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I found that all of Lang’s (Color) Fairy Books are on Project Gutenberg. 


(And I've just told Barry that we need a Review category for websites.

And we may also need a Discussion Corner for Readers. 

How do you think we should change the current Review & TalkFest menus so we could find a place for the following item?) 


I was fascinated to find that one of Beauty’s room in the Beast’s castle had a sort of television. 


“There was one room which she had not noticed particularly; it was empty, except that under each of the windows stood a very comfortable chair; and the first time she had looked out of the window it had seemed to her that a black curtain prevented her from seeing anything outside. But the second time she went into the room, happening to be tired, she sat down in one of the chairs, when instantly the curtain was rolled aside, and a most amusing pantomime was acted before her; there were dances, and colored lights, and music, and pretty dresses, and it was all so gay that Beauty was in ecstacies. After that she tried the other seven windows in turn, and there was some new and surprising entertainment to be seen from each of them, so that Beauty never could feel lonely any more.”





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