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Nick Smith, presiding Karl Lembke, scribbling President Smith began to commence LASFS meeting #4160 to order at 8:01 PM.

Patron Saints

This week’s Patron Saint is Larry Niven. He’s here with us tonight! Matthew Tepper has been reading and enjoying his fiction for 50 years.

George McUrso: He’s the second pro I ever met, the first being Ray Bradbury.

Joan: read Lucifer’s Hammer early on, and it really shaped her point of view on many issues.

Nick Smith enjoyed the Almost Time Travel Stories.

Michelle Pincus: he’s a great writer but also a wonderful human being.

Complete Newbie has been reading Niven’s stories for years, and attended a seminar on writing given at UCLA while Larry was in the middle of writing Footfall.

The patron saint was given three rousing cheers.

Nick then explained the meaning of Patron Saint status.

Previous Menace

Menace were read:

Marcia Minsky bid $6 to name menace #4159 “Adios, so long, good bye”


Registrars Marty and Marcia introduced

Shiri Mandava, Ben K Evans, Bill Watson, and Elijah Sage

Committee Reports

Program: CLJII reported that tonight we have no program unless you count putting chairs away. This thrilling program will repeat next week.

Two weeks from tonight, we have an auction.

At the first meeting of next month, we open nominations for President, and the week after that, we elect procedural officers.

If something comes up, Charlie will work it in.

Science Monitor

  • David Okamura reported the Cassini spacecraft has brought back some spectacular shots, and is expected to loop closer to the planet.

  • SpaceX has launched a US government defense spy satellite and landed the launcher on the pad. This is the 10th time they’ve recovered a booster, and they hope to continue a rather ambitious launch schedule.

  • For 5 years we had a drought and we were hoping for relief. The snow pack is twice normal size. Twice the normal run-off when it melts. (DWP is trading away as much of this excess as it can, but some of the sources have high arsenic, so that’s an issue. -- Karl)

  • The photo looks like a rather odd ant.  In Laguna Beach, the have found a very odd spider. It mimics ants because ants taste bad to birds.

  • You may recall a mention of a gentleman who had a line of incubators on Coney Island. Problem is, if the lungs aren’t developed, it leads to complications. Researchers at the children’s hospital of philadelphia have come up with an artificial womb. They’ve been experimenting with sheep. The womb is basically a huge Ziplock bag. (So are they delivered by Z-section? -- Karl) Scratch: overheard a statement that instead of test tube babies, we have glad bag babies. Matthew: commented This was sort of kind of a precursor to the uterus replicators in the Vorkosigan books.

CLJII: Snow and rain ain’t over yet.

Treasurer: We need more money

Committee to Gouge:

Before the Gouge, Christian gave the rules for the use of this meeting room.

We then had a small auction.

Items included a James Gurney “Home Planet” book.

Special Orders of Business

We have lost four people:

  • Lorna Gray, Adrien Booth…. Age 99. Was recently in Captain America serial, Perils of Nioka, and Valley of the Zombies

  • British Actor Moray Watson, in Quatermass Experiments TV show, age 88.

  • Israeli actress Daliah Lavi, age 76. She was in a variety of horror, SF and adventure films.

  • Don Gordon age 90, did a lot of work and was in two twilight zone episodes.


Saturday is the LASFS Bizarre, 9AM to 3PM. Tell friends, acquaintances, and people who like to go to yard sales.

Christian added: You can stay parked in the parking lot and go to an aftermeeting, and leave after two or three hours. (Just don’t be there the next morning. -- Karl)

Nick announced Saturday is free comic book day. There are a lot of SF themed comics in the giveaways. 

Pasadena Central Library Saturday at 2 PM will be a panel discussion on the creation of comic books. 

Blast-Off comics, Lankershim near Magnolia, is doing a special event that day, involving several creators.

Every major comic shop in the LA area is doing something. One give-away involves comics based on the Star Trek Mirror Universe.

Note: this is advertising for the comic book stores involved. Go back and shop there further.

Anyone familiar with a SF valley fan named Mary Murphy, please see Nick after the meeting.

Crystal announced the Octavia Butler exhibit at the Huntington Library. This is ongoing, until October 7. This is free on the first thursday of each month, but you have to buy tickets a month in advance.

Info is on the website for the Huntington Library.

Nick added that tonight is the first announcement of Saturday the 24th, there will be a spin-off at the Pasadena Library, by Steven Barnes, about Octavia Butler’s life in Pasadena.

Bill Green announced May the 6th is Astronomy day. There will be exhibits set up, including telescopes.

David Okamura notes History and Technology fans can see the Planes of Fame air show.

Fullerton, Railroad days also this weekend.

Imagineer and Disney created a large replica of the old Nature’s Wonderland Railroad ride.

CLJII notes that last Tuesday he and David went to Disneyland, the day before the day Johnny Depp showed up and rode the Pirates of the Caribbean ride in character. Phooey.

Saturday the 13th is the Robotic Society of Los Angeles. They do not allow remote control.

Mount Wilson Observatory has events leading up to the 100th anniversary of the 100-inch telescope. Mount wilson observatory association website has info.

Tomorrow night is our first Friday gaming at the temporary home, Hazeltine and Burbank. Restaurant closes at 4, so after that, parking isn’t a problem. Times are 4-9:30.  Paper Heroes. If you want to buy stuff, they’ll be happy to sell it to you, and they’ll special order and give club members a 15% discount.

After announcing they would be entertained, motions to adjourn were heard and acted upon, at 9:12 PM.

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