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President Nick Smith, presiding;

Kristen Renee Gorlitz, scribbling

Meeting #4134 began at 8:00 pm.

LASFS meeting #4134 was called to order.

Christian bid $5 to name the Menace “Not related to Matthew Tepper”.

This week’s Patron Saints are

Francis Hamit

Bill Rotsler - a major fan, we have some of his Hugos in the back display case as both a sf writer, fan and pro artist, very nice man.

Joe - he was incredibly prolific, so much so that he is still eligible for the Hugo for best fan artist as his original work still being published. Marty still uses his art in Apa L and De Profundis.

The Patron Saints were given three cheers each.

Treasurer’s report - we have $ and you can’t spend it.

Committee Reports

CLJII: Passed around the lantern o’jack for donations for the fine Winter Holiday party. Also, the Forry Award anthology will become available online later this month.

Marty - even though on 11/24 there is no program, there will be a meeting at the clubhouse.

Christian - 43rd Loscon is held on Thanksgiving weekend 11/25-11/27 at LA Airport Marriott. Attendees include David Gerrold among others and Nick Smith will be the fan guest of honor. Music guest Tim Griffin. Call for volunteers for truck loading and unloading. Volunteers will receive double hours for these volunteer hours.


11/3 - opening, collecting, conducting of nominations for the Board of Directors (Seats up this year are Gavin Claypool, Michelle Pincus, Mike Thorsen). Three year terms.

11/10 - election of members of the Board of Directors

11/17 - super duper, non secret really, really big auction

11/24 - no program because there’s some obscure convention competing for this time slot..

12/1 - nominations for president

12/8 - elections for president, vice president, scribe and registrar

12/15 - a really good auction

12/25 - Winter Holiday Party

Marty Cantor: Gift exchange will be Friday the 16th, the day after the big big auction. Here, doors open at 7 or so. Instructions to be handed out at a later date.

The registrar announced an absence of guests.

Christian - 7 item auction

Moment of Science

David Okumura - there is more evidence of the Mysterious Planet 9 from outer space - something is tugging Pluto, and possibly pulling everything off orbit. Since mid 1880’s scientist have wondered why we are tilted 6 degrees from the equator of the sun. Could be huge object at more extreme angle affecting orbits.

Ed Hooper - a large Dwarf Star inspired Nemesis by Asimov

Pumping liquid into ground for waste water may be linked to seismic events, the opposite might have been true decades ago. Drilling might be responsible for the devastating 1933 long beach quake, draining methods may have been sucking the ground dry and depletion of the oil reserves could have caused the quake. Today, they pump in water into the ground to prevent this

Special Orders of Business

Young adult author Natalie Babbit passed away - wrote Tuck Everlasting about family who found way to not age and declined to pass the secret along to Ms. Babbit.

Singer, actor, anthology editor - John Zacherle died at age of 98, worked with Dick Clark recording novelty horror songs, delighted in doing strange things, including strange acting roles like Wizard in Captain Kangaroo and cameo in Frankenhooker. MC’d the Grateful Dead. Eric Hoffman observes John Zacherle still considered to be THE TV horror film host. He was a fan at heart.

Tammy Grimes - voice of Molly Grue in animated Last Unicorn. The Tammy Grimes Show, turned down the lead in Bewitched to star in her own show

Don Marshall - character roles in many SF shows died at age of 80, Dan in Land of the Giants, saner of the two Doctors in The Thing With Two Heads, in Galileo 7 of Star Trek. Also had his own production company

Scientist Professor John D. Roberts, a preeminent chemist who was teaching at CalTech for 60 years. Consultant for DuPont. Helped admit first female grad student at CalTech, strong armed modern chemistry into using better technology

Karl - Roberta Pournelle in hospital having had a stroke. Progressing nicely, at Holy Cross right now. Kids are now in town taking care of things. She can vocalize again. It’s serious but sounds promising.

Time Bound Announcements

Matthew - Tom Safer Presents - moved this month due to Loscon - Nov 12th, Ice Age Collision Course, 2nd Saturday instead of the 3rd Saturday

Marcia - Sunday PST, so set clocks back an hour on Saturday night

Marcia - Sunday at 11am there is a Loscon meeting

Frank - Sunday at south Topanga Mall is super car Sunday

Nomination procedure -

CLJII explained our legal structure, 11 members on the Board. Elect roughly 1/3rd. Involves responsibility. 3 year term.

Elayne nominated Gavin Claypool - Elayne - one of the most level headed people that she knows of, his opinion is greatly admired, he has great knowledge of how this club works, has participated in activities, has a lot of information that is of use to the Board. Gavin - happy to be a natural resource and will endeavor to do so for another 3 years

Karl - nominated Michelle Pincus - served as member of board, worked in marketing, pours her heart into the job - Michelle  says she cares very much about this club and hopes to continue working hard for the club

Marsha nominates Mike Thorsen - accepts - Marsha - Mike stepped in and took over a job that Bob Null has been doing for many years and Mike has done a very good job, and is keeper of the soda machine, worked tirelessly. Mike - more of the same, trying to help keep this club on some kind of track financially

Ana nominated Matthew Tepper who courteously declines

Marty nominates Kristen - she has been doing a good job as scribe, helped him with the gift exchange, and he would like to see her get further involved. Kristen accepts - I would like to work with the club and offer my younger perspective.

Ana nominates Milt and he declines, nominates Charlie and he declines


Michelle Pincus

Gavin Claypool

Mike Thorsen

Kristen Gorlitz

Aetna warning at 8:55 pm

Announcements -

Cubs have won the World Series - this is the sign of the apocalypse - schedules for next Tuesday

The front bathroom is currently out of order. (It has since been repaired, but the water is funny.)

There was...

No new business.

In the absence of any further business...

A motion to put away chairs and tables passed and we adjourned at  9:15pm.

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