Board has upgraded you to author, you can put up material on the LASFS website. Or you can ask the Webmaster to put it up for you. 

See the User's Guide  for further details or just click an option on the User's Menu on the right..

  • Submit Eavesdropping lets you mention something interesting or amusing you saw at a LASFS meeting.
  • Submit Link lets you post links to webpages that aren't already on the Links (Sorted) webpage.
  • Submit Review lets you review a book, magazine, movie, television show, graphic novel/comic, or website. You may also just mention a new publication you recently found or recommend something (old or new) as worth looking for.
  • Submit TalkFest opens the door to the Discussion Corners. If you don't see a suitable corner for what you feel like talking about, go to the bottom menu and write Webmaster, and a new corner will be up soon.  If you want to discuss this new website, write the LAFS Website Feedback discussion corner.

Other (More Complex) Stuff has to get done by the Webmaster.  That includes
Creating new menu items you can post to
Importing images or pdfs you can link to
Referencing new messages on the Home Page or other menu pages
Solving registration and login problems for the website.  (Contact the Forum Administrator if you have problems registering or logging in for the LASFS Forum.)


Help Your Webmaster Help You
1) If you’ve got an announcement that’s time-sensitive, please get it to the Webmaster as soon as possible -- and remember to mention when it expires.  We’d love to provide 24 hour turnaround, but can’t guarantee it.  Stuff happens.  In particular, Friday after sunset till Saturday after sunset happens, and we don’t do work then.  We also tend to be busy on the 20th-22nd of each month.
2) There is limited room on the home page.  And ideally ALL the important stuff on the home page should appear on the reader's very first screen. If you have an announcement for the home page, please start it with a short title plus a sentence or two so the rest of the announcement can appear on another page or lower down on the home page.
3) Double-check.  After the Webmaster notifies you that your announcement has been put up, look at it, and if it’s not what you wanted, reply and mention that -- as soon as possible.
4) Forum:  Click This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it if you want to email that official directly about any trouble you're having registering for the Forum.  Or email the Webmaster and send your Forum Registration Name and a bit of your fannish background.


Last Updated ( Wednesday, 04 February 2015 )

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