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President Nick Smith, presiding;

Karl Lembke, scribbling

At the instant our President was to call the meeting to order, Charles Lee Jackson II brought out a cake, distracting everyone. So yes, he brought it out in the time of Nick!

In honor of the occasion, the Emperor is handing out Empire buttons!

Meeting #4131 began at 8:04 pm.

This week’s Patron Saint is

Beverly Kanter

She was given three rousing cheers.

Eric Hoffman bid $1 to name the Menace “Huh?”.

Committee Reports

Registrar announced the presence of guests tonight.

Peggy Wu brought some new blood to the meeting.

Grayson Kent, Jordan Landsberg, and Wes Pollock, Conor Jones, Mark S Voyce, Rachel Pulice, Rebecca Cobb, and Autumn Ayers.

Special Orders of Business

Bill Warren was cremated today. No word on any memorial.

Make-up and SFX John Vulich passed today. Got his start doing a single zombie for Day of the Dead. It was a test. He passed.


10/13 - Double secret program including a video and goodies. Charlie knows exactly what is going to happen, but you don’t. Charlie is revealing 1 secret 75th anniversary screening of one of the most popular fantasy film starring the younger Lon Chaney as the Wolfman. The other half will be revealed next week.

10/20 - Big auction

10/27 - Bing Crosby in The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

10/30 - Big Autumn holiday party , starts around 2pm

11/3 - nominations of Board of Directors

This coming Saturday, 10 AM, Tom Safer shows Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy

Scratch Galloway recalls the passing of one of the artists at Studio Ghibli.

Larry Niven notes Bob Dylan has won the Nobel Prize for Literature. They liked his 1960’s work, but after that, I guess the times they were a changin’ a bit too much.

Moment of Science

David Okumura - ESA has a satellite orbiting Mars, and they hope to achieve a probe landing. At least this time they won’t have those non-Metric users fowling things up.

There is a looming problem. We expect Mars may have an immense dust storm real soon now. This will affect anything that’s solar powered. The problem of these dust storms will be an obstacle for manned missions.

Exercise is a good way to relieve stress. But if you’re really really stressed, lots of exercise may not be a good idea. Pairing emotional stress with exertion triples the risk of heart attack.

Under scientists with too much time on their hands, they examined video of various species yawning. Yawning, it is now thought, increases blood flow to the brain. And the longer the yawn, the bigger the brain. So everyone yawn real big right now and get smarter!

Apes -- one thing we thought humans had uniquely theirs was the ability to anticipate what others were thinking. Apes also have that ability, and can realize what another person is assuming even if that assumption is wrong. The apes saw a video of a man in an ape suit trying to fool a human. In one video, an ape would put a rock in a box while the human was present. When the human was gone, the ape would take the rock away. Apes watching the video would focus on the rock when the human returned, knowing the human would think it was still in the box.

Other science articles are posted on the bulletin board.

Treasurer’s report - we have money and can’t spend it.

Time Bound Announcements

Nick announced that the Octavia Butler inspired art exhibit in Old Town Pasadena is now open. 145 N. Raymond Ave, Pas.  The symposium at USC is ongoing. Opposite one of our meetings is a concert inspired by Octavia Butler. And for those into that sort of thing, this weekend is LA presentation of Rise of the Jack O Lanterns. LA Convention Center, exhibition of jack-o-lantern art.

CLJII announced that on his HHH page, there are daily posts including links to sites for where to buy halloween stuff, where to find haunted houses, and other useful items.

You may have noticed these spiffy buttons. These are for the 50th anniversary of The Empire. See him for a button.

The cake is gone. Long live the cake.


Gavin asked about the announcement for the book sale. There is new stock that hasn’t been on the shelves, so please buy them.

Milt Stevens reviewed another novel, The Medusa Chronicles by Stephen Baxter and Alastair Reynolds.  

This is about going into the atmosphere of Jupiter. A former dirigible pilot, now a cyborg, turns out to be the ideal person to pilot a dirigible into the atmosphere of Jupiter. He encounters Jovians, an artificial intelligence, and interesting stuff ensues. It’s a good hard SF story.

Eric Hoffman reviewed the latest Girl Genius by Phil and Katya Foglio. As usual, it lives up to its promise of adventure, romance, and mad science. Sit back, relax, read, enjoy.

He once created a coloring book that was nominated for the Hugo.

Aetna warning at 8:50 pm

Nick: Mark Bondurant’s book Red Jacket -- he left some details hanging. It’s interesting alternative history and interesting young adult. Unlike many steampunk, the main character is not rich and famous at the beginning of the book.

Just finishing watching first season of Man In the High Castle. They did a very interesting job, fleshing out the world of the story. Things have diverged from the book, so don’t expect it to end the way the novel did. Very disturbing and grim alternate history, and possibly the best adaptation of the author since Blade Runner.

Josh caught the second episode of Westworld. Not thrilled with the first episode, but second is better.

Also read a number of short stories.

Hare: Parasol Protectorate has been optioned by HBO.

Scratch reviewed Gaslight Gathering.  Gail Carriger was a GoH. Scratch is definitely a fan, and has gotten all her books autographed.

Michelle Pincus notes American Gods by Neil Gaiman is the next big series on Showtime. Gaiman has creative control.  Milt notes the fellow who played the really slimy bar owner in Deadwood will play Wednesday in American Gods.

Nick notes on 10/21, there’s an evening event called Art Night. As part of that, part of his day job is running a salon and gallery for graphic novel writers and artists. At the Pasadena Central Library there will be a graphic novel event. 6-10 PM.

Eric Hoffman received Criterion Collection Here Comes Mr Jordan. They also have the Lux Radio Theater version as an extra. The role of the boxer taken to heaven was originally supposed to go to Cary Grant. In the radio edition, Grant voices the character he was intended to play.

Nick: is having a sale on early movies, silents, and science fiction.

Jerry Pournelle and his wife have been watching the pilots for the new series. Some of the pilots are never the best stories in the series, but some look promising. Unless you’re a McGyver fanatic, don’t bother. Even if you are an absolute fanatic, don’t bother. Using a hatchet to hack open a disk drive to get the data off, for example. That will get the data off, but not in a usable form.

There was...

No new business.

No old business.

In the absence of any further business...

A motion to put away chairs and tables passed and we adjourned at 9:05 pm.

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