Meeting # 3460, Dec 4, 2003 PDF Print E-mail

Ed Green presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Meeting number 3460 came to order at 20:12:25

Special Orders of Business:

We have a couple of passings: Actor Guy Rolf, who was involved in many films. He starred in Mr. Sardonicus, and more recently, as the title character in The Puppet Master series. He's the Nazi-hating German who makes dolls that come to life and kill Nazis.

Ruth Rigel has also passed away, doing so just before Thanksgiving.

Finally, an unusual item: this month is the 50th anniversary of Playboy Magazine, and the magazine has popularized science fiction, and has published many well known genre authors. And Jerry Pournelle.

"They publish fiction in Playboy?" – Ed Green. "It's all fiction." – Karl

Susan Gleason is in the hospital. Details are sketchy. It doesn't appear to be life threatening.

Scratch is home with a temperature of 101° plus.

The Menace from 3459 were read and approved as "Harry Reddington".

Administrative note: Fannish committee and misc reports are likely to go by the wayside tonight. We may have some reviews, too. And we have a program, the virtual masquerade.

The Registrar: We have a guest, Bobby Eisenhart, who found us through Scratch.

Tonight's Patron Saint:

Marty Massoglia, please raise a hand.

Ed said, "I'm not sure Ben should speak." He did anyway: "In his defense, he's raised an admirable son." "Will he ever come to LASFS?" asked Ed.

Joe Zeff: Back when he started coming to the club, Marty had an automatic quarter bid for SF books, so they didn't go too cheaply.

Doug Crepeau said that Marty created a tracking list and broke the codes of publishers.

CLJII: In addition to running a bookstore where you can find trashy old SF, he has excellent taste in Loscons.

Matthew Tepper: He's one of those rare and valuable people who seems to have read every novel of consequence.

Hare Hobbs, Before he had the store, if you needed a book, he could usually find it and bring it in the next week. It was really important for Hare.

Doug Crepeau says he may be part of the timeline that led to Schwarzenegger as Governor.

Liz Mortensen says that he taught her how to Waltz at a Regency dance.

Tad: Marty's most recent act of sainthood was speaking on LASFS history panel. It was a cool panel. At the very end, it turned into a panel about LASFS' future, and Marty had provocative ideas for outreach.

Ed Green wrapped up by saying, over the years we've known each other, we've disagreed on small items, but at no time has he ever thought Marty was not speaking from his heart and for the best of the community. Thank you for years of service, for the books you brought, and for the money.

Marty Massoglia was given three cheers, and a box of books.

The Committee to Gouge: is dealing with staff problems.

Old Business: Nominations for President

Nominees are:

George Van Wagner Karl Lembke Matthew Tepper Sandy Cohen

David Gerrold

Nominations were closed, and will re-open next week.

New business: None

Time Bound Announcements

Kay Shapiro: Anyone knowing where the Lost and Found box is, please tell her. Also missing, a Yu-Gi-Oh deck in a blue box, and another object.

Our member announced Linda's social worker has agreed to take the cats for a couple of weeks, but they still need homes.

George Van Wagner announced Friday the 12th, Gruppo Sub Conscious will sally forth. It's a small conflict with the Gift Exchange....

Ed Announced: Convert your memberships. Please clean up after yourselves.

Committee Reports

CLJII: We have a winter holiday party coming up. The Lantern O' Jack was passed. Because the party is held in a Thursday, we'll intermit during the party to hold a meeting. Because of this, there'll be sodas at the regular price. Starts at 2 PM, end for good around 11 PM.

Library has a new assistant librarian. Beth O'Brien has volunteered to come in once a month.

Thorsen: Sunday is TRIPE.

There may or may not be a magic tournament tomorrow.

Estrogen Zone will meet Saturday, starting at 2 or so. Videos consist of Masquerade, Virtual masquerade, and then extended versions of Fellowship and Two Towers.

Loscon: The meeting was turned over to Michael Mason, who thanked all the committee members, including Christian who's about to walk out the door.

Thanks were given to Arlene for programming, to Ed and Liz for advice, encouragement and support.

Numbers were 1177 warm bodies, down a bit but still acceptable. with 52 who didn't appear. Last year was 1400, which was anomalously high. People came for the weekend this year, and nearly 1000 badges were picked up Friday.

Ed thanked Michael for the work he did helping him on next year's con. Thanks to a crew for helping with the room parties; thanks to Liz for helping on the news zine, and there are issues available.

Michael is printing out all the e-mail received this year, to put in the archives.

CLJII mentioned one thing we tried was running a trivia contest. It seemed to be well received.

Hare liked getting his badge Wednesday night.

Joe Zeff: as head of volunteers, apologizes for not having the imported spiffs ready. Thanks to all who helped straighten out the confusion.

Tad had a good news/bad news comment. Scott Beckstead played kick-ass music Saturnight. Bad news was – disappointed at not seeing new faces following a con.

Sandy Cohen was pleased to see a larger than usual number of younger fans, including second- and third-generation fans. We need to conduct a new blood drive along with the red cross drive. Also, Disappointed at not seeing new faces in programming, most of the people in the green room are repeat guests. Maybe we first need to look for new faces and programs.

Innovations tried the first time included kaffeeklatches, and using some of the outdoor space. We tried the talk show, to mixed reactions.

Frank Waller noticed, it's the same dealers every year.

Rick Foss asked, if the new dealer's room was going to be the same size. He was told it'll be larger.

Rick noted many who worked well under stress: the people keeping the party floor clear were polite even when confronted with the grouchy.

Tad enjoyed the chocolate on Saturday, and Cleopatra of the Nile.

The art show went very smoothly. Sales were down a bit, and we had one artist who was a no-show.

There were a couple of problems with the program book, and stuff fell through the cracks. The History of LASFS and Loscon document had to be thrown together. Ed has already has been in touch with Fred Patten so he can proofread the history.

Bill Ellern thanked Liz for the massive typing job on the names of costumes and costumers for the last issue of the News Zine. Some 140 hall costume ribbons were handed out.

Time-Bound Announcements


Fannish Committee Reports


The meeting adjourned at 21:22:51.

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