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Board of Directors Meeting
July 10, 2016
Karl Lembke, Chairman
Marty Cantor, Secretary

Board Members in attendance: Karl Lembke, Marty Cantor, Gavin Claypool, Mike Thorsen, Nick Smith, Michelle Pincus, Rob "Gizmo" Powell, Marcia Minsky, Debra Levin, Christian McGuire, and Elayne Pelz.

Members and Guests: Lee Gold, Barry Gold, Frank Waller, Joe Zeff, Tom Safer, and Matthew B. Tepper.

Called to order: The meeting was called to order at 11:08 am. The Chairman welcomed us to the Sunday, June 12, 2016 meeting of the Board of Directors.

Minutes: The minutes of the meeting of June 12, 2016, were accepted.

New Members: There were 4 applications for membership from fans who paid their $10 application fee: Joshua Snyder, Ashish Mahabal, Marc Silver, and Benjamin R. Raffle. They were unanimously accepted.

Treasurer: (Elayne Pelz): The Treasurer did not report the money in the treasury.

30-second Reports:

Chairman (Karl Lembke): No report.

Vice Chairman (Christian McGuire):  No report.

Secretary (Marty Cantor): No report.

Publications (Marty Cantor): No report.

Comptroller (Debra Levin): Still waiting for after Worldcon.

Quartermaster/Supplies (Mike Thorsen): This month: 308 units were sold, bringing in $308.00. Total units to date: 36,194, and total monies to date: $31,743.50. We purchased the usual paper products.

Library (Gavin Claypool): Met with Whiskey - he has acquired a few new titles for library.

Archives (Marcia Minsky): No report.

Physical Plant (Elayne Pelz): Air conditioning unit in north part of building repaired, light in Freehafer Hall has been repaired, and Elayne will start looking for a new clubhouse in September.

AV Equipment (Rob Powell): No report.

Events (Nick Smith): No report.  (LOSCON - Michelle Pincus): LOSCON is on schedule - nothing new to report right now.

Recruitment, and Marketing Committee (Michelle Pincus): contact - wants to do a video interview with LASFS.

(Significant Others)

Club President (Nick Smith):  CLJ will continue to be Programming Chairman and he will continue to attempt to get Phil Proctor to a meeting.

WEB MASTER (Barry Gold): Got July programmes from Charlie. Lee inquired if we want programming on LASFS Facebook page. Web site is continuing to be updated.


Budget: Semester update. Elayne presented the update and it was Moved, Seconded, and Passed unanimously.

Elayne was thanked for purchasing the new chairs.

CCR (Closed session)


The next LOSCON meeting is August 7, 2016.

The next Board of Directors meeting will be on August 14, 2016.


The Board adjourned its meeting at 11:48 am.

Respectfully submitted,
Marty Cantor, Board Secretary

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