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George Van Wagner presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

President George called LASFS to order at 20:11:42.

Special Orders of Business:

The Imperator of Wrecks had no special orders to announce.

The Menace were read and approved. The offered approvals were "take that, NASA" and "Galactose intolerant".

Ed Green auctioned off the right to choose which of two approvals. The winner was, "one wedding and a funeral"

The Registrar: We have both a registrar and a guest – Megan, who is interested in all aspects of SF, and visiting from Columbia, MO. She will be moving into the area if we don't scare her off.

Tonight's Patron Saint:

Doug Abe, whose name was beautifully pronounced by our President.

Joe Zeff: The only time the two met was last year, on his saints night, when he showed up and gave away used paperback books.

Vanessa spoke to him this week. He said hello, and his main fanac is trying to make it here on his saints night.

Len: he was among a few who was known as a human wallet. He's a very quiet man. Len would ask him to stand up and tell what he was doing each time he was honored. That was the only time he was ever heard to speak at any length.

Scratch: He's a nice guy, gave us money.

Karen: The books he gave away were of good quality.

Three Cheers and some really good yard sale finds for his store...

Committee to Gouge: auctioned off some stuff, including stuff brought back by Karen Anderson, and a vial of spider scents.

Old Business: None

New business: None

Committee Reports

FWEMS this month is to be the first of a two-part-er, Films of Roger Korman, from the 50s. 2 PM, 4th Sunday, until 10-11 or so. We will soon begin a new serial, Secret Agent X-9, 1937.

Mike Thorsen had two: Saturday is Estrogen Zone, having selected films we like to call Mark of Caine: Films showcasing Michael Caine, and anyone who dares to be on screen with him. 1:30 – end. On Sunday, TRIPE, with no set program. Noon - last person runs screaming into the night.

Programming committee has a change in the July schedule. 7-15 – Tim Powers will come by and talk to the club. Tonight, the next in our series of lectures on Einstein's theories and the Quantum Revolution.

Joe Zeff announced that we're unlikely to have enough mana to cast a Summon Magic Tournament spell. Maybe next Friday.

Francis Hamit: Yesterday was the 15th anniversary of Leigh Strother-vien's moving in and becoming business partner, etc.

Time-Bound Announcements

Jerry Pournelle approached the board to write a URL. < There is some nasty malware that was affecting people. The KGB has shut the site down. If you don't have a high speed connection, it doesn't matter. IE was designed to be extensible, and some folks figured out how to take advantage of that. If you run SP2 on XP, it's taken care of. But it's a good idea to look in at that URL from time to time.

George Van Wagner: those concerned about safe computing and privacy: Court has decided it's legal for ISPs to read e-mail that passes through them. There are open source versions of PGP available.

Matthew Tepper: After helping the Rothsteins with clean-up, will be at loose ends. The cat doesn't talk as interestingly as Allan did.


Jeff reviewed Spiderman 2. It was absolutely fantastic, better than the first.

Francis Hamit reviewed an alien contact movie masquerading as a mainstream piece: Terminal, Tom Hanks. Story based on a man who loses his passport and nationality, and has to adapt to circumstances.

Mike Thorsen mirrored Jeff's review of SM2. It was astounding, and a very good use of 2:20. Only dissatisfaction was why bother having secret ID if you take off mask every time you get to the top of a building.

Leigh: HP 3: left out a few critical lines. It helps to have read the book, and it's thoroughly enjoyable.

Kyla: They got a real director, and this film puts the other films to shame.

JP: Seconds all said about HP3. Plot points are missing, and are assumed to be there. At best, if you blink, you miss them.

Hare: Read Ringworld's children. Only complaint: too much background, but otherwise, enjoyed immensely. Larry says this will be the last Ringworld book. He's said that about every Ringworld book so far.

Tadao: Anyone selling 2 Westercon memberships, Terry Brussel Gibbons is looking to buy.

Scratch saw three movies: Harry P, Shreck 2, Day after tomorrow. Two good ones and a bummer – JP. Young lady he was with wanted to see 2 more. Scratch had to get some sleep.

Bill Ellern: Nasa TV had a panel discussing photographs of Saturn. One person used term Ring Scientist, which leads to Ring Engineers.

CLJII noted, "Harry Potter 3, Spider Man 2, in ten innings."

Phil Castora: Good idea to remember that the ephemeris program NASA used to tell which way to point cameras was product of Dan Alderson. Until recently, all rockets going beyond moon was guided by TRAM, Dan's program.

Jerry Pournelle: No space craft inside the solar system navigates without using Dan's low thrust trajectory program. Also: rings – F rings' anomaly is gone. Edges of some ring divisions are scalloped. It's not an artifact of the image. There's something looking like straw in one of the rings. Other rings have wood and brick...

Brett Achorn: A day with *** Robinson: a story about a young orphan with a knack for inventing. Fun movie, fun characters. Should be out 2007.

Karl reviewed Allan Rothstein's funeral

Fannish Committee Reports

Bob Null: Westways Magazine has Batmobile and Bronson cavern as a lead in for TV shooting locations you can visit.

Hare: It was hard to get here from Hollywood because of the AFI filming: Hare got caught in the mess when he got out of the theater, seeing Harry Potter. If you hear something's being taped at the Kodak theater, avoid the Hollywood freeway and avoid Hollywood itself altogether. Also, note that the day of any filming is likely to be Thursday.

Don Wenner reported on some new ways to commit murder and mayhem. Some kids around the club have been trying to zap helicopter pilots with laser pointers. That's a felony.

There was someone here last week who boasted about turning his laser on helicopters.


Ed Green: Those going to Westercon: Loscon 31 is partying Saturnight. Sunnight will be LA 2006. Frinight will be a To Be Announced Project.

George Van Wagner: William Basil Armstrong 65 charged with robbing a Clark Mart. He gave up halfway through and had to have clerk run to his car for oxygen bottle.

Frank Waller has chips, cookies, pretzels, candy, trail mix, jerky, and occasionally breath mints and other stuff.

CLJII: half way through year, 183 days, 140 films, 194 for year.

George offered Condolulations.

Janis Olson announced her husband is taking the captain's exam at the fire department. Good thoughts are welcome

Hare: Larry Niven has dedicated the Ringworld book to all the firefighters who fought the fire in October.

The meeting adjourned at 21:17:33.

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