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George Van Wagner presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

The President moused meeting number 3469 to order at 20:10:27

Special Orders of Business: None that have been presented to the Specialist

The Menace were read and approved as "dull, dull, dull, dreary, drab, and awful, attorneys at law".

The Registrar: told us we have no guests!

Tonight's Patron Saints:

The time has come, the walrus said, to talk of many saints.

Mike Glyer is not dead yet. He's enjoying fatherhoodl

Ed Green notes those more fannishly inclined will note that Glyer has received more Hugo nominations than almost any other fan, living or dead. He's won a short ton of Hugos, for fan writing and producing File 770. He's won enough that he can keep the ugly ones in the garage.

Ed Hooper notes Glyer chaired LA Con III. He did an excellent job and picked an excellent staff.

Matthew Tepper declared himself "Proud and delighted to say he's been a friend of mine for the more than 30 years I've known him. He's kind hearted and has a great sense of humor."

Joe Zeff: Mike is the person who came up with intentionally underbidding on a Gary Louie auction. When he called it a "glyer" bid, Mike's face lit up with pleasure.

Hare: Glyer had a late start on winning Hugos. Locus was winning them all until semi-pro category came into existence. Glyer was also part of the floating Worldcon committee. Glyer and Foss took over programming at 88 Worldcon on a week's notice, and did a good job.

Cljii: Glyer is one of top five scribes of Lasfs of all time. He produced fine records of the meetings CLJII ran.

Marty Cantor: A few years ago, they were talking about putting together a new fanthology. He was asked to see if Glyer's minutes appeared in De Prof that year. His minutes were to be included – they're that good.

Crepeau: Everything good except his employment by a terrorist agency.

Ken Porter: He was president when Ken joined. He was honored that Glyer's signature was on his card when he was President.

Hare: When we had mentioned Pelz's contagious laugh, let it be noted Glyer's was also contagious.

Tepper: Glyer is one of those who manages the appeals process.

Mike Glyer received three cheers and aton of fine paper which he can fill with toner.

Saint II

Frank Waller, who is actually here!

MT: Frank is a supplier of crunchies and munchies, and supplies potato chips of all flavors, including, sometimes, potato.

CLJII: No truth to rumor that Frank used nickname "Harry Mudd" so none would know his previous nickname, "Polly". And with that, we doodle all day.

George Van Wagner notes that Frank was part of the greeting committee.

Phil notes Frank collapsed him with a joke recently.

And he gave us money.

Frank Waller was given three cheers, and a lot of potato chips.

Old Business: None!

New business: None!

Committee to Gouge: unloaded a lemming

Committee Reports

Marketing meeting Wed 2/18, 7:30.

Joe Zeff: There might or might not be a magic tournament tomorrow night.

Ed Green: Four different reports: Loscon 31 head points out Loscon 30 had a dynamite party at Bill and Anne's house. Committee to keep track of people in hospital welcomes Fuzzy back from the hospital. Brother Thorsen was asked to pass the collection plate. Karen Anderson was in for an exploratory procedure, and they changed her meds. Fugghead contest: Christian is still in first place. Ed Green is in second. Others lag behind.

Tadao: Lalacon will go on soon. Prices are $15.43 in advance. At the door, $21, banquet $6. The date is May 1, 2. The name will be announced soon.

Estrogen Zone happens this weekend, Pirate Day. Crimson Pilot, Long ships, Pirates of Caribbean, and Princess Bride, or maybe Ice Pirates.

George Van Wagner: The Library still needs volunteers.

CLJII: Last month, a new contest was announced. Since there were no entries, the contest goes away. And there was much rejoicing from Dr. Pournelle.

Time-Bound Announcements

Kyla announced William Gibson is doing discussion and signing, and reading, discussion and signing, Barnes and Noble, Westside Pavilion Friday night, and Vromans in Pasadena Saturday night.

Donahue: Forry has donated some 187,000 to American Cinematech to have 187 names put on seats. He's putting a lot of names on seats of actors and actresses from B movie era.

Arlene Satin: VH1 is hosting an audition 2/12, 6-9 PM, at Sardo's for singers who can perform. Winner wins $100 and goes on to the main event, to be aired on VH1. Flyers on table.

Doug Crepeau: Does anyone have a 10cc hypodermic syringe for refilling ink jet printers? Well, I do, but I use it for refilling my ink jet printer.

Fred Patten is looking for a roommate for ConDor.

Cathy Beckstead: Eight days and counting for AirTel Plaza in Van Nuys, Gallifrey One. With some help from the prompter, she announced an impressive guest list. Check the website. George announced that Gallifrey needs volunteers, too.


Matthew Tepper reviewed Disney Hall's third week of their three-week Berlioz concert series. They got a performance art troupe, "Complicite" to do performance art in parallel with Symphonie Fantastique. What they did was perplexing but amazing and wonderfully entertaining.

Hare Hobbs read Weber's & Flynt's Crown of Slaves, a branching off from the Honor-verse. It deals with the liberation of the planet Congo. The Havenites and the Manticorans are working together on this. (Hare just washed his mouth and he can't do a thing with it.) This seems to introduce a new set of bad guys. It's different – it's more spy than military.

Janis Olson was driving around and heard a review of Tokyo Godfathers. She's not an anime fan, but the review made her want to see it.

Phil Castora: Most of us saw Triplets of Belleville: Those who didn't see it, highly recommended. Every ingredient was familiar, but they've never been combined that way before. Human interest and comedy, hilarious, and go see it. And stay through the credits for the easter egg.

Mike Donahue went a week ago and saw Playtime with Jacques Tatise. It's mostly silent, with only occasional sound. It's set around a loose plot with American tourists who are trying to find Old Paris. It's all modern, except for glimpses caught through open doors. If you get to see it, go do so. It's as good as chaplain or Keaton.

George Van Wagner reviewed a Holmes Ginsbook device by Cory Doctorow: Eastern Standard Tribe, which is being released electronically in a variety of formats. It's sort of cyberpunk – protagonist is a user interface designer who gets caught up in something nasty. Enjoyed it a lot. He has an interesting writing style, and manages interesting turns of phrase.

CLJII: Two reviews... HGWells Time Machine. He picked up book from the sale shelf, in an anthology, Three Novels of the Future by Wells: The Time Machine is only one having to do with the future. He had previously read it in 1958. The dramatic structure of the movie is better than that of the book; several things are left dangling in a most unsatisfying way in the book. Other review is a movie, The Green Goddess with George Arliss. He plays the leader of a tiny kingdom in the Himalayas. Explorers are captured and held for execution. The ruler plays his favorite gramophone record, Funeral March of a Marionette. When referring to the outlanders, they use the local word, "Ferengi".

Doug Crepeau also read a book, Time Ships. by Stephen Baxter. In this story, the Morlocks have become technologically advanced and are building macro structures.

JoeZeff: Green Goddess. When the stage play on which it was based premiered, there was a premiere party, and Green Goddess salad dressing was invented by the chef and named after the play.

Fannish Committee Reports

Hare: Committee that read Locus. In England, they've found a way to get rid of dead books. Pulp them and pave roads with them. Also, Spider Robinson will be writing a book, Variable Star based on an outline by Heinlein, minus the last page. Jack Williamson is celebrating 75 years as a SF writer.

Joe Zeff: Straight putridity: you'd think once was enough... A couple of days ago, on the birthday of the discover of the julia set, the google search engine generated some fractal images to make up its logo and linked to the julia set website, bringing down the site. An article appeared on Slashdot, which caused the site to crash again.

Dorry: Two items: 1) Pixar and Disney are splitting. 2) from the sports page on Monday morning after the titillating half time show... Boeing is hiring, and had an interesting ad.

Kay Shapiro announced that the list of stuff that turned up at the last Loscon is still on her website.

Jerry Pournelle: Maybe sometimes people read things. Nasa has been talking about offering prizes for certain achievements. In six months, he's to go to Washington and talk to the committee about how to do it. This represents a change in policy on Nasa's part.

Jeff read that the options for the Battlestar Galactica contracts have been picked up, and JMS has a new project in the works.

Phil Castora: The Committee for Surrealism in Everyday Life reports that a couple of sundays ago, he heard something in passing. He was not expecting a recording of My Yiddishe Mama sung in Arabic.

Dan: anyone who hasn't seen the Crime Scene Investigators episode set at the Los Vegas furry con, he has a copy and can burn one.

Firefly is out on DVD. If you watch it in order, it's a wonderful show, and more realistic than Star Trek.


CLJII: Next week, we have a program. Tom Safer will provide.

Hare Hobbs notes that his brother works for a firm that makes artificial joints. Fuzzy may have his brother's work in her.

Karl Lembke announced the upcoming Board meeting, followed by Second Sunday festivities. Bring your own burnables.

Frank Waller: Ragtime Cowboy Joe's, 5213 Lankershim, has old vinyl records. He has the sountrack package for Star Wars original. He also has old time show tunes, etc.

The meeting adjourned at 21:22:01

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