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Mike Thorsen asked "at what point does the use of premade food-grade substances cease to be cheating?"


For me -- and for others whose interest in a recipe is being able to use it to cook something  that tastes good -- the issue is whether the recipe will still be usable in years to come.  


My mother gave me some recipes that require ingredients that I used to be able to buy routinely but that are no longer being made.  There are other ingredients that I now have to buy on the Web instead of being able to buy routinely in supermarkets.  And still others that aren't quite the same. 


Mike, if you have a recipe that specifies a can of something, please mention how many ounces are in the can, so in later years the cook realizes that the recipe may need rebalancing if the manufacturer has changed the product.


I am looking for something that approximates "Bor-do-Lays Sauce" (a dark garlicky liquid, with no horseradish, which seems to have been what the Wikipedia article called a "New Orleans bordelaise" as opposed to a "French bordelaise").   

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There seems to be creative life left in the chili cookoff. We always get plenty of entries featuring an interesting variety of recipes.


One of the first club events GVDub and I attended was the 2002 LaLaCon. We really enjoyed it. While I'm sorry it couldn't happen this year, I like to think of it as going on haitus to retool, retrench, etc.


I'm looking forward to the return of LaLaCon next year.



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The Late Lamented LaLaCon Plutonium Chili Cookoff PDF Print E-mail

Since practically no one pre-reged for it this year, LaLaCon was postponed indefinitely.

(Ie, no secondary date set this year, ie, cancelled.)

Which means there will be no chili cook-off this year, and no ice cream social, and no banquet.  You just don't realize how much you'll miss 'em until they're gone.....  Oh, well.


So....  The subject at hand is cooking, and the context is chili.

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We've established a section (Link - Content Category) titled Sandbox with two blog subsections Sandbox A and Sandbox B (both Blog - Content Category), so we can find out how blog sections work -- and don't work. 


Can someone go back after posting a blog submission and edit hiser submission for typos? 

Can someone go back after posting a blog submission and change when the entry expires? 

Or will hesh have to appeal to an Editorial Board member or other administrator?

It seems fairly clear that a non-administrator can't establish a new section or subsection.   


Barry set up Submit Sandbox on the LASFS Officers Menu (which can be found at MEETINGS/Contact LASFS and on all the subheadings (BoD, Club Officers, Appointed Officials).  But if enough people want to play in the sand boxes, he can move Submit Sandbox to the User's Menu.


Postings to the other links on the LASFS Officers Menu will only go up on the website if submitted by a relevant LASFS Officer/Official.

    for Library -- is only for the Librarian or the BoD member who's liaison to the Library or the Chairman of the Board

    Projects -- is only for Officers/Officials who are involved in a project (like Marketing)

    Reviews -- are only for Reviews done as a LASFS officer/official


Thanks for asking, Krystal.  It's good to know that someone's looking at the menu.   





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So what are the 'sandboxes' at the bottom of the menu for the website??? Just seemed like a LOLCAT belonged in one...appropriate you might say...


We did have fun sharing our visit to the VLA at the aftermeeting special program last week after the meeting. If you didn't make it and are interested in seeing the DVD that we shared, drop me a note at kalypsokrystal at yahoo dot com


Here is a link on photobucket with pictures from our trip, the VLA shots are in there...enjoy!


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