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After the 1632 "Ring of Fire" series, you probably wondered at some time what the folks back in the good ol’ U.S. of A. of the 20th century thought. And the first thing that occurred to you was an Al Qaeda terrorist plot, right?  Fear not! Some determined scientists are on the case trying to analyze the phenomenon, and when another time displacement event takes an entire maximum-security prison away from the banks of the Mississippi, they are out in force gathering clues, analyzing, and finally naming the event a time spike. 

Meanwhile, the prison tumbles in time even further back than Grantville did to the Cretaceous period.  Yes, that means dinosaurs.  Apparently, some people from other times are dragged along in their wake as well.  Even though most of the action centers on the prison guards and their charges, a sprinkling of Trail of Tears Cherokees, Spanish Conquistadors, and ancient Mound natives provide other characters and challenges to the group.

This is a light and entertaining summer read, if you can get past the slow start where the two groups are introduced: the prison and the scientists. I find that switching back and forth is annoying, personally, but it is so common in books nowadays, that most people ignore the distraction.  Just like the series before it, there are some very endearing characters, and lots of old fashioned fighting.  The potential for far more books is definitely there, as well. People who like a lot of science in their science fiction will enjoy the liberal sprinkling of geology, botany, chemistry, biology, and physics (even though the last suffers some serious bending). Good historical notes are also included with some often overlooked but accurate information about American Native Indian

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