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George Van Wagner presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Supposing we had to start this at some point, the President called meeting number 3468 to order at 20:11:20.

Special Orders of Business: We had two sad items. One, an actor we've been seeing a lot – Bernard Punsley, one of the Dead End Kids. Bob Keeshan, known to many as "Captain Kangaroo", and a man who played a fantasy character on the Howdy Doody show. He was 76.

On a much more cheerful note, a fantasy film, Lord of the Rings, Return of the King, has been nominated for 11 academy award. Johnny Depp has been nominated for an acting award for Pirates of the Caribbean.

The Menace were read and approved as "a deluge of ping pong balls".

The Registrar: Ben Massoglia announced that we have no guests.

Tonight's Patron Saints:

1) Mike Luwish, whose principle fanac seems to have been donating money to the LASFS.

MBT: He bought sainthood for his father, Emil.

Ben: Funny, he doesn't look Luwish.

Mike Luwish was given three cheers, and history

2) Gary Louie

Hare: He seems to have showed up and instantly gotten involved doing things. They both tended to race through the building, and were sure they were going to collide one day. When Hare started volunteering at Loscon, he'd go to the art show to help. Gary would be very good at spotting when Hare zoned out and getting him started again.

Christian: He had a childlike sense of fun, and collected and played with Legos. Gary did not live to see Legoland open.

Last time Christian went to Disneyland, he went with Gary. It was wonderful to go through the park with him, because his childlike enjoyment was contagious.

Ed Green: There's a saying – if you want to know what kind of impression you make on the world, put your hand in a bucket of water, make a fist, and pull it out and see how big a hole you leave. Gary would have left a big hole. He had a great sense of fun, but an adult's way of dealing with the world. He was a hard worker. He was almost indispensable.

Joe Zeff: A while back, early 90s, Gary had been on a family trip to Asia that included going to China to deal with family business. According to Chinese Law, whoever has physical custody of the deed owns the property. So for 15 minutes, Gary owned a house in Communist China.

Ben Massoglia has no clear memories, but the ones he does have are all good ones. Gary was always helping.

Michael Mason: He made life easier for everyone. When they were planning to go to a major convention, he'd come to him and ask, "So, do you want to stay in the LASFS room?" Later, as it got closer to convention time, he'd call everyone to confirm. When they arrived at the hotel, the room would be all set up, and keys would be available. Weeks or months later, he'd let everyone know what their share of the hotel room bill was. Everything got handled almost automatically.

Marty Cantor: He was very quiet, and got involved in lots of things. He touched almost everyone in the club one way or another. Atop that display case are photos from the memorial held here.

Ed Green: Gary was a fan to the end of his life and beyond. He lived up to the fannish standard by being late for his own funeral. The hearse got lost.

Hare Hobbs: He was one of those who was not a Dr Who fan, but would help run Gallifrey. It didn't matter if he was a fan of the subject of a convention, he just liked to help.

Frank Waller: Gary taught him about people: you come to them with an open hand, and not a fist. He was one of the few who found time to say hello when Frank first showed up.

Karl Lembke: recalled the account of Gary's stroke. He had gotten to work, and noticed that he was unable to speak. In his own uniquely organized fashion, he went to his computer and typed up a note explaining the problem and listing all the pertinent information. Then he made copies for his supervisor, his co workers, any taxi drivers he needed to retain for the trip to the hospital, the admitting nurse at the ER, his doctor, and anyone else he might run into before getting properly diagnosed and treated.

Some time later, after Gary had regained his ability to speak, Karl was chatting with him. He was impressed by Gary's demeanor. It can be very frustrating to have a body part simply refuse to work. It's bad enough when it's never worked, and all you have is the knowledge that it's supposed to work. It must be even worse if you're used to having it work, and it stops. Gary never gave in to this frustration.

Gary was given the traditional Three cheers, and a legion of legos!

Old Business: None!

New business: None!

Committee to Gouge: auctioned off stuff.

Committee Reports

CLJII: A program for tonight has materialized. Fred Patten will introduce it. One category for the Oscars is best animated feature film. The nominees are Finding Nemo, Brother Bear, and The Triplets of Belleville. Fred got a screener of Triplets to try to sell the film. It's 80 minutes long.

Mike Thorsen passed the bowl for Spire donations.

Ed Green updated us all on the Fugghead contest. Christian is in first place.

George Van Wagner reminded us the Library needs volunteers. Dues payers should pay dues.

Time-Bound Announcements

CLJII recently acquired a coupon good for $5 off a Brita water filter system. Anyone who wants it, take it. It expires at the end of June. Someone wanted it.

Bob Null notes they've broken ground for the Noho Commons Project. The anchor store is supposed to be a bookstore. They've also started work on the Orange Line. We also have two new markets in the area, neither of which is on strike at the moment.

Sandy Cohen: In 2½ minutes, they will be running an episode of Crime Scene Investigation, involving a furry murder in Los Vegas.

Bill Ellern: We're celebrating all of the volunteers and those who worked on the Loscon, Saturday, at 7:30. All else are welcome.

Mike Thorsen: Sunday is TRIPE. We open the temporal window and peer forth onto alternate time lines. Come at noon, and leave when it's over.


Karen Anderson reviewed Opportunity's landing site. It's a magnificent landing site. We've finally gotten bedrock, and some layering is clearly visible. We need to scratch and sniff to see if it's wind, water, or other deposited, but Opportunity knocks.

Doug Crepeau's comic strip is running on Universal Comics. It's competing with 100 other comics, and is now in 1st place. Feedback is appreciated.

Hare saw Big Fish today. He's a big Tim Burton fan, so this may be a biased review. This is a more understated movie. Due to the anthology nature of the film, the lack of a plot line is not as critical. It's the best, and may be the most popular of his films. Highly recommended.

Len Moffatt seconds.

Jeff: Someone he thought was a friend handed hm a tape of the Star Wars Holiday Special from the 70s. It features songs by Bea Arthur and Carrie Fisher, and George Lucas makes some references to Howard the Duck. (By the way, last I heard, reviews of "Howard the Duck" are still banned in the club meetings.)

MBT: Lucas has stated he wishes he could buy every copy of that special and destroy it.

Tad reviewed the night of the Spirit landing. He was at the Planetary Society party, with a huge big screen. It was very intense and exciting.

Fannish Committee Reports

Joe Zeff followed a link from Jerry's letter column to a strange page, giving a list of things some Staff Sgt has been ordered not to do any more. If he's not a liar about these things, he's either the company clown, or a Max Klinger wanna-be.

Michelle Pincus found this on Ripley's Believe it or Not: There is actually an Icelandic institute of elf studies. They're going to be issuing some 12,000 degrees in Elf Studies.

Tadao: Lalacon is going to be on soon. We're looking forward to Elizabeth Klein Lebbik, Susan Gleason as artist, etc. Gallifrey is coming up. Sylvester McCoy, Paul Derrow, Janet Fielding, Paul McGann. Valentines Day Weekend. In case you see anyone fiddling with boxes labeled for conventions, try to keep them from being opened.

George has one: the committee to find a larger handbasket: A recent survey in the UK found 65% of those surveyed could not name the city the musical Chicago was set in. 57% could not name the locale of "Dallas", 64% don't know where the French Alps are. 70% don't know where Vienna Philharmonic is based. However, 66% don't' know what city the song "Streets of London" refers to, either.

Phil Castora. Gold-N-Touch Autos used to have a sign, "Collisions, Restoration". That sign's gone.

Don Wenner brought stupid crook reports. A driver was driving with a suspended license. He gave his brother's name. His brother already ahd a warrant out for arrest. The other was a guy who got caught by police while trying to steal cars. He managed to get away, even though handcuffed, and ran away – past the police station.

Sandy Cohen: A young man was required to take a drug test for probation. He was afraid he'd be caught for marijuana, so he got a sample from his father. It tested positive for cocaine.

Doug Crepeau reported on someone who applied for a credit card for his dog. He gave 000-00-0000 for the social security number, and wrote "This is a dog" on the application. He got a card with a $1500 limit.


There were no miscellany to report.

The meeting adjourned at 21:12:50.

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