Meeting # 3484, May 20, 2004 PDF Print E-mail

George Van Wagner presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

President George Van Wagner presented meeting number 3484 to the upper crustacean at 20:13:02.

Special Orders of Business: We announce the passing of Tommy Farrel, sidekick and character actor in pictures, including "Pirates of the High Seas"; Anna Lee, who has been on the soap opera Port Charles. She was in "Bedlam", "The Ghost and Mrs Muir", "King Solomon's Mines" (1930s version), "In Like Flynt", and played the part of a witch in "Jack the Giant Killer"; Tony Randall known for the part of Felix Unger from the Odd Couple, the voice of a Gremlin in "Gremlins II", and the Operator in "Everything you wanted to know about sex but were afraid to ask", The Alphabet Murders, The Brass Bottle, The Seven Faces of Dr. Lao, and many others; Anthony Ainley, who played The Master in the last 5-6 seasons of the series, passed sometime last weekend.

For all of these notables, we had a moment of silence.

The Menace were read and approved as "These are the minutes that say 'nit'".

They were not approved as "kicking a dead nit", or as "not enough to reach orbit". (No, not "nit" enough to reach orbit)

The Registrar: introduced Danielle St Just, and Scott Dietzel, returning guest.

Tonight's Patron Saint:

We're back to people George isn't familiar with

Patron Saint Dee Dee Lavendar

Marty Cantor stated that DeeDee was first wife of Old Time Fan Roy Lavendar, who still lives in Long Beach and is an engineer. He was a nice person, and his wife was nicer.

JP stated that she was the mother hen of the club for a year or so. You went to her when you didn't know who to talk to about something.

Three Cheers, and Mauve-l Toss

Committee to Gouge: sent in the clones.

Old Business: None!

New business: None!

Committee Reports

CLJII has an important one: Sunday is the fourth Sunday. Thus, we have FWEMS. There will even be one with Charlie's favorite Harryhausen critter – a crab, probably not named "buster".

Ed Green had his usual three reports: Loscon 31 meets Saturday at noon. That's the day after tomorrow, not the day after yesterday or the day after the day after...

The plate was passed to acquire the spire...

Fugghead standings were announced.

Dr. Az announced the Craft Fair and bake sale coming up on the 5th of June...

Time-Bound Announcements

Doug Crepeau announced that the former Cinerama dome was now green with two Shreck ears sticking out of the top.

Hare Hobbs – LASFS member on News – Selina Phanara has had her car illegally towed, and is being interviewed by news on topic. She's getting her 15 minutes of fame this week, three minutes at a time.

George Van Wagner announced Fred Lazzel needs a ride to Baycon and crash space. Will pay fair share. See George for phone number.

CLJII still has copies of Extra Added Attractions. Also, he has a letter from Representatives of the Youngest Eagle Scout in America, L. Ron Hubbard, telling us of the L. Ron Hubbard Life Exhibit Museum. They have a 45 minute guided tour, which does not include Hubbard's spiritual philosophy. No charge for admission was mentioned, but this does not rule out a charge for egress.

Information on a science fiction novel is being posted on the bulletin board in the front building.

George Van Wagner notes we received an e-mail from George Mulligan who's been spending the last four months recovering from surgery to amputate an infected toe and surrounding tissue. We can send an appropriate card. Moved, seconded, passed. His email address is This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Doug Crepeau announced that the SF channel will host a "Tripping the Rift" Marathon tonight until 1 am


Larry Niven announced that Ringworld's Children is out. It has a neat cover, and a terrific review.

Hare reviewed Van Helsing: Cotton candy – great movie if you park brain at door.

Brett Achorn reviewed Shreck II as worth seeing at theater at full price – better than first movie. Stay through the credits

Doug Crepeau notes Troy was good, but story seemed familiar.

Fannish Committee Reports

Matthew Tepper has a URL. This is a link to a story on the Onion, <> a comment on SF cons in general

Doug Crepeau mentioned – a computer graphic church with avatars of people who can come in for services. The loudspeaker function was done away with when an avatar called Satan started blaspheming from the pulpit.

CLJII: NBC ran last episode of Friends, after promoting it for about 6 months. The time was 9-10. It was 9:00 to 10:01, causing people to miss the end of the episode. NBC likes to try to capture a live audience.

George Van Wagner has a report on a Darwin honorable mention. A groundskeeper at the Rio Grande Zoo saw a visitor covered in blood. Had an annual pass, visited every day, and always sat in front of the exhibit with a caged jaguar and talked to it for a couple of hours. On this particular day, he left behind a finger.


CLJII: As soon as the lobster drops, tonight's program starts. Don Glut, author, film maker, fan, etc.

The meeting adjourned at 21:15:08.

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