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Board of Directors Meeting
April 10, 2016
Karl Lembke, Chairman
Marty Cantor, Secretary

Board Members in attendance: Karl Lembke, Marty Cantor, Gavin Claypool, Mike Thorsen, Nick Smith, Michelle Pincus, Rob "Gizmo" Powell, Marcia Minsky, Debra Levin, Christian McGuire and Elayne Pelz.

Members and Guests: Lee Gold, Barry Gold, Francis Hamit, Joe Zeff, Greg Barrett, Matthew B. Tepper, June Moffatt, George McUrso, John DeChancie.

Called to order: The meeting was called to order at 11:03 am. The Chairman welcomed us to the Sunday, April 10, 2016 meeting of the Board of Directors.

Minutes: The minutes of the meeting of March 13th, 2016, were accepted as amended.

New Members: There were 5 applications for membership from fans who paid their $10 application fee: Karen Kahler, John Semper, Kevin Stoudenmire, Joel Eisenberg, and David Mohauer-Rahbari. They were unanimously accepted.

Treasurer: (Elayne Pelz): The Treasurer reported money in the treasury. See the Treasurer for details.

30-second Reports:

Chairman (Karl Lembke): No report.

Vice Chairman (Christian McGuire):  No report. MSP to cancel May BoD meeting. (2 abstentions.) It was moved, seconded, and passed for Marty to start early.

Secretary (Marty Cantor): No report.

Publications (Marty Cantor): No report.

Comptroller (Debra Levin): Nothing yet.

Quartermaster/Supplies (Mike Thorsen): This month: 289 units bringing in $289.00. Total units to date: 35,886, and total monies to date: $30,875.50. We purchased paper products and various sundries. Also acquired cleaning supplies for cleaning electronic equipment.

Library (Gavin Claypool): Librarian needs a work party to re-arrange books because of new shelves. Greg Barrett has been very helpful. 

Archives (Marcia Minsky): No report.

Physical Plant (Elayne Pelz): We have a building. - Changed the lock on the front door. We need to replace a lamp in the computer room. There was a discussion about a brighter light outside the front door.

AV Equipment (Rob Powell): No updates at this time as the equipment is working fine. There was a question about the games in the computers in the computer room.

Events (Nick Smith): The Pasadena Museum is going full-steam ahead and the museum director is very much in favour of the science fiction in Los Angeles project. // LOSCON will be at Baycon and at Whedonopolis. // Marty Cantor reported that Corflu is coming back to Los Angeles in 2017.

Recruitment, and Marketing Committee (Michelle Pincus): We were at the paperback show and we sold LOSCON and LASFS memberships. // There is a new theatre which moved to near our old clubhouse. They are doing science fiction improv shows in addition to improvised Shakespearian comedy.

(Significant Others)

Club President (Gavin Claypool): After 3 months we now know how to get people into the club so I am now looking for people who will be bidding for the 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021 LOSCONs. We did have many people show up for the contested 2017 bidding for holding LOSCON.

WEB MASTER (Barry Gold): At one point our web site stopped working but it eventually was again working after a few hours.



Gavin: Proposed some Standing Rules changes about LOSCON, in writing, but nothing was decided at this point.

Gavin moved, seconded, and passed to hold a special discussion of a Charlie Jackson proposal about an E-publication of Forry Award stories/items as new business at a Thursday meeting. This was because Charlie has a problem getting to the Board Meetings and Gavin considered what Charlie was bringing up was important.

The next meeting will be on June 10, 2016.

The Board adjourned its meeting at 11:45 am.

Respectfully submitted,
Marty Cantor, Board Secretary

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