LASFS Minutes ("Menace")
Meeting # 4038, Jan 01, 2015 PDF Print E-mail

Matthew Tepper presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Patron Saint Bruce Pelz, Christian McGuire

(Portions read at the meeting are highlighted like this.)

President Matthew Tepper called meeting #4038 to order at 8:00

Comments from the President

Welcome to the worst - I mean *first* day of the year. Thanks to past President Marty Cantor, to Michelle Pincus who has served many terms as registrar, and welcome to Ed Hooper, welcome back Debra Levin as Vice President and Karl Lembke as Scribe.  (The Treasurer stands for election in June.)

Edward Herrmann, actor, has passed. Among his roles was Herman Munster in Here Come the Munsters.

Queen’s New Years honors list included knighthoods and damehoods for Sir John Hurt and Dame Joan Collins.

Congratulations to Dame Kristen Scott Thomas created Dame for her contribution to acting. She is the sister of Matthew’s brother’s former wife.

Menace from last meeting were read.  Bill Green bid $1.50 name them “Humbug! I say these minutes are humbug!” They were so accepted.

We do have some money in the treasury:

You can’t spend any of it.


Feed the pig. Feed it early, feed it often. Coins, banknotes, checks, Kruggerand...

It has been noted that saints’ announcements have gotten pretty long. When remembering saints, let’s keep things short and sweet.

Patron Saint Dan Alderson

Scratch: He is a person, character, plotline out of many books, and we miss him.

Marty Cantor notes Dan Alderson invented a game, Space Wars, a 3-d four layer board with 64 spaces. We ran a move a week through APA-L and got together to game in person but that took week after week of sessions. There was only one board, but it was lost in a fire. It was a long game because you’d figure out what your move was, and then talk to other players because of treaties you had to observe or break.

Scratch asked if the directions to the game are available anywhere?  

Milt says he also invented topological diplomacy

CLJII:  Dan had quite a collection of collections. He had a small trailer beside his house, and rented a garage down the hill from the place which had his collection of comics from the late 50s on. His collection of Fawcett superhero comics lived in trailer. All of that was spared in the fire. along with the 3-d representation of the planet Toadland made in Legos. Stuff was sold to Harlan Ellison.  Dan was also a comic book character. Comic book characters never die. They only go to limbo.  (Hope his back is up to it.)

Marty added, if you read a lot of the stuff by Niven and Pournelle, you’ll find Dan. He also calculated the mechanics of the Alderson drive and Ringworld. In the real world, they still use his orbital work for sending rockets through the asteroid belt.

Joe Zeff: Jerry has always referred to Dan as the sane genius. One concept Dan never comprehended was being on time for anything.  If you saw Dan in his office during the daytime, it was for a specific appointment or because he was still there from the night before.

Patron Saint Dan Alderson was given three cheers and weep, wail!

Patron Saint Joe Zeff

Tom Safer appreciates interest and good comments on his programs. A nice guy and a good friend.

Debra Levin agrees he’s an all around nice guy, and enjoys talking about a variety of things.

Scratch: He’s a naval vet. He got to fire a bigger rifle than Scratch’s. During D&D games, he had a sense of wonder in his characters that would make him work.

Glenn Olson: first time I met Joe Zeff, had no idea who the guy with the sideburns was, this guy started talking about the world of computer help lines. Came back every meeting hoping for more. He rarely failed to deliver.

Scratch: one feature of his help line -- had to ask one customer “is it plugged in and turned on?”

Marcia Minsky: Why Joe is called the guy with the sideburns. The story I heard was Christian had named him because he couldn’t remember Joe’s name, and Joe’s sideburns are fairly long. During an auction, he referred to Joe as “the guy with the sideburns”.  Joe brought Maryann Canfield and Marcia into the club. He’s agreed to help with a certain aspect of Loscon 42.

Joe Zeff had a correction. Mutton chops don’t go down straight as his do. They spread out.

Christian was acting as substitute scribe and referred to him that way in the minutes because he didn’t know the name.

Patron Saint Joe Zeff was given three cheers and General Burnside Loves You.

Registrar Ed Hooper announced some guests.

Crystal Sheehan is in the house, despite normally working on Thursdays.

Board Member announcement:

No meeting in January.

Committee Reports

Programming (CLJII)

Tonight’s program is being set back to next week due to illness on the part of one of the presenters.

1/8/15: Eric Hoffman and Barbara Harmon talk about Kirk Allen, star of the Superman serial we’ve been seeing

1/15/15: Auction

1/22/15: No program scheduled

1/29/15: Krypton Radio surprise program.

Board meeting Feb 8, present Loscon bids.

FWEMS will be in February, Valentines tribute to Marthy Heyer, first men in the moon, riders to the stars, and once upon a horse.

Welcome back Tom Safer on TSPC.

Returns to animation for January, screening Robots on Jan. 17.

David Okamura did not report on science, since he wasn’t here.

CLJII observed the announcement that the probe going to Pluto is about to start looking.

Comet Lovejoy is in the vicinity. It should be at its brightest on January 7 or thereabouts.

Announcements, Regular or Time Bound

Tom Safer continued his pledge drive for the MPLC license. The cost is $357, of which which $235 has been raised.

President tepper announced since it’s January of the new year, those who pay annual dues can begin paying toward their $135 now.

No Old Business

No New Business


Milt Stevens finished The Windup Girl, a Hugo winner 5 years ago. This is Steampunk Noir. Very noir. Bangkok a couple of centuries from now after the Americans have released plagues on the world and started selling wheat that is resistant to the plague. Wind-ups are spring technology used in the post-petroleum world. Very well plotted, very interesting, but very dark.

Scratch commented that he didn’t recognize the title until he heard the description. The heroine has many good features.

Glenn Olson reviewed Night at the Museum 3, last performance of Robin Williams. Last public performance of Mickey Rooney, in a walk-on. Well worth seeing on the big screen.

Tom Safer: KUSC new years bash, and two of the guests: Joran Young, spike jones biographer; Barry Hanson, aka Dr Demento. Featured the song Dachshunds with Erections. (They can’t climb stairs.)

And the annual sobriety quiz.

CLJII: just read The Lost One, two bricks hidden between paper covers. You could use it to hold a bank vault door open. It’s the life of Peter Lorre, from Germany and Vienna to Hollywood and parts nearby. Very interesting at the beginning and end, but the chapter in the middle is a bit tedious.  (He and CLJII share a birthday.)  At first, having been typecast as a bad guy, he was thrilled to play Mr Moto, a hero for a change, but after eight films he tired of the role.  (He lost his Moto-vation?)

Also reading The Book of Gordon Dickson, a collection of short stories. Found a copy of the book, and is having a good time reading the stories.

The Aetna warning was issued.

Matthew fondly recalls from the 1968 Worldcon a room party with four drunks sitting around singing: The Andersons, Gordon Dickson, and Jerry Pournelle. (Science fiction is his hobby, but his main job’s having fun.)

Scratch: was finishing book Wood Sprites. Dug up Tinker, Elfhome, and W Rules, and finished reading Wood Sprites in the past week. All were enjoyable, but now has to wait a week to re-read the stories.


Joe Zeff read an article about the biggest taxicab in the world, in St Petersburg. It’s an Army surplus armored personnel carrier, disarmed, painted fire engine red for visibility. It is fully amphibious. The city is bisected by a river. There are times when the bridges are all lifted at once, and this is the only vehicle that can drive across the river.

Tom Safer heard on the radio, there’s a new law going into effect in New York: it will be illegal to pose for a photo with a lion, tiger, or other big cat. Selfies in particular will be outlawed.

Bill Green was reading an old magazine and found a mention of the 1956 Worldcon in Cleveland. Membership was $3. (Milt Stevens’ first worldcon.)

Milt asked if anyone else gets recorded messages about final notice about something they won’t identify.

Tom Safer had a duck report. The Oregon Ducks won the Rose Bowl, 59-20.

CLJII: earlier today Princess Cruise Line had a float in the Rose Parade, which had all the members of the TV series The Love Boat. The entire principal cast is still alive.

The Vice President asked people to police their areas and put up their chairs.

Adjournment: It was moved and seconded, and we adjourned at 9:04 PM

Meeting # 4037, Dec 25, 2014 PDF Print E-mail

Marty Cantor presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Patron Saint Elayne Pelz, Robbie Bourget, Marty Cantor

(Portions read at the meeting are highlighted like this.)

President Marty Cantor called meeting #4037 to order at 8:00

Comments from the President

President Cantor wanted to serve for one term, and this is the last meeting of the term. After this, Matthew Tepper takes over. Thanks to everyone for putting up with me. (“Thank you for putting up with us.” -- Tom Locke)

Matthew Tepper had a report on Jerry Pournelle. He’s getting around on a wheelchair faster than Matthew was able to keep up. He has a firm grip and play-doh to build up strength. Asked if he had any message for the club, he said, “I can’t think of anything to say. That’s a first.” Then he wished everyone a merry Christmas.

Menace from last meeting were read.  Marcia Minsky bid $3 name them “I’ll be Bach!” They were so accepted.

We do have some money in the treasury:

Because of upkeep and needed repairs, we’re some $10K in the hole. We can do this for another two years before we fold.

Marty Cantor pointed out this building enables us to host a lot of nifty things.

There’s a cute little piggy bank on the treasurer’s desk. Fill it up.

Patron Saint Elayne Pelz

Tom Safer has known her to be a fair woman, with a good conscience regarding our finances. She’s been instrumental in our having a clubhouse.

CLJII: Elayne has been the backbone, and a virtual Bruce Pelz in the past few years. She pays attention to the bottom line and acts quickly when things go amiss, so things get fixed before they get worse. It’s not surprising she’s a multiple Evans-Freehafer award winner.

Marty: she’s on the Board and helps guide us, and keeps us from going off the rails.

Scratch: Elayne has picked up the mantle of treasurer after the model of Robbie Cantor, and has done a good job. She lacks robbie’s forceful stare, but she does quite well anyway.

From the Hagiography:

Widow of Bruce Pelz.

Sacred Springbok

Treasurer of LASFS, various LOSCONs and other cons

Westercon chair

Board member


Evans-Frehafer award winner

helped the Moffatts create Bouchercon [No, that was Bruce Pelz & Chuck Crayne.]

known for her Treasurer's Creed: "Yes we have money.  No, you can't spend it."

Patron Saint Elayne Pelz was given three cheers and a Springbok.

Patron Saint Robbie Bourget

Scratch: Robbie has been one of our most outstanding ladies of the Register. Fair, even, a gentle demeanor; robbers and thugs say “yes maam”.

Marty: At the SF worldcon, some idiot tried to mug her. She dragged him to the hotel, but hotel security kicked him out.

Eric Hoffman, She’s the only person who could actually stop a LASFS meeting cold by saying just one word. Fondest memory of her was doing a convention together in Kansas City, MO. She was a fan of Patrick Stewart. He got her a painting of him and she hugged it to her chest for the rest of the con.

Matthew Tepper: She has great loyalty for her friends. If she’s your friend, you’re great. If she’s not, dig your grave now.  When she pursues something, she pursues it all the way.

Marcia Minsky: When looking for a co-chair for Loscon 42, e-mailed Robbie and she accepted without blinking an eye. She’s a very, very good friend.

Scratch: speaking of Addams Family movie, saw it with her four times. She saw it more times.

Marty Cantor has gotten away with not seeing the movie even once.

CLJII: She got the stare as a parting gift from Paddington Bear. Robbie is a fan of TV and motion picture items, but sufficiently charming that she married to the least likely person for a media fan to marry, and they seemed perfectly happy until the drugs wore off.

Eric Hoffman: He has helped feed that addiction to certain performers. Gave her movies she’d been trying to find with Charles Boyer.

Karl: at the Gallley with a Pirate theme, it was inevitable she would become known as the Dread Pirate Robbie.

Tom Safer: procured an MPLC license for a Worldcon, and word had not reached the con, so they determined he could not show Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Robbie ran interference so he could straighten it out.

Marty Cantor: Robbie is strong. At one time, she worked for privy council in Canada. Before that, she was working in a comic store and met Marty at a Worldcon. We never had cross words; we separated amicably and exchange hugs at meetings. We are just the odd couple.

From the Hagiography:

a co-founder of Gallifrey One. 

Now lives in the U.K.

She has held many different positions, procedurally and on the Board of Directors.

Fanzine fan

Treasurer known for being assertive in dues collection


Evans-Freehafer Award winner

1985 Duff winner.

Jumped (or was thrown) in at the last minute to run Ops for Nolacon, the 1988 Worldcon in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Formerly married to Marty Cantor

Patron Saint Robbie Bourget was given three cheers and an aura of nameless dread.

Patron Saint Marty Cantor

Michelle: he does an amazing amount of stuff for the club. He does publications and is brilliant at at. Under the crotchety exterior, he’s a nice guy.

Joe Zeff: One of the things Marty does is agent for most of the people in APA-L.  What we write is what gets published without editing or censorship.

CLJII: Marty Cantor: if there’s a more scurrilous, vile, obnoxious person than he to drag down the LASFS, I don’t want to hear about him.

Matthew Tepper: He is one of the people in the club with excellent taste in music.

Scratch: Marty and I don’t get along much in politics. He’s a nice guy to talk to, and as long as we stay away from politics, current events, arms races, and the like, we get along fine.

Eric Hoffman: Marty’s character? He is a character, and one of the unique ones in LASFS.

John DeChancie: Marty’s grumphood is of cosmic proportions, but he saves him a lot of time and trouble. Prints fanzines, collates, and distributes them. He does all kinds of nice things for nothing.

Tom Locke: Marty has managed to bring order to the chaos that once was apa-l, publishes de prof, and puts lots of time into LASFS publications.

CLJII: for benefit of filers, M Cantor scans to Mr. Grinch.

Marcia: Anyone Robbie would marry can’t be all bad.

Tom Safer: You and I may differ, I’m a media fan, you’re literature, but you’re a fun person to talk to.

Debra Levin: He’s one of the nicest curmudgeons she’s ever known.

Karl: He’s the one who puts the “cur” in “curmudgeon”.

Patron Saint Marty was given three cheers and a harumph!

Registrar Michelle announced some guests.

Board Member announcement:


Marty announced anyone interested in Euro-gaming should know there are a number of Board Gaming meet-ups in the valley alone. One of them is Friday Night Dice.

Committee Reports

Programming (CLJII)

Behind the white doors, there is a Winter Holiday Party. Many are celebrating the holiday that happens to fall on this very day, but there are many others that fall during winter.

12/26/14: Gaming, including euro-games.

1/1/15: Eric Hoffman and Barbara Harmon talk about Kirk Allen, star of the Superman serial we’ve been seeing

1/8/15: No program

1/15/15: Auction

1/29/15: Krypton Radio surprise program.

Board meeting Feb 8, present Loscon bids.

David Okamura sent in a report on science. (Read into record.)

SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket completed a second static fire test of its first-stage engines on Friday, December 19.  This was after the anticipated launch on the previous day was scrubbed because an earlier test firing didn't last the anticipated 3 seconds burn time.  While readings suggested that the launch could continued as planned, considering the failure of the Orbital Sciences rocket last October NASA and SpaceX decided out of an abundance of caution to delay the CRS-5 resupply mission to the International Space Station until after the holidays.  With the successful test, the Falcon 9 is set for launch on January 6, 2015, during which SpaceX will attempt to land the first stage booster on a specially-modified barge.

SpaceX is currently hiring many technicians and specialist, but one job is more Earthbound.  They currently seeking a farmer with 10 years experience in central Texas to manage and perform agricultural work on SpaceX's McGregor test facility.  One requirement:  "This position will be required to work around test schedules as necessary to ensure the successful crop production does not interfere with testing progress."

You might wonder if all the holiday lights can be seen from space.  While astronauts in the International Space Station cannot admire individual home displays, a NASA satellite confirms that the total amount of light emitted during the holiday season in some areas of the US surges to 50% greater than the rest of the year.  The Suomi National Polar-oriting Partnership satellite was launched in 2011 to study Earth's cloud cover, vegetation, ice, ozone layer and air pollution, as well as monitoring land, sea and atmosphere temperatures.  But scientists studying data from the craft's Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite could detect that nighttime light patterns also shifted, as many Americans migrated to the suburbs and rural areas to celebrate the holidays.  Christmas isn't the only occasion to experience such a light increase, however.  Researchers first noticied that Cairo had a brighter light signature during the holy month of Ramadan, when devout Muslims fast during the day and gather to eat after the sun sets.

Scratch added, there is a molecule that takes precedence at night that eats air pollution, and it’s destroyed by light.

We auctioned off the mystery soda slot. For $5, Scratch bought the right to have us all drinking regular root beer.

Announcements, Regular or Time Bound

TSPC: January 17, we have Robots, an animated film.  Tonight, presenting Warner Brothers Cartoons based on the topic of Cops and Robbers, opening with Thugs with Dirty Mugs.

CLJII: announced that his e-book on the Flash Gordon serials has been in the top 100 bestsellers among film criticism books six times in the last six months.

No Old Business

No New Business


Scratch saw three movies. Annie, Hobbit, and Imitation Game, all in one day. Each had good points. Imitation Game was a nicely done, british WWII drama that he found depressing. Hobbit had great combat and CGI, but left him looking for the movie. Annie has great songs, but where’s the movie.


Registrar Michelle had a belated introduction of guests. We have Timmy G, who found out about us from a friend. Jenn Gorlitz heard about us from her sister Kristen.

Tom Safer misced about the high cost of the MPLC license. He continues to take donations to buy the license. This helps with a lot of events that involve showing films, and some $230 has been raised to date.

Adjournment: It was moved and seconded, and we adjourned at 8:52 PM
Meeting # 4036, Dec 18, 2014 PDF Print E-mail

Meeting # 4036, Dec 18, 2014

Marty Cantor presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Patron Saint Steve McGinty, Heide Nichols

Before the meeting began, we enjoyed a concert by Tim Griffin, including such greats as “44 Philosophers” and “Oregon Trail”.

(Portions read at the meeting are highlighted like this.)

President Marty Cantor called meeting #4036 to order at 8:00

Comments from the President

When I took office as President, I wanted only a six month term. Next meeting is on Christmas Day, and that will be my last meeting as President, so you can all continue being happy after I leave.

John DeChancie announced that Dr. Jerry Pournelle has suffered a stroke on Monday.  He is recovering very nicely and is out of the ICU. He’s complaining about American education, and says he’d rather have a Sri Lankan doctor since they have a wonderful education system.

He has a message for the LASFS.  “I’ll be back!”

Menace from last meeting were read.  Marcia Minsky bid $1 name them “Something or Other” They were so accepted.

We do have some money in the treasury:

Treasurer’s Report


You can’t spend any of it.

Patron Saint Steve McGinty

From the Hagiography:

Avid reader and general fan

Has a propensity for computer-related gags.

Was an Official Assistant Librarian.

Matthew Tepper: Steve is a pleasant fellow who comes around from time to time. At the old clubhouse, he would bring his portable hotspot to share with others. Wishes he’d show up more often.

Patron Saint Steve McGinty was given three cheers and a shake of the head.

Patron Saint Heide Nichols

Tom Safer: Heide is a very kind woman, even takes the time to teach games to his wife who is visually impaired.

Nick Smith: She’s run the music room at Loscon and tried bringing in different items, while running the game room and arranged for demos from game companies.

George McUrso: She was the second donor for the toy drive at Loscon, and the first actually on site.

Patron Saint Heide Nichols was given three cheers and a shake of the dice.

Registrar Michelle announced some guests. Last Friday we had Jennifer Aknin.  Tonight we have Brandon Carpewriter, Emily Hunter, James Brownlee, Mark Thompson, and John Roloff.

Board Member announcement:

Elayne Pelz announced it’s beginning to get toward the end of the year, so installments on yearly payments can be started at any time. Going to start putting a jar on her desk, because the LASFS is running on fumes.

Marty Cantor spoke up. This is a very nice building and it does a lot of things for us. The Friday night gaming is very popular and quite fun.

CLJII suggested one of our biggest income sources is Loscon. Loscons are member-run and completely voluntary. Loscon bids are heard at the February meeting, and voted on by the club. Check with a Board Member if you’re interested in running one.

Marty: Even if you don’t wish to run a Loscon, there’s always stuff to be done at the con. We need volunteers.

Committee Reports

Programming (CLJII)

While his Lovely Assistant passed among the members with the Lantern O’Jack, CLJII announced the Winter Holiday party will take place on 12/25, 2PM - 10PM. At 8 PM, we will pause for the meeting.  

12/25/14: Winter Holiday Party and meeting

12/26/14: Gaming

1/1/15: Eric Hoffman and Barbara Harmon talk about the Superman serial we’ve been seeing


TSPC: Tom Safer announced TSPC Johann Strauss “Die Fledermaus” will screen at the LASFS.

Next Thursday, warner bros cartoons based on cops and robbers.

David Okamura rose to report on science.

This week we were supposed to have the launch of Falcon 9 to ISS, then a practice landing on a powered barge. That has been delayed to the first week in January due to glitches. Things have been looking good for SpaceX. The Senate has passed a bill banning the use of Russian rocket engines in commercial space flight..

There will be an inflatable module sent to the ISS. It will be attached to the Tranquility module, be about 13 feet long, and will be used as a test.

Curiosity rover has detected methane in the Martian atmosphere. It’s spiking. No, no martian cows. More evidence that there may have been, or is currently, something happening on Mars.

For a special holiday presentation, we have the return of the Science Minotaur.

No Old Business

No New Business

Announcements, Regular or Time Bound

Frank Waller announced Alternative Universe meeting Dec 20, model club in LA Area devoted to art of SF and Horror modeling. Olive rec center, 111 west Olive in Burbank, room 4. Meets 9-12:30 PM

There’s a flyer posted on the announcement wall.


Scratch reviewed Win Spencer’s Wood Sprite, 4th book in Tinker series. A good read, a little confusing, too short.

Milt Stevens reviewed Ecopraxia by Peter Watts, on NESFA recommended list. It’s different. Think crossing CS Lewis with PHilip K Dick.  Faith based hard SF. It’s got vampires, zombies, intelligent mold on Icarus, aliens, baseline humans, augmented humans, post humans, humans migrated to data clouds, AI that are somewhat hostile, and a plot that wanders all over the place.  Ecopraxia seems to be an irresistible compulsion to dance the Charleston.


Tom Safer asked the club to help out with the Motion Picture license. It’s getting a bit difficult to afford $360, and if people could help out that would be appreciated. Come see him.

Adjournment: It was moved and seconded, and we adjourned at 9:24 PM
Meeting # 4035, Dec 11, 2014 PDF Print E-mail

Marty Cantor presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Patron Saint Fred Patten

(Portions read at the meeting are highlighted like this.)

President Marty Cantor called meeting #4035 to order at 8:00

Comments from the President

Leaving after election, leaving Debra to finish up.  

Gift exchange is tomorrow, copies of the rules are on the pubs shelf.

Regina announced the passing of Mark Lewis Sunday night. He’d been all kinds of character actors at Ren Faire. He had become a professional storyteller. A Wikipedia biography will be posted in the other room.

This will be a very short meeting.

Menace from last meeting were read.  Michelle Pincus bid $10 name them “Brought to you by the committee to elect Michelle Pincus President” They were so accepted.

Announced again, Stu Shiffman has died.

Treasurer’s Report

We do have some money in the treasury:


You can’t spend any of it.

Patron Saint Fred Patten

Still writing books despite his stroke denying him the use of his dominant hand.

Eric Hoffman: Learned there was more to Japanese Animation than little white lions, and he’s been waiting his turn to get even with him.

Scratch: Enjoys animation, doesn’t know enough japanese to read or understand them

CLJII: Joined before most of you were even born. Fred used to sell comics you couldn’t read at prices you couldn’t afford; Stroumphs, tintin, Asterix and Obelix, and many others. Later he shifted from Europe to Asia and pretty much singlehandedly started Japanimation in the US. Like Topsy, it grew out of hand and Fred had to back away slowly.

Kappa Alpha, comics fan APA. In APA-L every week, and soem weeks when there was no L.  He was in issues 1 -- 2280.

Scott: Fred Patten was fan guest of honor for his Loscon; he had his stroke a month before.

Kay Shapero: Fred is one of those annoying people who comes up with new enthusiasms and makes you catch them.

Tepper: Between Europe and Asia, he took a side trip to Mexican comic books. In a fascinating article in his zine about a Mexican character named SuperCharro, and a villain named El Professor Mental, who would exclaim things like Rabanos Radioactivos and Zanahorias Electronicas.

CLJII: Fred had a reputation for being at parties, getting a book, falling asleep, and writing up everything that happened the following week.

Karl: He is the LASFS Historian.

Patron Saint Fred Patten was given three cheers and something full of sound and furry!

We pause here to note the passing of Spider Robinson’s daughter, Terry DeSilva.

Registrar Michelle announced we had guests. Last Friday, we became known to Lisa Kottler and Matt Bowers.

Board Member announcement:

Board Meeting this Sunday at 11:00.

Second Sunday Festivities follow the meeting.

Next Friday is the Gift Exchange.  Most of us feel it’s lots of fun.

Old Business: Election of Procedural Officers.

President: Michelle Pincus and Matthew Tepper.

Michelle bid $7 to name the ballot Pinc

Matthew Tepper was elected President.

Debra Levin was elected Vice President

Barbara Harmon bid $6 to name the ballot White.

Ed Hooper was elected Registrar

The ballot for Scribe was auctioned off, and David Okamura bid $4 to name the color of the ballot

Karl Lembke was elected Scribe.

Vice President Debra Levin took over

No New Business

Committee Reports

Programming (CLJII)

While his Lovely Assistant passed among the members with the Lantern O’Jack, CLJII announced the Winter Holiday party will take place on 12/25, 2PM - 10PM. At 8 PM, we will pause for the meeting.  Tonight we have elections.

12/12/14: Gift Exchange

12/14/14: Board meeting

12/18/14: Probably, Big Auction

12/25/14: Winter Holiday Party and meeting

Announcements, Regular or Time Bound

No New Business


Scott Beckstead reviewed Wild, calling it a good move, and a chick flick. Reese Witherspoon doing a good job of portraying the story.

Imitation Game is for fans of Turing, a very intense movie.

Scratch working through Fourth book of Tinker Series, magic comes back and so do elves. It’s a good read

Marcia reviewed Loscon 41, thanks to Scott for putting it on.

David Okamura had a moment of science.

Orion had  successful trip, splashed down, was retrieved and returned to San Diego

The Pluto Explorer has been awakened after its hibernation, and will encounter Pluto in July next year.

Evidence has been found to support the idea that the entire Gale crater was once a lake. A 96 mile wide lake. About 150 years ago, we commissioned the first aircraft carrier. It was a barge used to launch observation balloons during the Civil War. On the 16th,they expect to launch the Falcon 9 resupply mission to ISS.  Musk has been experimenting with boosters with retractable legs. He’s ready to try using pads repurposed from the oil industry. 50/50 chance for the first try, should improve with practice.

Committee Reports


Marcia Minsky misced about Loscon 42.  Until the end of the year, we’re selling towels. $35 each, free Loscon 42 membership with each purchase. Website is up and running,

People with comped memberships, just the towel $15

Milt Stevens called attention to  publication called Journey Planet, by Chris Garcia and James Bacon. now put out a 75 page issue devoted to Doctor Who, available on

CLJII has a misc. Bestselling of his books is the western.  Who wants SF these days anyhow!

Police around yourselves and put up your chair.

Adjournment: It was moved and seconded, and we adjourned at 9:24 PM
Meeting # 4034, Dec 04, 2014 PDF Print E-mail

Marty Cantor presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Patron Saint Marty Massoglia

(Portions read at the meeting are highlighted like this.)

President Marty Cantor called meeting #4034 to order at 8:01 Debra Levin bid $1 for Scratch to name them, and they were accepted with a silly name.

Comments from the President

Welcome to some people we haven’t seen in a while.  Glenn Glazer, and Robbie Bourget.

We’re having an ultra fast meeting

CLJII: SF film fan and publisher of reference material Walt Lee passed away. He produced a 3 volume guide to SF films that was basically a giant checklist. Several years ago he started a revised edition, but Bill Warren persuaded him to abandon it because the Internet is so much better. His revision may yet see the light of day.

Last Thursday, we had the meeting here,

Menace from the meeting before last were read.   Debra Levin bid $1 name them “N” They were so accepted.

Menace from last week’s meeting were read. They had the questionable virtue of being not quite longer than the actual meeting. Milt Stevens bid $1 to name them “What do you want to do tonight, Marty?”

Treasurer’s Report

We do have some money in the treasury:


You can’t spend any of it.

Patron Saint Marty Massoglia

Matthew Tepper said Marty is a longtime LASFS member, and he and his wife Alice are well known as booksellers. Marty is not only a hail-well-met fellow, if you’re trying to remember a story or novel, mention the slightest detail to him and he’ll come up with the title, author, magazine it first appeared in, and the ISBN number.

CLJII: His bookstore remains in the Aether, and he travels the southwest looking for unappreciated treasures. He was at Loscon with a fine assortment, and he actually admitted that the Loscon CLJII ran wasn’t the best of all time, merely in the top three.

Joe Zeff recently became aware of a new convention, mostly Anime, They don’t have the right merchandise for that convention, but they are boosting it to other dealers.

Hare: You can see him at the paperback convention every year. He’s the one who recommended Silverlock to him.

Scratch: It’s good he’s still with us, not good that he’s not here with us.

Doug Crepeau: has a set of printouts where he analyzed the codes for major publishers as to what’s in their books.  

Patron Saint Marty Massoglia was given three cheers and an ISBN of his very own!

Registrar Michelle announced we have no guests.

There was no Board Member announcement.

Next Friday is the Gift Exchange.  Most of us feel it’s lots of fun.

Committee Reports

Programming (CLJII)

While his Lovely Assistant passed among the members with the Lantern O’Jack, CLJII announced the Winter Holiday party will take place on 12/25, 2PM - 10PM. At 8 PM, we will pause for the meeting.  Tonight we have nomination of President, showing of Gift Exchange video, and for the program, CCCC.

12/11/14: Elect procedural officers.

12/12/14: Gift Exchange

12/14/14: Board meeting

12/18/14: Probably, Big Auction

12/25/14: Winter Holiday Party and meeting

David Okamura rose to report on some science.

First test flight of Orion capsule was delayed.  Still iffy due to weather. Should take 2 orbits around Earth and then splash down.  CLJII wished “Good luck for the Irish Space Program”.

We were very lucky to get anything out of the comet lander. It bounced.  It tumbled.  That it landed on its feet is a miracle. We’ll see if we get any more out of it.

Google is not just a browser. It’s all over the place. Latest is Google Spoon. It helps people who have uncontrollable shaking. It compensates for movement. And there are two weeks’ clippings on the board.

The Committee to gouge had a small auction.

Announcements, Regular or Time Bound

CLJII: Hershey’s is removing high fructose corn sugar from its products.

Old Business:

We have a gift exchange a week from tomorrow. The Video was played.

CLJII rose to handle the announcement of what’s going on.  He described the duties of the office of President, and then we nominated.  And there was much rejoicing.

Nominated were Michelle Pincus, and Matthew Tepper.

Officers must have all debts paid off.

President Cantor remarked that being president is prestigious. The most important thing is to run the meeting, appoint good people, and let them do their jobs.

No New Business


CLJII reviewed this week’s episode of Sleepy Hollow. It was the fall finale. It was entirely predictable. It was well done, well considered, well executed, and even watching it unfold was quite pleased with it.

Hare: Loscon went pretty well, until Sunday. He got an unusual flu bug.

Jerry Pournelle was pleased to say that John got his flu shot and got the flu.  Jerry did not get his flu shot and didn’t get the flu, despite being exposed to a convention.

Tim Griffin read How We Got To Now. Excellent storytelling and putting inventions that don’t get a lot of attention into context. Enjoyed, good fun, informative.


Bill Green was heading to a program and encountered a fellow at Loscon giving out cards advertising a SF novel. He approached Larry Niven and asked, “are you interested in hard science fiction”?

Darnell: the shots for flu did not predict the strain that’s going around. It covers a lot of strains, though.

CLJII had an autograph session, and one thing he had other authors said he should talk up. He has e-book autograph cards, which can be autographed and given to people with e-books.

Heide nichols got to run two departments: Music (used to be Filk).  Kathy Mar gave him a 2014 best writer Pegasus award. (the other was gaming)

Adjournment: It was moved and seconded, and we adjourned to the program at 9:07 PM

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