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George Van Wagner presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Meeting number 3467 came to order at 20:10:23, and 20:10:41.

Special Orders of Business: One this evening, the passing of SF / fantasy / horror writer Jack Cady, winner of many awards. Just passed Wednesday from bladder cancer. "The Night they Buried Road Dog" was a Nebula runner-up.

Some more promising notes: Kelly Freas has had surgery, he's in West Hills Hospital. And he's lonely.

Bjo Trimble says, thanx to all who sent good wishes and prayers on John's heart attack. It was caught early enough, and his prognosis is good.

Today is the birthday of George Gordon Lord Byron.

And it is now the year of the Monkey in the Chinese calendar.

The Menace were read and approved as "the little Woody in Ed Green's hand".

The Registrar: Michelle took the stage to announce that we have no guests.

Tonight's Patron Saint:

Len Moffatt sent some material on Rick Sneary.

They will be read into the Menace, and presumably given to the club Hagiographer.

Ed Green added that Rick was possibly one of the friendliest of his time. He was willing to talk to almost anyone about anything.

Phil Castora echoed Ed's remarks.

Rick Sneary was given Three Cheers, and a tyop ...

Second saint: Gail Selinger, whom the president knows very little about.

Green: joined in early 70s, and started off by hooking up with Frank Gasperik. She came out from NY as a teacher, and is a nice lady.

Phil Castora was having some problems and Frank and Gail took him in quite a few years ago. She's a wonderful person.

Rick Foss stated, she's very knowledgeable about art and history, and can talk thereon endlessly.

JP notes that she is still on the Nivens' party list.

Matthew Tepper notes that she is a published author of romance novels. (Leigh said the same)

She was given Three Cheers, and the return of her cat, Zorro

Committee to Gouge: had a chance to refresh us all on the Gary Louie auction rules.

Old Business: None!

New business: None!

Committee Reports

CLJII had an appointed committee report, worthy of crying over. FWEMS, with the previously announced titles mostly being shown. Zero Hour is being replaced with Only Angels Have Wings.

Marty: It's time to save LASFS postage and pick up your De Profs. In about five minutes, the box goes out the door.

Ed Green had two things: One was the collection plate. The Spire Project only needs about $1000. First week's Fugghead contest results were announced, not including whatever travesties had been inflicted this week.

Tom Safer announced tonight's program. Boop-boop-a-doop!

George announced that the Library needs volunteers, and Liz needs you to pay yearly dues.

Time-Bound Announcements


Rick Foss reviewed a mystery. Now he's read one that's brilliantly but bizarrely plotted. It's set among aliens that have incomprehensible motivations – the French. The Fairy Gun-Mother. It's about little old ladies who terrorize Colorado Blvd. France. Beautiful writing by Daniel Pennac. Very fun and funny book.

Hare finally got to see Return of the King, and enjoyed it immensely. Since the movie is 11 hours long, they spend half an hour after the climax wrapping things up. The other item is the director's cut of Aliens. If you want more details and info in the first half of the movie, this has it. It's well done, and Hare likes the bonus stuff in the DVDs. The director encourages the actors to paint and decorate their uniforms the way the soldiers did.

Ed Green: It is not in best taste to review a wedding, but when has that stopped us before? The Pianist, though, performed quite well at the wedding. John deChancie did a fine job playing all the tunes you'd expect at a wedding, and a couple no one expected, such as the Princess Leia theme from Star Wars.

Princess Leia theme was played during the processional. The Recessional featured the throne room theme.

Fannish Committee Reports

Rick Foss had a stupid crook report. Two abandoned their attempt to hold up a 7-11 after arguing over their note. (Is that gun, or gub?) Also, from the Restaurant Association News: In Russia, they are trying to clean up streets and lower level of hooliganism. They had a guns for Burger King coupons exchange, and got some guns!

Phil Castora announced that Fugghead is not a euphemism, it originates from the British word for Fog. (Though, granted, during the Industrial Revolution, British fog got pretty dirty.)

Don Wenner had a stupid dog or owner report: He has been getting paper from home town. Before Christmas, someone put a heater in the dog's house. The dog knocked over the heater and burned the house down. The dog escaped.

Hare Hobbs recalls that at one time, Pinwood Studios was the world's largest sound stage. James Cameron was the first director it was too small for. (No, it was Orson Wells!)

George Van Wagner notes that Jean Claude du Puerval was tried in absentia after fleeing Haiti. He'd been working as a tourboat operator at Disneyland. He's in custody facing deportation. Another item was a brief headline: "Florida May Need Disabled Voting Machines."


Dorry is selling a TV, a boom box, and other stuff. 951-2052 for info.

Vanessa announced that the Van Wagner is selling two Macintosh computers.

Phil Castora: Anyone collecting Campbells soup labels? He has some.

Tom Safer has had the pleasure of singing with Angeles Chorale, in Bach's Mass in B Minor. It's one of the most moving pieces ever involved in, and one of the most challenging.

Matthew Tepper followed with another musical note: The past Saturday, he was at a concert at Disney Hall. It's a glorious and beautiful venue for 3 weeks of Berlioz.

Jason: The Circue du Soleil's performance is incredible. Go see it.

CLJII is trying to put together a group to see taping of Drew Carey, Wednesday, 2/4/4. All interested, see Charlie.

The meeting adjourned at 21:10:37.

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