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George Van Wagner presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

The LASFS being fresh out of turtles, the voice of the lobster was heard across the clubhouse at 20:13:23.

Special Orders of Business: CLJII announced the premature demise of Richard Biggs, actor who played a doctor on Guiding Light, and was Stephen Franklin on some SF soap opera by JMS. Russ Hodgkins, member of First Fandom, at age 96, of natural causes – once a Director of LASFS, back when the club was more subject to direction (HAH!).

A moment of silence was held for these two individuals.

The Menace were read and approved as "punishing a dead audience".

The Registrar: Michelle Pincus introduced a Tom Severtson, Michelle's guest. We also have Melina Levecque, brought by her mom.

Tonight's Patron Saint:

A gentleman George never had the opportunity to meet, as he passed some three decades before George started showing up

Ed Baker

Karen Anderson met him only once, more than thirty years ago. The family was in town for a con, and stayed a night at the Slan Shack. She listened with some amazement while he and two or three other people debated for an hour or so on the subject of how to form a word in Esperanto

CLJII: Ed was Interesting in the Chinese sense. Too bad Phil Castora's not here, he knows all the good Ed Baker stories.

And he gave us money.

Three Cheers, and the traditional sheet of bulletproof glass. (Thank you Hagiographer)

Committee to Gouge: hobbled up to hawk some stuff.

Old Business: None!

New business: None!

Committee Reports

Marty Cantor urged one and all to pick up their De Profs and save the club money.

The plan is that next week will be the closing of the Fugghead of the Year contest. Bring lots of change to rig the results. Some fragrances worn to the club have produced allergic reactions in some members. Please try different fragrances until we drive out the right members.

Time-Bound Announcements

CLJII: Forrest J Ackerman announced that he attended the 30th annual Golden Saturn Awards banquet. Forry received the first Saturn award, and at this event, was presented with the eyepatch worn by Robert England in his movie. He's still out there kicking and acquiring stuff. He sends regards to the club.

Lane reported that the Craft Fair is approaching, a week from Saturday, to be held alongside Estrogen Zone.

George Van Wagner announced we have a program, a monthly round table on what people are reading now. Also, he has received an e-mail accepting charter members for SF Museum and Hall of Fame, basic membership $40, $10K will buy you Immortal status. The museum opens to the public on June 18, so the time to get charter memberships is limited.

Fred Patten announced that BayCon is taking place very soon. Califur, the new furry con is taking place this weekend, Friday to Sunday, Airport Hotel in Irvine. It replaces ConFurence, declared disbanded last year. Attendance may be in the low 100s. And as it happened, it was, in base 16 or 17. Also, this weekend, Pacific Media Expo, Anaheim Convention Center, featuring all kinds of Japanese and Asiatic popular culture in general.


Hare Hobbs reviewed three books by Catherine Asaro. He's finding them very enjoyable. Her books are a fast read, even with his dyslexia. It has an interesting treatment of telepathy and empathy, involving implanted computers. They are highly recommended.

CLJII was at a concert last night, Wilson Philips. The girl at the counter wanted to know "what's he done?". Since he was handicapped, he wound up in the VIP section, the only place where they could put someone who was unable to stand standing.

Hare commented that the most attractive member of the group had been China, but now she looks the worse for wear. Wendy Wilson is pregnant, and Carney Wilson was now the most attractive on the stage.

Mike Thorsen saw Shreck II, and it's well worth the full price, indeed, well worth several full prices. There may have been fifteen seconds when he wasn't ROFL-ing. And he didn't get sick of laughing.

Jeff is working his way through Rainbow Mars by Larry Niven. Very well done book. Grabs attention and doesn't let go.

Joe Zeff: Not to give spoilers, but remember Svetz the Time Traveler? Imagine what happens when he gets involved in a trip to Mars, using time travel. It's very strange, and very cleverly done.

CLJII: Yesterday's session of Algebra class. First half of class, took the final classroom test as practice. After finishing, half the people left the class, and missed Review. It was not a textbook review, as it wandered off into mathematical jokes.

Fannish Committee Reports

Joe Zeff had one: A brief report for committee for people unclear on the concept. On La Brea, they have a pair of signs over the street, obviously designed for traffic conditions. Now they're turned on, and just say "watch the road". Well, watch the road . org. They also have that sign on the new building at Hollywood and Highland.

German announced Fred Patten's new book, coming out in a few months.


George Van Wagner has a stupid crook report: police in Poughkeepsie NY reported on a man so upset at losing an Ebay auction he drove to the winner's home in NY from New Orleans to threaten him with a gun.

CLJII had a sad report. His movie total is only 140 – under par first time in 11 years.

The virtual Liz called for money.

The meeting adjourned at 21:00:01.

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