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Ed Green presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Meeting number 3458 came to order at 20:12:16.

Special Orders of Business:

Sadly, we lost a member of the community. Christian McGuire announced, Jim Cryer, an Arizona fan, died suddenly at age 60 of a massive heart attack. He was a regular fixture at Gallifrey and worked tirelessly in Phoenix fandom.

Francis Hamit notes the passing of Bruce Cook, author and book editor of Daily News 84/90. Friend of SF, and let Hamit review stuff and do articles that might not have otherwise seen print. Bruce was an author in his own right, as Bruce Alexander, and the Chico Cervantes mysteries under his own name.

CLJII notes the passing of actress Penny Singleton, known as Blondie and as the voice of Jane Jetson.

Moment of silence was held for these three notables.

The Menace were read and approved as "they're all Looney Toons".

The Registrar: No guests! At least none that the Registrar is aware of.

Tonight's Patron Saint:

Jim Tanenbaum

CLJII: was a sound engineer in the motion picture business. Started coming in the 70s, and helped start many fine traditions which have since fallen into abeyance.

Tepper: One datum about him: He was aware of the prejudice against the elder in his line of work. He managed to pass as younger by dying his hair.

Three cheers, and an N with a slash through it.

Committee to Gouge: auctioned off a Mall of stuff.

Old Business: Election for Board of Directors.

Nominees are:

Ed Green Bob Null

Michael Mason Karl Lembke

There were four slots to fill, and four candidates. Somehow, the result doesn't seem to be in great doubt.

New business: None

Committee Reports

Mike Thorsen collected for the Spire.

CLJII reminded people that two weeks from tonight, having done such a fabulously efficient job with tonight's election, we're doing it again. Two weeks from tonight, we nominate candidates for President. The week after that, we vote. We also nominate and elect VP, registrar, and scribe.

The week after that, a video presentation, Martians Attack our Republic. A collection of the first chapters of Republic serials involving Martians, along with the resolutions of the cliffhangers.

Next, the Lantern O' Jack was passed for the Winter Holiday Party.

Finally, the last Sunday of December, FWEMS, offers a double serial feature. "The Secret Service in Darkest Africa" and "The Flying Cadets".

Time-Bound Announcements

One member announced that her neighbor, Linda, was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer. She has two cats, in need of a home. Call Linda or Sandy...

Francis Hamit is trying an experiment. He's trying to prove that you can make money on the Internet by giving it away. Has an article, Why Publishers Use Freelancers. Free to anyone who wants it, donations requested.

Loading for Loscon is Wed Night.

Clean up after yourselves, whether you make a mess or not.

See Elayne to convert your Worldcon memberships.

Volunteers are still needed in the library.

Karen Anderson says, anyone with access to clear sky should look for an aurora about now. They've been seen in Alabama.


Jerry Pournelle reviewed Loony Toons, and liked it. Thought it was hilarious, and so did his wife. It was exactly what you'd think it'd be. Neil Stephenson's Quicksilver – starring Newton and Leibnitz, quite an interesting book. 8xx pages, with 200 pages of nothing about halfway through. He apparently did a whole lot of research, and couldn't bear not to use it. Stephenson hasn't known how to end a book, and this is one more example.

Also, Dr. Jennifer Pournelle now has her Ph.D, from UCSD, Archaeological Anthropology.

Frank Waller reviewed a tidbit about the Earth Is Losing Its Magnetic Field. By the next millennium, it'll be gone.

CLJII: This week, he saw the Jeff Corwin Experience. Jeff Corwin went to Australia to see the bats. At one point, he found a baby bat, and it climbed onto his shirt, thinking he was its mother. The other thing he saw was The Matrix Revolution. The problem is that the people making the movies started to think they were doing something Important. The movies became pretentious.

Jerry Pournelle has a story that was embargoed until today. Science Magazine is reporting the second installment of Lucifer's Hammer – The second discontinuity, some 300 MYA, was also caused by an asteroid strike. The grocery store clerks and the MTA mechanics did not participate.

Fannish Committee Reports


Don Wenner had a couple of things. His home town had an autumn holiday party. The paper ran its own costume contest. They made costumes out of newspapers, and Don showed some samples.

The other thing he had: A little incident happened on Halloween night. A 6-foot ghost broke a window in a home. A man reported that someone threw a chunk of ice through his window after being threatened Friday night by a trick-or-treater. He refused to give candy to a 6-foot-tall guy in a ghost outfit. The ghost said he'd come back the next night and break his window. For the festivities, they screened Rugrats II.

Hare: From the news about Michael Jackson: One station described Santa Barbara as a suburb of Los Angeles. Another said it was "Just outside of Los Angeles"

The meeting adjourned at 21:11:50.

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