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George Van Wagner presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Meeting number 3466 came to order at 20:09:34.

Special Orders of Business: Sadly, we have one. Ben Massoglia announced the death of Jeff Stone, husband of Sue Stone, formerly of the Bay Area. Sue is staying with some friends in Seattle, and there will be a memorial on Sunday. Sue is a member of the club, and Jeff was a fan of long standing. A brief moment of silence was held. The Scribe was directed to send a card.

The Menace were read and approved as "not what Tepper said".

The Registrar: Mr. Massoglia announced we have guests. They're sprouting up like good mushrooms.

Daniel Molitor – Patty DeQuaker, both from the Museum of Science Fiction. Also, Deborah Van Sandt and Jamie St. Anthony.

Tonight's Patron Saint:

Jeff Siegel:

Leigh Strother Vien: Jeff showed up as a high school student in the 70s, and then into Air Force, then AF prep school, then AF academy. His specialty was c3/c4, and he's always been a nice guy.

Jerry Pournelle: He was Alex's best friend while they were in high school. He didn't quite take early retirement from the Air Force, but he entered seminary, and was ordained as a Lutheran minister. He had already taken the all the courses required to be ordained a Methodist, but then he married a Lutheran. He was a member of the Brat Pack.

Patten: In a sense, he was sort of responsible for Japanimation fandom. When first giant robot cartoon started showing in 76, Mark Merlino was recording episodes and showing them at club meetings. Jeff commented that it was too bad the only chance he had to see them was when Merlino coujld steal time on a TV. This led to the start of the first animation club.

Matthew Tepper: With background in RPG and as an ordained minister, he combines D&D with a DD.

And of course, he gave us money, and he's a nice guy!

Three Cheers, and as many Ds as he wants.

Committee to Gouge: pulled out a Woody and a vibrating ball...

Old Business: None!

New business: None!

Committee Reports

CLJII: Last Sunday of this month is FWEMS. The theme is To The Moon, Alice! Films will include Flight of the Lost Balloon, Zero Hour, Magnificent Men and their Flying Machines, Chain Lightning, and maybe even Rocket Ship XM or It ,The Terror from Beyond Space. February's theme is I Love a Mystery. The program starts at 2 PM, running until 10-11 PM with a dinner break at 6 or so.

We've started chapter 1 of Mysterious Doctor Satan. For the next 14 weeks, we'll have The Copperhead vs. the Mysterious Doctor Satan.

Brother Thorsen collected for the Spire. This is the first month of the year. It's time to reflect on people, events, and places of last year. The Fugghead of the Year contest is officially open. Nomination requires $1. Votes are 1¢ each, and 2¢ for each negative vote. The contest will end in April sometime.

Christian announced the committee to piss off Liz. Time for your 1¢ annual donation.

Greg Bilan announced, Saturday at 2 is the monthly CF/O meeting, 1-8.

CLJII: We're running a fundraising contest, a movie count contest. Pick a number. Tonight is the last night it's available.

Christian: LASFS holds an event every third Sunday – Time Meddlers. Dr Who and British Videos. And they rarely spill change on the floor. This is basically British SF Fandom. 11-5 PM.

Cathy Beckstead segued into an announcement of Gallifrey 15, upcoming. $45 at the door for 4 days of fun. There will be guests, and other fun stuff.

George added that the library needs volunteers more than Mars needs women. Matthew Tepper offered to be defined as Mars.

Time-Bound Announcements

Hare announced that various small dealers are bringing suit over being shut out of distribution of the Spiderman material. They ordered four lots of B5 season 4, and got very few actual copies.

Marty Cantor has two one-bedroom apartments for rent, $700 each. 1.5 miles north of here. See Marty now.

Michael Sheffield: Blood drive at Gallifrey.

Bill Ellern: Tomorrow at 4 PM, there'll be a signing at Vromans – some gentleman named Andy Sircus. will be signing a book called "Gollum". Well, he did provide the voice...

CLJII: Audiences Unlimited – We are trying to get a group to see the Drew Carey show. 2/4/4. If we get more than 5, AU will donate the club money.

MBT: Retro Hugos for 1953 will be awarded at this year's worldcon. There are helpful PDF files appearing on the web summing up SF as it was available that year. A LASFS connection – Kelly Freas was very active as a cover artist. If you're a member of the con, you're entitled to nominate for the retro. The cut-off is 1/31.

George announced that we have a brief, impromptu program after the meeting.


Rick Foss reviewed some books: One of them is an alternate history by Harry Turtledove – In the Presence of Mine Enemies. What would have happened if the Germans had won WWII – from the point of view of the Jewish underground in Berlin, 2003, under a crumbling Nazi dictatorship. Very good. || Also, by Ron Gulard, Groucho Marx, Secret Agent. At the time the film career started going south, Groucho started working as a detective. He gives Marx some extremely funny lines. It's not a brilliant mystery, but it's fun watching Marx and his sidekick try to figure out who dun it.

Ed Green followed up with more review of In the Presence of Mine Enemies .. (it's 2010 – a minor point). This tracks history in our timeline, and there are parallels between the Nazi fall and the Yeltzin revolt. Harry does not rub our noses in the Nazi atrocities. Instead, he lets reader taste the fear of those who are hiding every time they make the smallest mistake. It is a stand-alone novel. Get it as soon as you can. Recommend it for a Hugo.

Mark Poliner reviewed a five volume collection of Philip Dick short stories. If you want to revisit them, or missed them, track this book down.

The Hunt for Zero Point – either SF or nonfiction, depending on how you squint at it. Among the book's claims, antigravity is on way.

Francis Hamit and Leigh went to see Lost in Translation, which turns out to be SF. "The Japanese come from a place very like Earth". It's about two lonely people stuck in an alien environment they don't understand. One of the best performances Bill Murray has ever given.

Hare: Please let him know when an SF author's not being put in SF but in the main section?

Mike Sheffield reviewed "Joan of Arcadia". This series has an interesting take on God. It's well acted, and well worth checking out.

Michelle: Paycheck: Getting past the main thing and the ending, overall... You can tell they hired Umma Thurman and Ben Affleck for the fact that they've already been trained in combat moves.

Fannish Committee Reports

Mark Poliner reported on a Stupid College Prank: three men streaking through a restaurant watched in horror as someone drove off with their getaway car. They huddled in the parking lot in 7 degree weather until the police came.

Some women from a Romanian village have lodged a complaint against a barmaid they claim has bewitched their husbands. They spend too much time at the bar. Says she, "It's not my fault I'm attractive". Only I think she said it in Rumanian.

Surrealism: The family of a man who died went to the funeral home to make arrangements for the service, and found his dog waiting outside. He had bolted after the master's death, and they hadn't had time to look for him.

Joe Zeff: This PM, on Slashdot, yet another set of sleazes are trying to enforce a business practices patent that shouldn't have been granted... They've patented a method of converting domain names into e-mails, and they're suing Network Domains for infringement. This patented method was described in an RFC 22 years ago.

Dan: Chaz appears in Playboy this month. In print. He's being cited as the foremost authority on jello shots.

Mike Donahue: The President has announced plan for space exploration. Robot probes are to go to the Moon so people arriving there will know what to expect.

Francis Hamit: Dennis Kucinich says Bush is looking everywhere for WMD.

<SAGE BREAK>JP sounded off for a time on the space program.</SAGE BREAK>

How to get back to the moon: pass a law directing that the first company to place 31 people on the moon, and keep them there alive and well for three years and one day, will be awarded a prize of $21 billion dollars.


We're running long and we have a program waiting, so we rushed ahead to a motion.

The meeting adjourned at 21:31:34.

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