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By Lee Gold

The Minutes state "The chairman-Lee Gold sent an email around that the engine of the website has an issue with cascading style sheet." 

Webmaster Barry Gold replies:

No.  That's not what she (or I) said.  If somebody wants to make the webpage prettier, they should ideally learn Joomla! as well as HTML and CSS.  That's mostly to avoid multiple go-rounds, of the "that's not what I meant to happen" variety.
Somebody can design a webpage and with "main menu here" and "content here" and "user menu here" and suchlike, and I'll turn it into a Joomla! template.  But if it's not what they intended, they'll have to tell me what's wrong and I'll fix it.  So it would be _better_ if they learned the little bit of Joomla needed to create a template.

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By Lee Gold

Iliad Books is expanding its size by buying the lot next to its current building, not moving next door to the LASFS.
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