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President Nick Smith, presiding;

Karl Lembke, scribbling

Meeting #4133 began at 8:00 pm.

Gavin Claypool spoke to the assembled members.

From the Sacred Book of the History of the LASFS

10-27-34, seven SF League members and 2 others met in Reynolds’ garage. They applied a charter for a chapter of the League. On 11-13 of the same year, they were approved as chapter 4 of the Science Fiction League. And the LORD did grin and the people did feast upon the lambs and sloths and carp and anchovies and orangutans and breakfast cereals, and fruit bats, and there was much rejoicing.

And so on this portentous date, LASFS meeting #4133 was called to order.

Joe Zeff bid $2.86 to name the Menace “Putting On the Ritz”.

This week’s Patron Saint is

Lee Jacobs

Patron Saint Jacobs was given three Saint Lee cheers, and not a soda auction!

Committee Reports

The Uncomittee to gouge noncommittally auctioned off the last soda slot in the machine. Barbara Harmon bid $10 to put diet ginger ale in the last slot. (OK, I’ll stop.)

(For now.)

The treasurer reports income and outgo. We can’t spend it.


10/27 - Walt Disney featurette The Legend of Sleepy Hollow as told by Bing Crosby

10/30 - Big Autumn holiday party , starts around 2pm - Enter through the  2016 address door

11/3 - nominations for the Board of Directors (Seats up this year are Gavin Claypool, Michelle Pincus, Mike Thorsen)

11/10 - election of members of the Board of Directors

11/17 - really, really big auction

11/24 - no program because there’s some obscure convention competing for this time slot..

12/25 - Winter Holiday Party

The registrar announced an absence of guests.

Moment of Science

Bill Green announced that a new flatworm has been named after President Obama

Nick Smith noted that scientists have demonstrated a crystal with four-dimensional properties.

Special Orders of Business

Karl Lembke announced that the building has been sold. We have 8 months to find new digs. Help us search. If you find anything, let Elayne know.


Nick Smith read a piece of SF poetry by Sheri S Eberhart. You may know her by her married name of Sheri S Tepper. She passed at the age of 87. Gene Tepper

She is no relation to Matthew Tepper, unless you go back lots and lots of generations.

We have lost Steve Dylan, comic artist, worked on Doctor Who, Judge Dredd, and others. He was 54. He is also no relation to Matthew Tepper.

Character Actor Michael Massey, who was involved in the incident with Brandon Lee and the gun with deadly blanks.

Time Bound Announcements

We have a list of halloween stuff. Bad films are being shown, and it’s probably best if you not know where.

This is the last weekend of Rise of the Jack-O-Lanterns at the Pomona fairgrounds.

The New Beverly Theater is showing Young Frankenstein and The Man with Two Brains.

Armory Center for the Arts continues its exhibit based on the works of Octavia Butler.

North Hollywood Fringe Festival continues this weekend, with An Anthology of Horrors. This features an homage to Twilight Zone and Creepshow. 4934 Lankershim, the Avery Playhouse, Fri and Sat, 8PM

Nosferatu, a symphony in terror, this weekend at Crown City Theater 11031 Camarillo, North Hollywood.


Jerry Pournelle reviewed the reasons why we’re selling the place.

Reasons: deterioration of neighborhood and property values

outgrowing library

confrontations with homeless

We need 4500 - 5000 square feet. In the valley, no further north than Roscoe, no further west than Tampa, no further south than Ventura, no further east than San Fernando, and near at least one bus line.

This building is 4100 square feet.

Milt Stevens read a book by Michael Chabon, for The Yiddish Policeman’s Union. Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay: Not strictly SF, but has some fantastic elements. It starts out rather comic and gets quite a bit darker. It probably won’t appear as a movie, because his words don’t translate into film that well.

CLJII: saw a picture called Decoy (1946) a story about a gun Moll whose boyfriend is in prison and about to be executed. He’s hidden a great deal of money, and he won’t tell where it is, even to buy a lawyer to save his life. Interestingly enough, halfway through he’s executed in a gas chamber. Then a doctor spirits him off and brings him back to life.

Eric Hoffman: Bear Manor Publishing/Media has been putting out a series of script books. They’ve put out five so far, dealing with oddball b features. Only complaint is person presenting the thing is getting all the credit. Titles include The Hideous Sun Demon, The Indestructible Man, Bride of the Gorilla, and the Ed Wood “Lost Lugosi scripts”. They’re fun reads, and interesting collectibles.

Also, The Mad Ghoul, an interesting film with Robert Armstrong. This is an example, not of mad science, but of mildly cheesed off science. It holds up well, and is one of the most morbidly dark of the Universal 40s chillers.

Nick Smith reviewed Miss Hokusai, showing in the Laemmle theaters. Biopic of a famous Japanese artist from the point of view of his daughter. Interesting look at Japanese art culture. Definitely worth seeing if you’re interested in Japanese art and culture.

CLJII reviewed a trailer, only seen online. It’s linked from his personal page, and it’s the first trailer for Son of Frankenstein. They didn’t have the music when it was made, so it has Bride of Frankenstein music.

Eric reviewed a 50s SF horror film, Them. It still grabs, has a great cast, and the real hero is James Whitmore. You don’t have to watch a traditional ghost movie for Halloween…

Hare mentioned Frank Zappa had found a bunch of 50s Rock musicals. He’s optioned a computer program to restore these movies, and they will be the first restored with that program.

Nick: At art night last night, encountered a graphic novel with something to offend everyone. Katrina Hates Dead Shit. It’s a post-apocalyptic post-rapture cross-genre piece with lots of weirdness.

Another project, started as an homage to night of the living dead with crossover to invasion of the body snatchers -- double-take publishing company started 10 different comics taking place in Western Pennsylvania in 1966. These separate stories take place in parallel and have now been bound together into ten volume.

Milt Stevens watched the first episode of Dirk Gently Holistic Detective Agency. OK, this is strange. Gently has been hired to investigate a client’s homicide that will occur in six weeks. There are lots of strange things for Gently to find. BBC America, Saturday night.

Aetna warning at 8:50 pm

Darnell notes a Youtube series “What if the Emperor has a text machine?”

Nick: If you have access to Amazon Prime, there’s a pilot for a new series about The Tick. Live action, they have a budget, and Ben Edlund apparently has creative control. It does a pretty good job of being as good as the animated series.

Jerry Pournelle had some not really science. Polio is back (and you’re going to be in trouble)

It’s immune to the vaccine we have. It seems to have come from the Caribbean area.

(There was a series of articles about paralysis showing up in children infected with enterovirus D68. This year, NBC News is saying there’s a link between EV-D68 and acute flaccid myelitis, a form of paralysis similar to polio. -- Karl). *It’s actually a Polio like disease, not polio itself

In other news, AIDS may have come in earlier than thought by about a decade. Patient Zero actually had a higher number than that.

There was...

No new business.

No old business.

In the absence of any further business...

A motion to put away chairs and tables passed and we adjourned at  9:02pm.

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