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Ed Green presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Meeting number 3457 came to order at 20:12:05

Special Orders of Business: Mr. Jackson had no special orders of business, but there is an Arizona fan Diane Elliot, Arizona fan, died Sunday of complications from a severe respiratory ailment. Her husband was Lee Whiteside.

The Menace were read and approved as "where's my Earth shattering kaboom?".

The Registrar: No guests!

Tonight's Patron Saint:

He's here! Milt Stevens.

Ed Green said, he's an astute font of fannish knowledge, a funny gentleman, a good fanwriter, and a good person.

Marty Cantor: He's one of the finest fan writers in fanzine fandom, and I'm glad he contributes to my fanzines. Maybe some day he'll get hugoed.

Christian McGuire: Milt Stevens once ran L.A. 2000, celebrating the 2000th meeting of LASFS, which was the precursor of Loscon. He chaired a Westercon and a Worldcon. And, despite everything I do as a human being, every time I've asked him to do something for a con, he agrees.

Phil Castora: Not only a good man and true and a great fan, he's also one of the strangest people because of his extraordinary ability to perceive the obvious.

Jerry Pournelle: Milt was the chairman of the convention that Jerry was theoretically the chairman of. He did all the work, leaving Jerry to stand there and take the applause. It's the convention where General Graham decided he could make SDI popular. Heinlein was fan GOH.

Scratch: He's a nice guy.

Matthew Tepper: Enjoyed a genzine he produced called "The Passing Parade", writing was droll and dry, and had beautiful deadpan humor. The photos behind the Lizdesk were produced by Milt for this zine.

Milt Stevens was given three cheers and a job with the LAPD.

Committee to Gouge: will not be in session, because the head is feeling sickly.

Old Business: Nominations for Board of Directors.

Michael Thorsen took the chair to run the proceedings.

Nominees are:

Ed Green

Bob Null

Michael Mason

Karl Lembke

With this, it was moved that nominations be closed.

Next week, we'll feature the sounds of an approaching train.

New business: None

Committee Reports

CLJII had his lovely assistant Arlene pass among us with the Lantern O' Jack. On December 25, we'll have the Winter Holiday Party, where all may gather to celebrate their favorite winter holiday. Miracle on 34th St (the real one) and Due South will be screened. Starting time, 2 PM breaking at 7 PM, and then running 9PM -midnight.

Brother Thorsen collected for the Spire.

Christian reminded those who volunteered for Loscon that on Wednesday the 26th, at 7 PM, we'll be loading the truck, and it's worth double hours. Thursday the 27th, we'll unload, starting at 10 AM. On the 30th, we reload the truck, starting at about 6 PM, and on Monday, 12-1, we meet at 7 to unload to unpack Loscon. All loading and unloading are worth double hours. Volunteers for truck un/loading will get a special spiff.

Ed Green announced that the Janitorial Mathom Control Committee desires that members clean up after themselves. If you do this, things will be better.

CLJII reminded people that we have elections again next month. We'll elect President, VP, Registrar, and Scribe. We don't feel the need to stretch out that process, though we'll have Presidential nominations from the preceding week.

Time-Bound Announcements

Anyone wanting to convert their memberships for LA Con IV should have seen Elayne. Or, look her up next week, or at Loscon. Conversion stops being possible at the end of the year. The full going rate is $125.

George Van Wagner 11-16, part of Skeptic's Society, David Brin speaks on the future at Baxter Hall at Cal Tech. (Ed Green asked, "For or against?")

Fred Patten announced C/FO this Saturday, starting at 1 and ending at 8.

CLJII: Those attending Loscon, one thing you'll find in your reg packet will be a sheet of paper headed "20 questions from the Emperor", a trivia quiz of 20 questions he's sure no one but he can answer all of -- correctly. And there'll be a prize for the most creative answers. The contest runs up to 6 PM Saturday.

Matthew Tepper: Tomorrow night, from 10 to Midnight, Grupo Sub Conscious will perform at Hallenbeck General Store. Jazz/rock/funk/blues/fusion with our own George Van Wagner as lead guitar and vocalist.

Ed: The library still needs volunteers. Talk to Mr. Mason to volunteer.

Ron is donating a lot of books to deserving organizations. They welcome SF books and other escape literature. They'll even take the condensed novels from Reader's Disgust.


Christian McGuire reviewed Matrix Revolution, saying, it's pretty, he liked the music, it has beautiful special FX, and he really loved the first movie – it was very Philip Dick. The third movie is very John Norman.

Mike Thorsen: Mirrored that review. Matrix I was good, Matrix 1½ was OK, Matrix II was tepid, and Matrix III stunk. You have to admire their gall. Having written themselves into a corner and having to write in a Deus ex machina, they credited Deus Ex Machina in the credits.

Tad reviewed the Bush Administration. As much as he's a liberal democrat, and as much as he loathes what they stand for, they're about to do something to us – On December 17, 100th anniversary of the Wright Brothers' flight, Bush is rumored to announce a space initiative. Men and women onto the Moon.

Jackson: While everyone else was seeing matrix movies, he saw Jack Frost II, Revenge of the Mutant Killer Snowmen. It's a very peculiar movie, even given the title. It's frequently amusing, and often perplexing. It'll be on Cinemax Insanity, and now that I've told you about it, you don't have to see it.

Francis Hamit, for lack of a better alternative, has been watching Star Trek Enterprise. They have someone who knows how to write a script. (I think he works the lighting.) Last night, they discovered a group of people who had been kidnapped by aliens before flight was developed. They overcame the aliens and were running the planet. One week before, Earth gets blown up. The scripts and the performances are getting better.

Matthew Tepper: Enterprise has been so bad lately, he tries to sum up each episode in one line. A few weeks ago, when Hoshi is kidnapped by a hideous alien, his summary was, "I keep waiting for the teapot to sing".

Fred: Speaking of the "Acme:" corporation. Loony Toons – Back in Action: There are three good things: Steve Martin is the owner of the corporation, and has lots of fun. There is a scene where all of the movie monsters from the 50s live action movies show up and attack the heroes. If they're not the original models, they're darn good copies. Third: Elmer chases bugs and daffy through the Louvre, and every time they go through a painting, the animation is done in the style of the artist who did the painting. Apparently someone decided to make the movie in the style of the Loony Toon shorts. The Plot is that the live action characters stumble upon the Acme corporations plot to turn everyone in the world into monkeys.

George Van Wagner: With all the furor over Rosie O Donnel and Kobe Bryant ... he has managed to acquire a copy of the opening statement in the case of Wile E Coyote vs Acme Corp.

Hare Hobbs: Jenna Elfman is the fourth good thing in the movie. Brendon Frasier is doing more than his part, he also gives voice to tasmanian devil. Some of his dialog is still in the movie, though he can't tell you which character it is.

Fannish Committee Reports

No, Christian, we're not there yet!

Karl Lembke reported on a man who was ticketed after running his car into something. He told the police he had copyrighted his name and threatened to sue for half a million dollars for each unauthorized use. It turns out anyone can copyright his name, but the police can probably make copies under "fair use" guidelines. Francis Hamit pointed out that you can't copyright short phrases, and most names are fairly short.

Phil Castora left out one of the 2s last week. This week's number is prime.

CLJII reports, the millionaire who killed and dismembered someone was acquitted. The NY Post headline: "Head for the Hills"

George Van Wagner: An inmate sued himself for violating his own civil rights for getting arrested. Since he was a ward of the State, he asked the State to pay the $5 million he was asking in his suit.

Don Wenner: The MTA is now at minus 150.


Dr Pournelle: yielded his time to Christian. Christian announced that the anarchists are having a convention. However, they couldn't agree on a place or date, or who's running it.

Joe Zeff: If anyone were running it, they wouldn't be anarchists

Frank Waller recoiled his statement.

Kyla saw an interesting rumor on the Internet. The gentelman who wrote Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus is not a doctor, not even a college graduate. But he's now very rich.

CLJII: Doesn't the president have the job of Speaker to Club from Board? Was there anything to report from the board meeting? Nothing else to report.

Phil Castora: They're tearing up Burbank Blvd. some more. They should be done by the end of the century. Which century, we don't know.

The meeting adjourned at 21:25:09.

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